Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2006

Volume 78:1 

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Symposium on Genetically Modified Organisms

Chris Dardick.  Prospects for genetic engineering in plants ... 1

ANNE CALLAHAN.  "How-to's" of genetic engineering of crop plants ... 1

CAROLE BASSETT.  Addressing public concerns about GMOs ... 1

RALPH SCORZA.  The development of plum-pox-resistant transgenic plum: 'honey-sweet' ... 2

Oral Presentations


ELIZABETH A. BYERS.  Classification and conservation assessment of high elevation wetland communities in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia: methods and preliminary results... 2

BRANDON DRAKE and BRUCE EDINGER.  Preliminary study on the effects of sedimentation, tree species and stream on leaf pack decomposition and benthic macroinvertebrate colonization in two Gilmer County streams ... 3

JAMES S. RENTCH, TOM SCHULER and W. MARK FORD.  Stand dynamics of second-growth northern hardwood forests with a red spruce understory ... 4 

PAMELA W. H. CARROLL.  The effects of non-point source pollution on the Town Run in Shepherdstown, West Virginia from the east campus of Shepherd University ... 4


GINA MARIE COTTRILL.  The use of variations in background color to promote and quantify color change of the gray tree frog, Hyla chrysoselis ... 5

ASHLEY R. FISHER, W. ROBERT GORDON, and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Turtle assemblages in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia with an emphasis on the distribution of Pseudemys rubriventris ... 5

ASHLEY R. FISHER, W. ROBERT GORDON, and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  The presence of Chrysemys picta intergrades in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia ... 5

RALPH W. TAYLOR.  Preliminary analysis of the aquatic snails of West Virginia ... 6

SARAH HORTON, SHANNON ROBINSON and PETER VILA, DAN DILELLA, and MATHEW MULLENAX.  The effect of sewage treatment plants on water quality in Berkeley county streams ... 6

KRISTIN CORNELL, CLIFFORD STARLIPER and PAMELA WHITTINGTON.  Development of a selective medium for primary isolation of Flavobacterium psychrophilum, cause of cold water disease to salmonid fishes ... 7

CLIFFORD E. STARLIPER.  Specialized media for primary isolation and presumptive identification of bacterial fish pathogens ... 7

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON and CARLOS ROJAS. Dictyostelid cellular slime molds of Costa Rica ... 8

Environmental Studies

JASON HOYT. A comparison of different insulation  material and thermal mass on room temperature using passive solar techniques ... 8

DEBRA ANDERSON, JEREMEY BURNS, AUSTIN ELLIOT, CLARISSA MATHEWS and EDWARD SNYDER.  Modification of GMC G3500 6.2L diesel van for utilizing waste vegetable oil fuel ... 8

AUSTIN BYERS and CLARISSA MATHEWS.  Effect of dormitory window retrofit on electricity consumption in relation to heating degree days ... 9

KEVIN CARSWELL, CLARISSA MATHEWS and EDWARD SNYDER.  Wind speed analysis for power generation via small wind applications at Shepherd University (Shepherdstown, WV) ... 9


BONNIE FREEMAN, MELINDA HUFF, CONTESSA HILL, MARK FLOOD, JEAN CHAPPELL, BOWIE KAHLE, GARY WRIGHT, TODD GREEN, PAULETTE WEHNER, MARK STUDNEY, ELIZABETH MURRAY.  Assessing the correlation of homocysteine levels with numerous metabolic enzyme polymorphisms ... 10

RACHEL MITCHELL.  The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for identification and quantification of hypericin and hyperforin produced by tissure callus of Hypericum perforatum ... 10

ALBERT MAGRO and ALICE MAGRO,  CYNTHIA CUNNINGHAM, and MICHAEL MILLER,. Changes in Adhesion Proteins Upon the Induction of Apoptosis ... 11

JARRETT S. AGUILAR, ZACHARY R. HARTMAN, ANGELA G. NIEHAUS, J. LEIGHANN FRY, BECKY L. GARDNER, and PETER M GANNETT. Molecular dynamics study of hydrogen bonding interactions and distance of dapsone and flurbiprofen within the CYP 2C9 active site ... 11


SAMUEL C. DUCATMAN and MARTINA E. BACHLECHNER.  Using displacement analysis to measure pit formation and growth ... 12

ROBERT H. LEONARD. Bond angles as a tool for the analysis of the crystalline silicon/silicon nitride interface ... 12

ELI T. OWENS  and MARTINA E. BACHLECHNER.  Displacement analysis of silicon/silicon nitride ... 13

Biology/Zoology II

CELESTE D. GOOD, THOMAS K. PAULEY, PATRICK KEYSER .  Constructed ponds as mitigated habitat for Wood Frogs (Rana sylvatica) and Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum). 2005. Clear-cut treatments surrounding the ponds will be applied in 2006 and results will be compared to these baseline data ... 13

EMILY MESSENGER, CLARISSA MATHEWS, and MARK BROWN.  Harmonia axyridis choice between extrafloral nectar assessed through three experimental designs ... 14

 KRISTIN RETTER and EDWARD SNYDER. Detailed taxonomoic analysis of a Rhabdomesoid Bryozoa morphological species ... 14

Chemistry/Computer Science/Engineering

JNIGBO LOUISE LIU.  Polymer beads modification by metal using electroless plating ... 15

FORREST LOOMIS and XIAOMING WU. Using genetic algorithms to solve the "np-complete" hitting string problem ... 15


Social Sciences

JENNIFER BURIN, JOHN H. HULL, and DEBRA B. HULL. Students' evaluations of athletes who are girls, women, boys, or men ... 16

LISA S. MCLEOD-SIMMONS, and JEFFREY A. SIMMONS. An analysis of the success of grassroots environmental interest groups ... 16

Poster Presentations


JASON S. BEST, TERESA C. STRITCH, and SARA A. MAENE. Space is the place: simple desktop VR astronomy ... 17

TANDREA CHANGURIS, TRAVIS SMITH, ELIJAH TICE, JUSTIN ELLIS and JASON BEST. An initial light pollution map of the area surrounding the Shepherd University Observatory ... 17

JUSTIN ELLIS, ELIJAH TICE , TRAVIS SMITH , ANDREA CHANGURIS , TARA ROBERTS and JASON BEST. The establishment of a solar cycle data archive for the Shepherd University Observatory ... 18


CHRISTINA ANDERSON, LAURA BISHER, DAN DILELLA and EUGENE VOLKER.  Experiments with Nepeta cataria, a natural pheromone and insect repellent ... 18

JAMIE BRISCOE, ASHLEIGH PRINCE and KARL ZACHARY.  Ab initio and density functional theory studies of cucurbituril homologues ... 18

MIKE BROWN, ASHLEIGH PRINCE and KARL ZACHARY.  Fluorescence studies of cucurbituril-dye complexes ... 19

JOANNA McQUAID and EDWARD A. WOVCHKO.  Carbon dioxide activation and utilization using supported rhodium ammine catalysts... 19

DANIEL SHISSLER, CLARISSA MATHEWS, EUGENE VOLKER and DAN DILELLA.  Development of a method for the use of flame emission atomic absorption spectroscopy for detecting rubidium used as a marker in environmental samples ... 19

RYAN STEVENS and EDWARD A. WOVCHKO.  Preparation of tungsten oxide colloids, nanoparticles, and macroporous thin films for use in photocatalytic chemistry ... 20

Biology/Ecology/Botany/Health Sciences

ERIN ABRAHAMS and PETER VILA.  Bacterial contamination in a spring-fed stream: E. coli levels in the Town Run, Shepherdstown WV ... 20

WENDY LEE MADDOX. Utilizing a GIS to survey and map sediment impacts along the stream banks of Sleepy Creek, in Morgan County, West Virginia ... 21

TRISTAN BOND, DANIEL WARE  and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Use of leaf litter bags as a capture technique for long-term salamander studies ... 21

MATTHEW R. GRAHAM and TIMOTHY E. BALDWIN, and MARK B. WATSON. Herpetofaunal species richness of four West Virginia national parks ... 21

S. CONOR KEITZER and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Comparison of two non-invasive techniques for sampling terrestrial salamanders ... 22

AMY JAGGIE and MARK FLOOD.  Do middle school students who are interested in forensic science like field work or laboratory work better? ... 22

ANDREW McDANIEL and TONY E. MORRIS.  Examination of effectiveness of portable water filters against potential waterborne pathogens measured by the viable plate count method ... 23

Huey Miin Lee , Mark Flood, Sarah Dodson, Dana Calica, Contessa Hill, Bonnie Freeman, Melinda Huff, Amy Clark, Amanda Francis, brandi connors, chris taylor, brian huggins, Robert Kreisberg, Mary Davis, Paulette Wehner, Todd L. Green, Donald A. Primerano, James Denvir, Liping Wei, and Yulia Dementieva.  Identification of genes contributing to obesity associated cardiovascular disease (OCARD) ... 24

BRANDI CONNERS, AMANDA FRANCIS and ROBERT KREISBERG.  Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms within gene lrp5: relation to cardiovascular disease in West Virginia ... 25

BRANDI CONNERS, CHRIS TAYLOR , BRIAN HUGGINS , LISA DOFKA , AMANDA FRANCIS  and ROBERT KREISBERG.  Single nucleotide polymorphism assay development for the detection of genetic markers of cardiovascular disease ... 25

PHILLIP SIMPSON.  A checklist of extant orchids in Nicaragua ... 25

JOHN C. LANDOLT, JAMES C. CAVENDER, EDUARDO VADELL, and STEVEN  L. STEPHENSON.  Dictyostelid cellular slime molds of Australia-an update ... 25

JEFFREY A. SIMMONS and JENNIFER SHEPARD.  Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur input-output budgets of a small, forested watershed in central West Virginia ... 26

SHAUN R. CLARK, ROD C. HUNTE, and DONALD E. TRISEL. Effects of GA3 and B-9 hormones on overall growth and photosynthetic rates of Lycopersicon esculentum and two varieties of Zea mays ... 26

patricia cosco, jessica raikes and DONALD E. TRISEL.  The effects of photoperiod on photosynthetic rates of green bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) ... 27

Jason m. ely, matt hiener and DONALD E. TRISEL.  The possible effects of global warming on photosynthesis and the symbiotic relationship of mycorrhizae in crop plants ... 27

Contessa J. L. Hill, Jill Taylor and Donald E. Trisel.  Potential effects of global warming on the photosynthesis rate of crop plants: Phaseolus vulgaris, Raphamis sativus, and Brassica oleracea var. gongulodes ... 28

BRANDON P. HORNER, MARTI M. MILLER and DONALD E. TRISEL.  Effect of Roundup on photosynthetic rates of genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans and non-resistant soybeans ... 28

Ashley N. hudimac, Matt Menas  and DONALD E. TRISEL.  The effects of sunflecks on the photosynthetic rates of selected vegetables ... 29

Anthony Rickles, Sonya Ridenour and Donald E. Trisel.  The effects of simulated herbivory on the growth and photosynthetic rates of broccoli and squash ... 29

Mia Brown, and Marcia Harrison.  Ethylene regulation of auxin transport in plant's response to gravity ... 29

MIKE BROWN*, ASHLEIGH PRINCE and KARL ZACHARY, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Department of Chemistry, 59 College Ave, Buckhannon, WV 26201. Fluorescence studies of cucurbituril-dye complexes ... 30

SHARON L. MASON and RUTH A. CONLEY.  Photoreceptor density, visual acuity, and visual streak in parr of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss ... 30

EMMA C. BOWERS and RUTH A. CONLEY.  Signal diversity of acoustic communication in Madagascar hissing cockroach Gromphadorhina portentosa ... 31

ALEXANDRA MERTZ-MYERS and RUTH A. CONLEY.  Behavioral modulation by octopamine in Gromphadorhina portentosa, the Madagascar hissing cockroach ... 31

Engineering/Environmental Studies

KRISTIN RETTER, and DANIEL CHIOTOS.  Is Shepherd University ready for sustainable energy? ... 31

EMILY MESSENGER and CLARISSA  MATHEWS.  Tapping into renewable energy in WV ... 32

BEN TRUSCHEL, DONALD D. GRAY, and JOHN M. KUHLMAN 26505.  Measurement of contact angles for industrial coolants FC-72 and HFE-7000 ... 32

KEVIN P. McCREA, STEVEN EPIFANO, DONALD D. GRAY, and JOHN M. KUHLMAN.  Magnetic Enhancement of Pool Boiling in Microgravity ... 33

Psychology/Social Sciences

ANDREW LANCE, BRANDON SHREVE and JOHN H. HULL. Preferred resting location of the house cricket, Acheta ... 33

MICHAEL DRAHOS and JOHN H. HULL. NCAA Division I preseason men's basketball rankings: Prediction or fiction? ... 34

DANIEL FELBAUM, RAMSEY MILLER and DEBRA HULL.  Perceptions of professors with masculine or feminine traits ... 34

RAMSEY MILLER, DANIEL FELDBAUM and DEBRA HULL.  Students' sex role perceptions of themselves and scientists ... 34

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