Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 1997

Volume 69:1 

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Oral Presentations


 CRAIG W. STIHLER, JACK L. WALLACE, WVDNR, EDWIN D. MICHAEL, and HARRY PAWELCZYK. The range of the endangered northern flying squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus, in West Virginia.

CRAIG W. STIHLER. Bats of the Fernow Experimental Forest, Tucker County, West Virginia.

MICHAEL C. DEMCHIK, and MICHAEL J. DEMCHIK. The effect of soil horizon on Quercus rubra growth.

 REBECCA J. BLEVINS and ERIC A. E. GARBER. Anaerobic bacterial tolerance and reduction of arsenate in soil near a coal-burning plant near Parkersburg, WV.

TIMOTHY R. BROPHY and THOMAS K. PAULEY. Notes on the life history of the southern two-lined salamander, Eurycea cirrigera, in West Virginia.

BETH A. PAULEY AND THOMAS K. PAULEY. Range and distribution of the Cheat Mountain salamander, Plethodon nettingi: an update.

 KAREN MORRIS, ANDREA ALLEN, KATHIE HESS & MARK CHATFIELD. Studies on Thiobacillus ferrooxidans: an acidophilic, iron oxidizing bacterium associated with acid mine drainage.

GRANT PARKINS, VERNON FLETCHER AND MARK CHATFIELD. Purification of thidiazuron from the agricultural product Dropp.


DAN K. EVANS. Hallucinogenic plants used in healing among indigenous people of southeastern Ecuador.

JASON BARNETT, JAGAN V. VALLURI, AND H. WAYNE ELMORE. Protein synthesis and ethylene biosynthesis in sandalwood callus cultures exposed to drought and heat shock.

PAUL J. HARMON. The West Virginia Flora and Fungi Herbaria Database System, the Flora West Virginia Project, and production of checklists and preliminary atlases of angiosperms, fungi, and bryophytes.

NICHOLAS P. BELMONT and RONALD H. FORTNEY. A comparison of the annual productivity values in three constructed wetlands and three similar naturally occurring wetlands in West Virginia.

Cellular Molecular

JAMIE L. BREWER, LAURA L. WAINWRIGHT and JAMES M. SHEIL. Propanil induced effects on alloreactive cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) function.

ANGELA COOK, HEATHER MELLERT, JONETTE WEBB & MARK CHATFIELD. Construction of an antisense ascorbate peroxidase gene cassette for assessment of function within the soybean root nodule system.


MICHELLE L. TAYLOR and MICHAEL J. PANIGOT. Effects of enhanced leaving group ability on the o-tolyl rearrangement observed in the alkylation of acetobromoglucose with benzylmagnesium chloride.

CHRISTINA S. WALLACE and MICHAEL J. PANIGOT. Effects of decreased leaving group ability on the o-tolyl rearrangement observed in the alkylation of acetobromoglucose with benzylmagnesium chloride.

CAMDEN E. MCLAUGHLIN, SHERINE O. OBARE and SUNDAR NAGA. Conceptualization of chemical thermodynamics through the Internet.


THOMAS E. WEAKS and REBECCA HALL RUTHERFORD. A comparison of the periphyton communities of polluted and clean-water trubutaries of the New River Gorge National River, West Virginia.

STEPHEN D.GREENE and DONALD C. TARTER. Simultaneous chemical and benthic diversity comparisons of acid mine drainage and unmitigated lotic systems.

ANDREA L. HENRY and DONALD C. TARTER. Ecological Observations of Crangonyx pseudogracilis Bousfield (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia.

ROBERT W. HOOD and DONALD C. TARTER, and TED R. ANGRADI. Longitudinal, vertical, and seasonal variation of the interstitial macroinvertebrate fauna at the Fernow Experimental Forest, Parsons, West Virginia.

ERICA S. MIDKIFF and DONALD C. TARTER. Comparative ecological studies on the diet and growth rates of larval and juvenile grass pickerel, Esox americanus vermiculatus, and central mudminnow, Umbra limi, and fall spawning of the grass pickerel in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia.

GAIL L. PERRINE and DONALD C. TARTER. Low pH tolerance of larval Caenis amica Hagen (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae) from a mitigated wetland in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia.

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON; JOHN C. LANDOLT, and DONNA L. MOORE. Protostelids, dictyostelids, and myxomycetes in the litter microhabitat of Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico.

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, GARY A. LAURSEN, and RODNEY D. Vegetation of subantarctic Macquarie Island.

ROBERT F. MASLOWSKI. The West Virginia archeological radiocarbon database.

MICHAEL J. DEMCHIK,. Project leap: local environmental assessment program.

 JOHN C. LANDOLT and STEPHEN L. STEPHENSON. Dictyostelid cellular slime molds in canopy soils of tropical forests.

C. MICHAEL ANSLINGER. Buried site archeology in the Kanawha valley.

STUART WELSH. Spatial scales, quadrats, and substrate composition in streams.

JAMES RENTCH, RONALD FORTNEY, HAROLD ADAMS, and STEVEN STEPHENSON. Vegetation study of the Bluestone River Gorge in Southern West Virginia.


ALAN D. SMITH. Personality testing and job classification.

B. DASSARMA. Simple definitions and models in introductory chemistry to minimize misconception and chemophobia.

JOHN H. HULL and AARON J. RIESMEYER. The effect of temperature and interstimulus interval on habituation in earthworms (lumbricus terrestris).


JENNIFER A. ADERMAN and DONALD C. TARTER. Acid tolerance, under static bioassay conditions, of the freshwater prawn Palaemonetes kadiakensis Rathbun from the Green Bottom Mitigation Site, Cabell County, West Virginia.

ERIC S. WILHELM, KEVIN D. BRITTINGHAM, ERICA S. MIDKIFF, and DONALD C. TARTER. Population dynamics of Chironimidae in Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, Cabell County, West Virginia with notes on Chironomidae of West Virginia.

DONALD C. TARTER, ERICA S. MIDKIFF, and ERIC S. WILHELM, and DIANE R. NELSON. First records of tardigrades (Phylum: Tardigrada) from mosses in the New River Gorge, West Virginia.

KEVIN D.BRITTINGHAM, and DONALD C, and TED R. ANGRADI. A comparative study of the benthic populations in weir ponds draining watersheds of the Fernow Experimental Forest, Parsons, West Virginia.

MATTHEW M. MCREYNOLDS, MICHAEL L. LITTLE, and DONALD C. TARTER. Observations on reproduction, isozyme patterns, and meristics in mosquitofish (Pisces: Poeciliidae) from West Virginia.


PATRICIA WOOTEN. Thailand adventures--discover the treasures of a kingdom.

BARBARA A. MILLER. Language and area studies.

MICHAEL CASTELLO. A study of the affects of the Russian railways on the Russian Revolution.

LINDA E. NEWCOME. Investigation of various wetlands and their inhabitants

HUGH CAMPBELL. Teaching geography concepts and enhancing thinking skills through the use of the inductive model.

BRIANNA MERCIER. A study of the diffusion of architecture into a region.

JAMES SEXTON. Factors affecting college Attendance: A Thailand example.


JOHN C. LANDOLT, and CRAIG W. STIHLER. Dictyostelid cellular slime molds from San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

CRYSTAL THOMAS. Ecological studies on Fairmont streams.

LISA J. GATENS. Geographic variarion of Sorex cinereus in West Virginia.

AARON P. SMITH, STEVEN K. ROOF, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Isolation and amplification of plasmodial slime mold ribosomal RNA genes from two species in the genus Arcyria.

DENISE BINION, MICHELLE JENKINS, NATHAN D. MISSEL, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Corticolous myxomycetes of the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico.

ANGELA D. EDMUNDS and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Myxomycetes associated with the litter microhabitat in forests of the New River Gorge.

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and JOANN B. SPOONER. Myxomycetes associated with the aerial litter microhabitat in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico.

HAROLD S. ADAMS; STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, and STEWART A. WARE. The beech forest type in the mid-Atlantic region of eastern North America.



SARMA S. KHANDAVILLI and SUZANNE M.D. ROGERS. Callus regeneration and micropropagation of Juncus.

MARY ETTA HIGHT. Collections of biological specimens and their role in conservation of biodiversity.

YETUNDE ARANMOLATE & TIM RUHNKE. Taxonomic resolution of Orygmatobothrium paulum from the Tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvieri.

CHRISTY LAWRENCE, SETH RICHARDSON & TIM RUHNKE. Systematic study of the tetraphyllidean tapeworm genus Rhinebothrium .

JOEY TURNER & TIM RUHNKE. Systematic study of two tetraphyllidean tapeworm species from Rhinoptera steindachneri.

THOMAS ALLMAN, ERIC GARBER. Bacterial resistance to arsenic of soil near a coal burning plant in Belmont, West Virginia.

JESSICA D. TALLEY and JOHN H. HULL. Children's worries and parents' perceptions of those worries.

RACHEL SEARSand TAMARA HARDING. Taxonomy and paleobiogeography of fenestellid bryozoa of the silurian age brownsport formation, Tennessee.

CYNTHIA J. SPIKER, ADAM P. SMITH, and ERICA L. HARVEY. Synthesis and computation of di-2-pyridyl ketone p-sulfobenzoylhydrazone.

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