Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2007

Volume 79:1 

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Undergraduate Research

Andrew Barker, Robert Kreisberg, and Roger Seeber. Extraction of Genomic DNA from Lycopersicon esculentum ... 1

Ashley N. Hudimac, Matt Menas, and Donald E. Trisel. Comparison of mite control methods in Apis mellifera (honeybee) colonies ... 1

Brandon Copple and Clifford StarlipeR. Non-destructive sampling methods for recovery of a bacterium, Aeromonas salmonicida, from ebonyshell mussels (Fusconaia ebena) ... 1

Frederick Garland and Kathleen Brundage. Immunology, 3, 4 dichloropropionalide (DCPA) induced change to the S17 mouse stromal cell line ... 2

Heather Ellery, Peter Vila, and Luke Iwanowicz. The effect of selected nitrite levels on the haemoglobin of healthy and whirling disease Oncorhynchus mykiss ... 3

Laura Kimpel and Zachary Loughman. The crayfishes of Potomac Gorge National Park, Virginia ... 3

Gina Marie Cottrill, Rosana Schafer, and Keith Salazar. Immune response to polysaccharide conjugates following exposure to an endocrine disruptor,  3,4-dichloropropionanalide (propanil) ... 4

Emily Messenger and Clarissa Mathews. The application of GT EntoVision microscopy technology to entomological assays in the laboratory and field ... 4

West Virginia Conservation

Frank Piccininni, Susannah Lerman, and Thomas K. Pauley. Development, small mammals and ambystomid terrestrial habitat requirements ... 5

Matthew R. Graham, William D. Flint, A. Allison Hogsett, and Thomas K. Pauley. Phylogeogaphy, distribution, and conservation unit designation of the Cow Knob Salamander (Plethodon punctatus Highton) ... 5

Conor Keitzer and Thomas K. PAULEY. Habitat preferences of the Eastern Hellbender, Cryptobranchus a. alleganiensis, in West Virginia ... 6

Jennifer Hendricks, Aislinn Creel, Roger Viadero, and Ken Semmens. Polymer selection for Geotube® application of waste management in a small flow-through aquaculture system ... 7

Nikki Panter and James T. Anderson. Do clearcuts benefit neighboring avian communities? ... 7

Bruce Edinger. Importance of ant tenders for survivorship and growth of larvae of the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly, Lycaeides melissa samuelis Nabokov ... 8

Clifford E. Starliper, Barnaby J. Watten, Philip L. Sibrell, and Kelsey L. Ritenour. A novel approach to prevent introductions of aquatic invasive fauna ... 8

James T. Anderson and James S. Rentch. Wetland identification in West Virginia ... 9


Albert Magro. Emphasis in derived anatomical traits as the Wodaabe dance the geerewol ... 10

James Rentch and Kathleen S. Shields. Dendrochronological analyses of host plant susceptibility to hemlock woolly adelgid:  a logistic model ... 10

John C. Landolt, Adam W. Rollins, and Steven L. Stephenson. Cellular slime molds from North American grasslands ... 11

Sushma Shrestha and Dan K. Evans. Marketplace plants used in ceremonial cleansing among Andean Qechuans of Ecuador ... 11


Melinda L. Asbury, Mariela Tassone, and Kinsley K, Kiningham. Dopamine stimulated neuroepithelioma cells results in iNOS upregulation, oxidative stress, and apoptosis: A novel model for studying methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity ... 12

Bonnie Freeman, Sarah Dodson, and Mark Flood. Assessing the correlation of homocysteine levels with apoptosis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) ... 12

Albert Magro, Alice Magro, and Cynthia Cunningham. Metalloproteinase dependent down regulation of integrin and growth factor determinants upon the induction of apoptosis  ...  13

Matt Smithbauer, Rachel Mitchell, and Roger Seeber. The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for isolation and quantification of hypericin and hyperforin produced by St. Johns wort ... 14

WV Conservation/Zoology

Jennifer P. Adams and Thomas K. Pauley. Home range and behavior of Crotalus horridus in high elevation production forests, Randolph County, West Virginia ... 14

Timothy Baldwin. Ecology and distribution of Rough Greensnakes and Eastern Smooth Greensnakes (Opheodrys aestivus and Opheodrys vernalis) in West Virginia ... 15

Tristan Bond and Thomas K. Pauley. A Study of Desmognathus welteri, the Black Mountain Salamander, in West Virginia ...15

Zachary Loughman. Conservation and natural history of West Virginia's Ohio River floodplain burrowing crayfishes ... 16


David Smith and Clarissa Mathew. Determining the suitability of Shepherd University waste vegetable oil for conversion to biodiesel ... 16

Brandon Silver, Clarissa Mathews, and Edward Snyder. Preliminary analysis of wind resources at Shepherd University renewable energy demonstration site ... 17

Egemen Ogretim and Donald D. Gray. Computer simulation of carbon-dioxide leakage from geologic sequestration sites ... 17

Dewey D. Sanderson. Hydrology of a proposed mitigated wetland, Wayne County, West Virginia ... 18

Donald D. Gray. The remarkable contributions of Leonhard Euler to fluid mechanics ... 18

Poster Sessions

Biology/Biochemistry/Botany/Health Sciences

Ashley Hotsinpiller, Bonnie Freeman, Mark Flood, Jean Chappell, Bowie Kahle, Gary Wright, Todd Green, Paulette Wehner, Mark Studney, and Elizabeth Murray. Assessing the correlation of homocysteine levels with dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) mutations ... 19

Ian Wilhelm and Mark Flood. Determining the effect of benzapyrene on frog embryonic survival and development ... 20

Monica Lee, Zach Hartman, Eric Danhart, Peter Gannett, and Jarrett Aguliar. Molecular dynamics study of dapsone analogs bound to Cytochrome P450 2C9 ... 20

Stephanie Boblett and Sarah Dodson. Effect of in vitro homocysteine exposure to bone marrow stromal cells ....................................................... 21

Stephanie Boblett, Christopher Garton, Clayton Casswell, Ewa Lukomska, and Slawomir Lukomski. Cloning of collagen-like proteins BclD and BclE of Bacillus anthracis             ………………...  21

CHRIS SEDLACEK, Alice Magro, Cynthia Cunningham, and Albert Magro. Pharmacologically induced apoptosis reduces cell surface determinants ... 22

Chris Taylor, Amanda Francis, and Robert Kreisberg. Detection of genomic markers for cardiovascular disease: Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the LIPA gene ... 23

Mia L. Brown and Marcia A. Harrison. Ethylene regulation of gravitropic curvature in Arabidopsis stems ... 23

Michael Cunningham. Heat energy potential of an invasive tree as compared to high energy firewood ... 24

Shauna Ogle. Marshall University Herbarium ... 24

Wesley  Caldwell and Carl Wellstead. Additions to the  middle Pennsylvanian ash branch  fossil vertebrate fauna ... 24

Amy Schneider, Amy Hamilton, and Tomas K. Pauley. A continued study of the use of man-made ponds for amphibian breeding in fragmented forested areas ... 25

Christopher Guerriero, Kelly Weixel, Lauren Kester, John Johnson, and Ora Weisz. Multiple roles for PI5-kinase in regulating membrane trafficking ... 25

Elizabeth V. Fet, Jon Scott, and Dan Evans. Biological activity and ethnomedicinal uses of the family Cyperaceae (sedge) ... 26

Emmy Johnson, Amy Scneider, and Thomas K. Pauley. Response of forest salamanders to Diflubenzuron treatments as a method to control Gypsy Moths ... 27

Eric H. Diefenbacher, Kathryn R. Pawlik, and Thomas K. Pauley. Morphological examination of Green Salamander (Aneides aeneus) toe discs ... 27

Jasjeet Bhullar and Vincent Sollars. Epigenetic regulation of Wnt pathway in hematopoietic stem cells via Hsp 90 ... 28

Jennifer M. Napper, Vincent E. Sollars, and Harsh Pratap. EML cells as a model to determine if Hsp90 is an epigenetic enabler in leukemia ... 28

Melinda Varney, Vincent Sollars, and Harsh Pratap. Comparing the myeloid progenitor cell compartment among inbred strains of mice to identify possible leukemia susceptibility genes ... 29

Michael Brewer, Matthew Graham, Victor Fet, and Michael Soleglad. Scorpion serrula: an enigmatic structure under SEM ... 29

Noah cCoard, Kerie Corley, and Thomas K. Pauley. Effects of water pH and ultraviolet radiation on the reproductive success of Wood Frogs (Rana sylvatica) in high elevations of West Virginia ... 30

Amanda B. Stewart, Jeremy Connolly, Beth Gregory, Elizabeth Randolph, and Dustin Wagoner. Use of polymorphic markers developed in bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) for genetic analysis of Green Sunfish (Lepomis Cyanellus) ... 30

James Rentch and James Anderson. A floristic quality index for West Virginia wetland and riparian plant communities ... 31

Lisa M. Castle and Biology 305 Botany Students. How much to harvest? Students assess plants for population vulnerability... 31

Paul J. Harmon, Donna Ford-Werntz, and Bill Grafton. Checklist and atlas of the vascular flora of West Virginia ... 32

Zina-Ann Cardozo, Anne Silvis,, and Kelley K. Kiningham. All-trans retenoic acid (ATRA) induces resistance to cisplatin (CDDP) in the SK-N-SH neuroblastoma cell line: A potential mechanism through modulation of BclXL and Bax ... 32


Brenton Drake, Sarah Ramezan, and Kevin L. Evans. Synthesis of alkenyl bromides and alkyl dibromides ... 33

Matt iener, Bonnie Freeman, Mark Flood, Jean Chappell, Bowie Kahle, Gary Wright, Todd Green, Paulette Wehner, Mark Studney, and Elizabeth Murray. Determining the effect of cystathionase (CYS) gene mutations on plasma homocysteine levels  ... 33 

Computer science

Jonathan P. OKeefe, Weidong Liao, and Osman Guzide. Providing GCD computation service over the internet/web using grid computing ... 34


Andrew J. Lino. Precipitation trends in the state of West Virginia ... 34


David Bowden, Debra Hull, Jerry Nolan, and Kate Garlick. The impact of professors gender roles on student evaluations ... 35

John H. Hull, Suzanne Martiss, and Lauren Lacey. Body images in men's magazines ... 35

John H. Hull and Suzanne M. Martiss. The first 50 years: Body images in Sports Illustrated from 1954-2004 ... 36

Mark Affeltranger, Tyler Kowcheck, Stephanie Riker, and Andrew Lance. Behavioral changes evident three weeks after immunization in the rat ... 36

Mark Affeltranger, Brendan Cypher, and Tyler Kowcheck. Adaptation and sensitization to pulsed presentations of oral piperine or zingerone:  Analysis with a mathematical model ... 37


Behavioral & Social Science

Saige Kolpack. How background music affects memorization capability ... 37


Amanda Chapman. Comparing biodiesel fuel percentages: Which delivers the greatest distance and time in a farm tractor? ... 38


Sara Dyche. Does smoke increase the germination rate of seeds? Year II ... 38


Milen Bodurski. Mole ratio and fuel efficiency ... 39

Computer Science

Michael ogswell. Comparing random number generators: Multiply with carry generator vs. combined linear congruencies generator ... 39

earth & Space Science

Sripadh Balasubramanian. The integral milky way. (no abstract)



Zachary Morse. Most effective wavelength of light to consistently power a machine ... 40

Environmental Sciences

Kelydra Welcker. Quantification, removal and recovery of the Teflon surfactant APFO. (no abstract)


Sarah Sellers. Prime magic square: Possible or impossible? ... 40

Medicine & Health

Bryan taggers. Does the beat go up. (no abstract)


Keith Davidson. Man vs. dog ... 41


Timothy Fisher. Zero gravity propulsion using electron emission from cathode rays, theory presented through macroscopic testing ... 41


Rachel Rawn. Sweet Dreams: Determining and comparing the efficiency of dairy calf bedding materials ... 42


Brandon Holland and Quentin Jackson. How does the shape of a coil affect the performance of an electric motor? ... 42

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