Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1994

Volume 66:1 

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SEAN K. MEEGAN and SUE A. PERRY. Perlphyton communities dynamics In headwater streams of contrasting pH ... 2

THOMAS E. WEAKS. Foliose and fruticose lichen communities of the New River Gorge National River ... 2

ALBERT M. MAGRO. An evolutionary basis for our sense of beauty of human form ... 3

HEATHER R. TRUITT, WILLIAM C. DALTON, and JOHN T. BURNS. Temporal synergism of 5-HTP and L-DOPA in regulation of body weight in Necturus maculosus ... 3

MICHAEL DEMCHIK and EDWIN MICHAEL. The effect of lunar cycling on collision injuries in raptors ... 4

E. C. KELLER, JR. and E. G. JESSEN. The occurrence and specific associations of Spina Bifida with environmental/social/economic attributes in the counties of West Virginia ... 5

GREG E. POPOVICH. Human pheromones; Phact or phiction? ... 5

TIMOTHY S. MCCLAIN. Aeromonas Salmonicida resistance to antimicrobials in salmonid fishes ... 6

TRICIA SCOTT, KAREN WOLFE and ALBERT M. MAGRO. Development of a rapid and sensitive assay for antigen specific immunoglobulins ... 7

JEFFREY W. MCCLURE and THOMAS E. WEAKS. New and rare lichens of West Virginia from the New River Gorge National River ... 7


JAMES RENTCH and RONALD H. FORTNEY. The vegetation of West Virginia grass bald communities ... 9

TARA DUBEY. Effect of diflu.benzuron on B-glucosidase activity of Trichoderma reesei QM9414 ... 9

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, TARA DUBEY, GARY A. LAURSEN, and GLENN P. JUDAY. Aquatic fungi in streams of the Granite Cove Research Natural area in southern Alaska ... 10

ANURAG AGRAWAL, JENA R. HICKEY, DAVID F. HORNE, RICHARD C. SHINAMAN, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Vegetation-site relationships and successional dynamics of upland forest communities in the Mountain Lake area of southwestern Virginia ... 10

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, DAVID F. HORNE, and JAMES C. CAVENDER. Recent collections of dictyostelid cellular slime molds from Central and South America ... 11

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Distribution, ecology, and biogeographical relationships of New Zealand myxomycetes ... 11

HAROLD S. ADAMS, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, DAVID M. LAWRENCE, MARY BETH ADAMS, and JOHN D. EISENBACK. A gradient analysis of the red spruce/hardwood ecotone in the central Appalachians of Virginia and Most Virginia ... 11

RONALD H. FORTNEY, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, and J. FRANK MCCORMICK. Changes in forest composition on the SW-facing slope of Beanfield Mountain in southwestern Virginia ... 12

HAROLD S. ADAMS and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. An ecological study of high-elevation beech communities in western Virginia ... 13

CHRISTOPHER T. RUHLAND and THOMAS A. DAY. Changes in ultraviolet-B radiation screening effectiveness with leaf age in Rhododendron maximum ... 13

JAGAN V. VALLURI, JASON BARNETT, JAMES MARCUM and H. WAYNE ELMORE. Protein synthesis in sandalwood callus cultures in response to drought and heat shock ... 14

KIMBERLEY D. CUNNINGHAM and THOMAS E. WEAKS. Bryophytes of the New River Gorge National River ... 14

REBECCA A. HALL, MELINDA G. HOGAN and THOMAS E. WEAKS. Periphyton of the tributaries of the New River Gorge National River ... 15

CHARLES E. PUCKETT and DAN K. EVANS. The origin and status of the sterile hybrid Carex deamii Hermann (Cyperaceae)... 15

SOPHIE LONG and THOMAS A. DAY. Penetration of ultraviolet-5 radiation in the reproductive parts of Hesperis matronalls (dame's rocket) ... 16

DAVID M. LAWRENCE, HAROLD S. ADAMS, STEPHEN L. STEPHENSON, TAREK A. HIJAZ, CHARLES W. LAFON, NEIL A. PEDERSON, MARGOT C. WILKINSON, and P. JOY YOUNG. A dendroecological comparison of three mid-Appalachian red spruce populations ... 17

SUSAN MOYLE STUDLAR and SUZANNE McALISTER. Bryophyte communities at Boehler Seeps, Oklahoma ... 17

DENISE E. BINION, LORINDA K. FUNK, JOANN B. SPOONER, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. An educational workshop on tropical forests in Costa Rica ... 18

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, YURI NOVOZHILOV, and GARY A. LAURSEN. A preliminary report of myxomycetea from boreal forest and Arctic tundra ecosystems of central Alaska and eastern Russia ... 18

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, GARY A. LAURSEN, ROSEANN DENSMORE and GLENN P. JUDAY. Recent collections of Alaskan cellular slime molds: a review ... 19


B. DASSARMA. Preaching- chemistry as a component of general education ... 20

F. L. NESBITT, P.S. MONKS (NAS/NRC Research Associate), MATTHEW SCANLON, and L. J. STIEF. Absolute rate constants for the reactants of F(2P) with C2H2 and C2H4 at T=298K ... 20

S. CRAIG STAMM, MANG XIANG, WEN-ZONG WHONG, and TONG-MAN ONG. Transformation and analysis of Balb/c 3T3 cells exposed to nitrosated extracts of coal dust and/or snuff ... 21

BELINDA BARKER, TIM BARNETTE, DAVID MILLER and MARK CHATFIELD. Isolation and characterization of the gene for soybean glutathione reductase ... 22

DAVID W. MILLER, REGGIE TRIPLETT and MARK CHATFIELD. Isolation and characterization of the gene for soybean, cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase ... 23

MELISSA SQUILLARO. Supercritical fluid extraction in environmental analysis ... 24

KETAN GANGAL. Chlorofluorocarbon alternatives ... 24

KEVIN SHEFCHEK. The affect of oxygen in the initiation of polymerization reactions ... 25

JULIE SANDIFORD, NANCY STEWART and VERNON REICHENBECHER. Development of rabbit antisera directed against rat manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase ... 26

CATHERINE A. SREBALUS. Generation of acyl radicals from 2-napthylthioesters ... 26

P. S. MONKS, P. N. ROMANI, F. L. NESBITT, M. J. SCANLON and L. J. STIEF. The kinetics of the formation of nitrite compounds in the atmospheres of Titan and Neptune ... 27


LEE ANN MULLINS and DONALD TARTER. Density dependent cannibalism in naiadal dragonflies involved in fish exclusion experiments and the impact of fish predation in their abundance and species composition ... 28

LEE ANN MULLINS and DONALD TARTER. Flight periods of dragonflies inhabiting the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia, with special reference to territoriality ... 29

ERICH EMERY and DONALD TARTER. Seasonal variation in the benthic macroinvertebrate populations in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia, in relationship the water quality and vegetation types ... 30

KEVIN YOKUM, BRENT JOHNSON, CLIP TIPTON and DONALD TARTER. Leaf shredding experiments between naiadal Peltoperia arcuata and Tallaperia maria (Plecoptera: Peltoperlidae) ... 30

CLIP TIPTON and DONALD TARTER. Preliminary observations on the reproductive activities of the grass pickerel, Esox americanus vermiculatus LeSueur, in the Green Bottom Wildlife Manager Area, Cabell County, West Virginia ... 31

TIM HAYES and DONALD TARTER. Food habits of a disjunct population of the central mudminnow,  Umbra limi (Kirtland), in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia, in relation to seasonal changes and age classes ... 32

BRENT JOHNSON and DONALD C. TARTER. Low pH tolerance, under static bioassay condition. of the nymphs of the mayfly Callibaetis fluctuans from a newly mitigated wetland in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia ... 32

DEANNA HURST, MARC ABRAMS, and THOMAS DEMEO. Classification and gradient analysis of the Monongahela National Forest ... 33

DONALD TARTER and DIANE NELSON. Preliminary list of tardigrades (Phylum; Tardigrada) from mosses and liverworts in the Monongahela National Forest ... 34

MARY BETH ADAMS, JIM KOCHENDERFER, TED ANGRADI and PAM EDWARDS. Effects of elevated acidic inputs on litter decomposition ... 34

MARK A. FISHER and FRANK S. GILLIAM. Changes in soil physical and chemical characteristics during wetland creation ... 35

CASSIE JO FOSTER. The effects of rock size on macrolnvertebrate community composition of Wheeling Creek ... 36

WALTER J. CYBULSKI III. The relationship between stream order and leaf litter decomposition in the Wheeling Creek watershed ... 36

KEITH A. NIGGEMYER. Primary production and decomposition rates of the macrophyte Justicia americana in Wheeling Creek watershed ... 37

BEN M. STOUT III and KENNETH E. RASTALL. Wheeling Creek water quality assessment: monitoring protocol for Ohio River watershed studies ... 38

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, GARY A. LAURSEN, JOHN C. LANDOLT, GLENN P. JUDAY, and ERNEST C. BERNARD. The Columbia Glacier ecosystem in southern Alaska ... 39

DAVID M. LAWRENCE, STEPHEN L. STEPHENSON, and HAROLD S. ADAMS. Biogeographic patterns in upland forest community composition in the mid-Appalachians of Virginia and West Virginia ... 39

DON NASH and ROSE-MARIE MUZIKA. Physiographic control of overstory species in ridge and valley and Allegheny upland forests ... 40

MICHAEL K. NOWLIN and JEFFREY E. BAILEY. Status of the macroinvertebrate community In the Greenbrier River, Summers County, West Virginia ... 41

TED ANGRADI, JIM KOCHENDERFER, BETH ADAMS, and PAM EDWARDS. A paired watershed approach to monitoring the effects of timber sale activities on aquatic resources ... 42


MELISSA A. KUHL. Approximating functions by non-polynomial methods using mathematica ... 43

MICHAEL J. and VIRGINIA C. DEMCHIK. Developing research into the components of the nucleus of an atom ... 44

MICHAEL J. DEMCHIK. Constructivism in Chemistry:  A global issues approach ... 45

ALAN D. SMITH and ALLEN R. LIAS. Curriculum trends In applied mathematics education ... 46

ALAN D. SMITH and ALLEM R. LIAS. Needs assessment and program design of health services management ... 41

SUSAN K. JOY and DAN K. EVANS. Conflict in the development of a wildlife management area in Cabell County, West Virginia ... 48

Q. WESLEY GLADWELL. Determining the speed of light ... 49

MELISSA JO KASHEY and JOHN H. HULL. The "bear" facts; Trends in gender-role stereotyping across 30 years of Berenstain Bears books ... 50


RAY GARTON and KELLEY DEEM. Results of sub-slab passive radon venting at the National Aero Space Education Center and Fairmont State College ... 51

FREDERICK GRADY and RAY GARTON. The pleistocene peccaries Platygonus vetus and Platygonus compressus from West Virginia Caves ... 52

EBERHARD WERNER. Pseudokarst features of the Coopers Rock State Forest ... 53

EBERHARD WERNER. Geological and geographical information on West Virginia gathered before 1875-the legacy for I. C. White … 53

RONALD L, MARTINO, MARK A. MCCULLOUGH and TERRY L. HAMRICK. Stratigraphy, paleotology, and depositional environments of the lower conemaugh group in the Wayne and Prichard 7.5' guadrangles, Wayne County, WV ... 55

PATRICA LAZIER, BUFFY SUBORA AND CHRISTINE TAYLOR. Intraspecific variation and taxonomic analysis of three species of Acanthocladid Bryozoa ... 56


JEFFREY V. NICHOLS and PETRA BOHALL WOOD. Effect of two-age management and clearcutting on songbird density and reproductive success ... 57

RAY GARTON, FREDERICK GRADY, and STEVEN D. CAREY. The vertebrate fauna of West Virginia caves, final report ... 57

CONLEY MARCUM, JR. and THOMAS K. PAULEY. Larval characteristics of four salamander species In the Fernow Experimental Forest, Tucker County, West Virginia ... 58

ANTHONY B. BORDA, JR. and THOMAS K. PAULEY. Utilization of wood duck nest boxes at the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia ... 59

STEVEN D. KOENIG, SUE A. PERRY, and WILLIAM B. PERRY. Respiratory response of larval fathead minnows (Pimaphales promelas) and swordtails (Xiphophorus belleri) to an episodic change in pH ... 59

RITA F. VILLELLA, C. D. SNYDER and D. LEMARIE. Influence of habitat attributes at different spatial scales of fish assemblage structure in the Opequon Creek drainage. West Virginia ... 60

JANET L. CLAYTON. Freshwater bivales in Elk River, West Virginia with emphasis on federally endangered species ... 61

CRAIG W. STIHLER. New records for the land snail, Triodopsis platysayoides, a West Virginia endemic ... 61

THOMAS K. PAULEY and JAMES KOCHENDERFER. Utilization of artificial ponds by amphibians is recent clearcuts ... 62

SAMANTHA L. DEGASPERIS and JOHN T. BURNS. The effect of dexamethasone on the pigeon cropsac response to prolactin ... 62

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