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Volume 78: 2 

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68(1) 1996


KRISTA EVANS and PAMELA HAWLEY-NELSON. A rapid mammalian cell transfection reporter using jelly fish mutant Green Fluorescent Protein in pGreenLantern ...1

MARK R. FLOOD and GAROLD S. YOST.  Cloning of an UDP-glucuronosyltransferase from an ethanol-induced liver ...1

DIANNE K. ANESTIS. Small mammals as bioindicators of environmental toxicity: a review ...2

TANYA C. WARWICK and MICHAEL J. PANIGOT.  Effects of ester protecting groups on the ortho-tolyl alkylation of acylated glycosyl halides by benzylmagnesium chloride ... 3


SARAH MEADS and ROCCO CIPRIANO. Characterization of Aeromonas salmonicida isolated from small mouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) in Chaumont Bay from eastern Lake Ontario ...3

JEFFREY J. HAJENGA and MARY ETTA HIGHT.  New records of shrews, Sorex hoyi, s. Dispar, and Cryptotis parva in West Virginia ...4

JOHN BURTON, WES GLADWELL, and MICHAEL LITTLE.  The development of genetic markers that can be used to analyze the effects of anthropogenic stress on genetic diversity of fish populations ...4

MICHAEL LITTLE, DOUGLAS CHAMBERS, and ALAN TENNANT.  Fish species diversity in the tributaries of the Cheat River ...5

JASON BARNETT, JAGAN V. VALLURI, and WAYNE ELMORE.  Protein synthesis and ethylene production in sandalwood callus cultures exposed to drought and heat shock ...5


RONALD H. FORTNEY.  A revision of the pteridophytes of West Virginia ...6

JAMES RENTCH, RONALD H. FORTNEY, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, and HAROLD S. ADAMS.  Vegetation study of the Bluestone River Gorge in southern West Virginia ...7

DONALD E. TRISEL and DAVID L. GORCHOV.  Competitive effects of Lonicera maackii on native tree seedlings ...8

ERIC W. EWING, DAN EVANS, and PAUL J. HARMON.  A morphometric study of the Scutellaria ovata Hill (Lamiaceae) compi  West Virginia with emphasis on shale barren taxa. ...8

AMY MORRIS and DAN K. EVANS.  Floristics, plant community structure, and bank profiles for five sites along the Middle Ohio River ...9

REBECCA A. HALL-RUTHERFORD and THOMAS E. WEAKS.  Periphyton of the tributaries of the New River Gorge National River ...9

JOSEPH E. BOGGS and THOMAS E. WEAKS.  A study of the periphyton and phytoplankton communities of the Big Sandy River ...10


HAROLD S. ADAMS and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  West Virginia Forests with red spruce component ...10

NATHAN D. MISSEL, HAROLD S. ADAMS, and STEVEN L. STEPHENSON.  Patterns of seed fall across spruce/hardwood ecotones in the mid-Appalachians ...11


and NEIL THORNE.  Forest vegetation of West Virginia ...11

BRADLEY M. YURISH and FRANK S. GILLIAM. Dynamics of soil and forest floor nitrogen in a nitrogen-saturated centn Appalachian hardwood forest ...12

JENNIFER L. CACKA and TED R. ANGRADI.  Ecology of a cave-resurgence-spring run ecosystem at the Fernow Experimental Forest, Tucker County, West Virginia ...13

ANDREA HENRY and DONALD C. TARTER.  Low pH tolerance, under acute static bioassay conditions, of the amphipod Crangonyx gracilis Smith from Green Bottom Swamp, Cabell County, West Virginia ...13

ROBERT W. HOOD and DONALD C. TARTER.  Longitudinal, vertical, and seasonal variation of the macroinvertebrate fauna within the interstitial substrate of the elk lick run drainage, on the Fernow Experimental Forest, Parsons, West Virginia ...14


STUART A. WELSH and SUE A. PERRY.  Habitat partitioning in a diverse assemblage of darters in the Elk river drainage, West Virginia ...14

D. A. CINCOTTA, T.E. OLDHAM, and S.A. WELSH.  The status of several introductions of fishes in the New River drainage of West Virginia ...15

MATT McREYNOLDS, DONALD TARTER and MIKE LITTLE.  Preliminary observations on isozyme patterns and meristics in mosquitofish (Pisces: Poeciliidae) from West Virginia and Virginia ...15

KEVIN D. BRITTINGHAM, DONALD C. TARTER and TED R. ANGRADI.  A comparison of the benthos in weir ponds draining watersheds of the Fernow Experimental Forest ... 16

DONALD C. TARTER and ERICA F. MIDKIFF.  Fall spawning and preliminary observations on the growth rates of larval and juvenile grass pickerel, Esox americanus vermiculatus, in the Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area, West Virginia ...16

DONALD C. TARTER, ERICA F. MIDKIFF and DIANE R. NELSON. New distributional records, including two state records, of tardigrades (Phylum: Tardigrada) from mosses in the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia ... 17

DONAL C. TARTER, ERICK WILHELM, JEFFREY BAILEY, and MICHAEL NOWLIN.  New record and range extension for Anisocentropus pyraloids (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae) from West Virginia ...18


E. RAY GARTON and FRED GRADY.  In search of the West Virginia cave from which President Thomas Jefferson  described the bones of a Pleistocene Age, extinct ground sloth Megalonyx ...18

E. RAY GARTON and FRED GRADY.  A second record of the extinct armadillo, Dasypus bellus, from West Virginia ...19

EBERHARD WERNER.  Fracture system on the Chestnut Ridge anticline, West Virginia ... 19

DAVID W. VALENTINO.  Ductile gravitational collapse structure: an example from the Piedmont of Pennsylvania ... 20

DAVID VALENTINO.  An analysis of garnet chemical zoning and inclusion trails using calibrate two-dimensional false color x-ray maps ... 21

DEBBIE HOPKINS.  The New York-Alabama Magnetic Lineament: a continental arc? ... 22


HOPE M. SACCO, DR. BEN M. STOUT III, DAVE M. SAVILLE, and BRIAN M. SIKARSKIE.  Stream geomophology and riparian forest composition in the Wheeling Creek Watershed ... 22

AMY PIKO, WALTER J. CYBULSKI III, and BEN M. STOUT III.  The relationship between stream order and leaf little decomposition in the Wheeling Creek watershed ... 23

BRIDGET AMMONS, DAVID SAVILLE, and BEN STOUT III Re-establishment of Justicia americana in the Wheeling Creek ecosystem ... 24

ANGELA D. EDMUNDS and STEVEN L, STEPHENSON.  Myxomycetes associated with the litter microhabitat in tropical forests of Costa Rica ... 24

STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, GARY A. LAURSEN, JOHN C. LANDOLT, and RODNEY D. SEPPELT.  Dictyostelid cellular slime molds on subantarctic Macquarie Island ... 25

GREGORY FARRIS, MICHELLE JENKINS, CLAYTON STEED and ALBERT MAGRO.  Analysis of high liters of antibodies by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ... 26

REBECCA SANDERS, AARON SMITH and TIMOTHY WARNER.  Remote sensing of phenological characteristics of Mixed Mesophytic Fon of West Virginia ... 26

TERRY L. HAMRICK and PROTIP K. GHOSH.  A geochemical study of the impact of acid mine drainage on Sandlick Creek Bruno, Logan County, West Virginia ... 27

ESTHER GUZMAN, MONTRELL SEAY, JAMES NUTTER, KIRK, CAMMARATA and SUANNE ROGERS.  Polyphenol oxidases in apple and Arabidopsis ... 27

TODD DIEHL and DAVID VALENTINO.  Punctuated aggredational cycles (PAC's) in the Upper Mississippian Avis Limestone of the Hinton Group, West Virginia ... 29

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