Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2008

Volume 80: 2 

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Robert D. Hanni and Jason S. Best.  Analysis of the large-scale distribution of quasars within the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog ... 1

Dustin Getz and Dana Tiberio, Stan Hileman, and Linda Vona-Davis  Leptin increases aromatase activity in androgen-independent prostate cancer cells: A preliminary study ... 10

Conley Marcum,Thomas K. Pauley, and Jessica A. Wooten A review of nesting ecology and larval period for Desmognathus ochrophaesus (amphibian:caudate) with specific comments for populations in West Virginia ... 21

Thomas K. Pauley. Status of the federally threatened Cheat Mountain Salamander, Plethodon nettingi (Amphibia: Caudata):Sixty years later ... 26

Jonathan Craft,   Christin Cox, Cayte Vigilante, Tiffany White, and Milson J. Luce, Michael Boothand Jay M. Wiedemann.Mercury-resistant bacteria in West Virginia Coal Waste ... 30

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