Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2005

Volume 77:1 

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CLIFTON P. BISHOP.   So what is the big deal about DNA? ... 1

PATRICK S. CALLERY, DIAA M. SHAKLEYA, JAMES KRANER, ALAN MYERS, MADHU SANGA, and ISLAM YOUNIS.  Advances in detecting drug abuse by mass spectrometry ... 1 

TERRY W. FENGER.  Forensic investigations in the world of DNA ... 1

WILLIAM FREMOUW. Introduction to forensic psychology ... 2


Soil/Botany I

JEFFREY A. SIMMONS and WILLIAM S. CURRIE.  Changes in soil phosphorus resulting from surface coal mining and reclamation ... 2

SARAH WENNERBERG and DONNA FORD-WERNTZ.  Propagation and field assessment of Rhus aromatica, Vitis riparia, and Parthenocissus quinquefolia for use along West Virginia roadsides ... 3

EMILY H. MOONEY and JAMES B. MCGRAW.  Unintended selection by harvesters of American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius ... 3

ADAM W. ROLLINS, RAY R. HICKS, JR., JAMES RENTCH, DAVE McGILL, HAROLD S. ADAMS and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.Temporal and spatial patterns of red spruce (Picea rubens) regeneration at three central Appalachian sites in West Virginia ... 4

Zoology I

TERESA M. Fogus, Zachary Loughman, Jaime Sias, S. Douglas Kaylor, Thomas K. Pauley and Mark B. Watson.  Amphibian and reptile inventories of the Gauley River National Recreation Area ... 4

ZACHARY LOUGHMAN and THOMAS K. PAULEY.   Distribution and status of the Small Mouthed Salamander (Ambystoma texanum) in West Virginia ... 5

ZACHARY LOUGHMAN. First record and natural history of the crayfish Procambarus (O.) acutus in West Virginia ... 5

JAIME SIAS and THOMAS K. Water pH tolerance levels for Hemidactylium scutatum and Rana sylvatica at two high elevation fens in West Virginia ... 6


BETHANY RADIN and E. C. KELLER, JR.  Ethnic profiles of the 1910 counties of West Virginia ... 6

TAMMY HART and E. C. KELLER, JR.  Ethnic profiles in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia from the 1910 Census ... 6

LAUREN V. STAMM and E. C. KELLER, JR. Ethnic profiles in the Southern Coalfields of West Virginia from the 1910 Census ... 7

 ALBERT MAGRO.  Emphasis of evolutionary-derived characteristics in paintings and sculptures of human form ... 7


E. RAY GARTON and FREDERICK GRADY. Pleistocene beaver tooth is new record for West Virginia ... 7

E. RAY GARTON and ROBERT L. PYLE.  West Virginia's first dinosaur: Edmontosaurus ... 8

E. RAY GARTON, TERRY BYLAND, FREDERICK GRADY and ROBERT L. PYLE.   New records of Mammut americanium (Mastodon) from Monroe County, West Virginia ... 8

E. RAY GARTON, TERRY BYLAND, FREDERICK GRADY, and ROBERT L. PYLE, First carbon dates for Mastodons in West Virginia ... 8


DEEPAK MEHRA, DONALD D. GRAY, JOHN M. KUHLMAN.  Computational modeling of liquid jet impingement in zero gravity ... 9

JONAS T. ANDERSON and MARTINA E. BACHLECHNER. Analysis of molecular dynamics simulations ... 9

ADAM M. GRIPPER.  Displacements in silicon/silicon nitride interfaces: A molecular dynamic study ... 10

ROBERT H. LEONARD. Bond angle analysis in the crystalline silicon/silicon nitride interface ... 10


Botany II

JOHN C. LANDOLT and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  Dictyostelid cellular slime molds in forest soils of the Ozarks ... 11

SUSAN MOYLE STUDLAR.  Moss gathering in West Virginia: Increasing pressure on Riparian/Mesic habitats ... 11

James S. Rentch and James T. Anderson.   Trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) dynamics in Canaan Valley, West Virginia ... 12

WILLIAM N. GRAFTON.  Flora of the New River watershed in West Virginia ... 12

Zoology II

ARITRO SEN, E. KEITH INSKEEP and JORGE A. FLORES.  Cellular source of luteal PKC isozymes and their activation by endothelin-1 (ET-1) in the mid-phase bovine corpus luteum (CL) ... 13

JENNIFER EDALGO, JASON LOVE, and JAMES ANDERSON.  The spatio-temporal distribution of earthworms and implications for American Woodcock at Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pennsylvania ... 13

JOSEPH D. OSBOURNE, JAMES T. ANDERSON, and JOHN W. EDWARDS.  Comparison of 2 deer population estimators at the Camp Dawson Collective Training Center in Preston County, West Virginia ... 14


REBECCA RYAN and MATTHEW SCULLIN.  Assessment of a novel interview technique for improving children’s forensic reports ... 14

GERA JOCHUM and RICHARD B. THOMAS. Effect of growth temperature on efficacy of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in anti-proliferating MCF-7 human breast cancer cells ... 15

ALBERT MAGRO and ALICE MAGRO.  Early manifestations of apoptosis are caspases independent ... 15

ALAN D. SMITH.   Barriers to the acceptability of e-prescribing in the USA ... 16

Aquatic Biology

Dewey D. Sanderson and George A. Robertson.   Depositional history of Lake Tight, Teays River System ... 16

LISA LYNN CULLINANE.  Effects that different preservation techniques have on the dissolved oxygen in a water sample compared to an in-situ analysis ... 17

ERIN EDGE, CLIFFORD STARLIPER, and PAMELA WHITTINGTON.  Development of an improved medium for growth of Flavobacterium psychrophilum, a cause of bacterial coldwater disease ... 17

CLIFFORD STARLIPER.  An overview of coldwater disease, a significant bacterial disease of salmonid fishes ... 18


MICHAEL MAYS.  Forensic trigonometry ... 18

WAYNE  DANIEL.  Developing an object-oriented mathematics package: Phase I ... 19

ANDREAS BAUR, ERICA HARVEY, and MATTHEW SCANLON. An outcome-based chemistry curriculum ... 19

SIEGFRIED BLEHER, MELINDA HUFF, AMY JAGGIE, AMY JEFFREY, and ERICA HARVEY. Yoga as a learning enhancement in an online quantum chemistry course ... 20



Ravula SATHEESH BABU, Sanjeeva R. Guppi, and George A. O’Doherty.  Palladium catalyzed glycosylation: De novo syntheses of phenol glycosides ... 20

MELINDA HUFF and ANDREAS BAUR.  Novel approach to the synthesis of 2,2’-bithiophene-bisboronic acid ... 20

AMY JAGGIE and MATTHEW SCANLON.  Preliminary work towards determination of the binding constants of bithiophene and bithiophene derivatives with hydroxypropyl β-cylcodextrin via fluorescence spectroscopy ... 20

JADE LOWERY and EDWARD A. WOVCHKO.  Photocatalytic degradation of hazardous molecules in contaminated water on TiO2 - MTBE photooxidation ... 21

JAIME MEADOWS and MARK FLOOD.  Determination of the sensitivity of Pryosequencing for SNP analysis ... 21

AMBER MILLER and EDWARD A. WOVCHKO.  Synthesis of WO3 nanoparticles and preparation of highly porous WO3 films for photochemical water splitting ... 22

KERRI SANFORD and KARL ZACHARY.  Simulation of low-frequency raman scattering from clathrate hydrate formers ... 22

GREG SINCEK and EDWARD A. WOVCHKO.  Carbon dioxide activation on supported rhodium catalysts - catalytic formation of POF3 ... 22

Plant Physiology

SARAH C.D. BRIDEN, MARY BETH ADAMS, WILLIAM T. PETERJOHN, and RICHARD B. THOMAS.  Foliar nitrogen concentrations of deciduous hardwood trees along an elevation gradient in West Virginia ... 23

Mia Brown, Michaela Rivera, and Marcia Harrison.  Ethylene regulation of the plant response to gravity ... 23

FRANCIS NEWBROUGH and ROGER SEEBER, Jr.  Development of mature callus from rubber tree leaf explants ... 24

Sunandini Sridhar, Keqiang Wu, Lining Tian, and Daniel Brown. A novel role for AtHD2C in ABA and stress response signaling ... 24

JESSIE TYLER, CHRIS GARTON, KARA HARRIS, and BEN B. WHITLOCK.  Oxidant-induced programmed cell death pathways in protoplasts from Cucumis sativus (cucumber) ... 25

VIJAYA VARDHANA, REDDY CHAIKAM, and KEQIANG WU.   Histone deacetylases in Arabidopsis ... 25

Zhen Yang, Keqiang Wu, Yunkai Liu, and Cun-Quan Zhang. A genome-wide identification of GCC-box containing genes in Arabidopsis ... 26

Zhen Yang, Keqiang Wu, Yunkai Liu, and Cun-Quan Zhang.  Role of AtERF4 and AtERF7 in ethylene, ABA and stress responses in Arabidopsis ... 26

LIN ZHANG and KEQIANG WU.  Control of flowering and senescence by AtRPD3B in Arabidopsis ... 27

Physics/Earth Sciences

Brian Diamond and Jaroslava MikSovskA.  Conformational changes coupled to oxygen photodissociation from myoglobin: A photoacoustic study ... 27

RACHEL V. GRAND and DOROTHY J. VESPER. Controls, characterization and small scale chemical variation of Tuscarora Creek watershed, Berkeley County, West Virginia ... 27


STEVE MCCLELLAND, TOM REPINE, and Deb Hemler. Still unresolved tetrapod trackway as a classroom teaching device ... 29

MIMI ROY and DOROTHY VESPER. A sequential extraction study of selenium in coals and coal associated strata from West Virginia ... 29

MARK A. STEGNER and PROTIP K. GHOSH.  Studies on an iron meteorite from near Blacksburg, Virginia ... 30

JAMES THOMPSON and JASON BEST.  Preliminary analysis of structure evolution within the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog ... 30

Health Sciences 


AMY CLARK, AMANDA MAGERS, TRACY LANCASTER, and ROBERT KREISBERG. Single nucleotide polymorphism assay development for the detection of genetic markers of cardiovascular disease ... 31

JASON ELY, ALICE MAGRO, and ALBERT MAGRO.  Characterization of staurosporine induced apoptosis in human gliomas ... 31

KRISTIN NESTOR, STACEY ANDERSON, BRANDI HOWARD, REGINA TROTT, CLIFTON BISHOP and GERALD HOBBS. A method for determining the age of a bloodstain ... 32

LINDA Vona-Davis, KRISTA Frankenberry, K. Lebedeva Davis, and DAVID McFadden.  LPS and TNF-a induce SOCS-3 mRNA expression in cardiac myoblasts ... 32

LINDA VONA-DAVIS, KRISTA FRANKENBERRY, MARY OLIVE, and DAVID MCFADDEN.  Inhibition of pancreatic cancer cell growth by lovastatin and NS398 ... 33

LINDA C. VONA-DAVIS, KRISTA A. FRANKENBERRY, USMAN WAHEED, ERIK PETERSEN, and DAVID W. MCFADDEN. Expression of STAT3 and SOC3 in pancreatic acinar cells ... 33


K. MAUREEN CONLEY, JENNIFER D. TIANO, and CHERYL B. MCNEIL.  Father involvement in care giving activities ... 34

NICHOLE ELLIOTT, KATHERINE KARRAKER, and MARIE SOROKIN.  Perceptions of mothers labeled adolescent or adult and married or unmarried and their infants ... 34

JOHN H. HULL and JEREMY M. INFANTINO. March Madness: Not as "mad" as some might think ... 35

ADAM LEROY and PHILIP CHASE. Strategic planning: The West Virginia University climbing wall ... 35

J. JOHANSSON-LOVE, E. TYNER, and W. FREMOUW.  Issues surrounding a relationship break-up in a college population: A look at female college stalkers and harassers ... 35

JESSICA M. SHAFFER and JOHN H. HULL.  Their bodies: How real, really, is "reality" TV?  ... 36

MARIE SOROKIN and KATHERINE KARRAKER.  College students' prejudice towards Appalachian speech  ... 36

Y. TAMI YANEZ and WILLIAM FREMOUW, JENNIFER TENNANT, JULIA STRUNK, and KAYLA COKER.  Effects of severe depression on Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) performance among disability-seeking outpatients ... 37

Field Biology

JERRI L. BONNER, JAMES T. ANDERSON, JAMES S. RENTCH, and WILLIAM N. GRAFTON. Vegetation associated with beaver ponds in Canaan Valley, West Virginia ... 37

JOHN C. LANDOLT, MICHAEL E. SLAY, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON. Dictyostelid cellular slime molds from Ozark caves ... 38

ZACHARY LOUGHMAN.  Survey of Crayfish Species along the Ohio River Floodplain in West Virginia ... 38

ZACHARY LOUGHMAN, CELESTE GOOD, and THOMAS K. PAULEY. Status of the West Virginia state collection of amphibians and reptiles ... 39

CARL WELLSTEAD.   R. W. Whipple's specimens referable to Megamolgophis agostini Romer, 1952 (Amphibia:  Lepospondyli) ... 39


The following abstract was omitted from Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2004, vol 76 no. 1.

SCOTT COPEN and DONALD GRAY. Development of a three-dimensional numerical groundwater model of the Leading Creek mitigation wetland ... 40

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