Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science 2008

Volume 80:1 

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Oral Presentations


ERIC H. DIEFENBACHER and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Comparison of the digit morphology of an arboreal salamander with potential competitors ... 1

DAVID B. WING.  In vitro callus induction and shoot regeneration of shale barren rockcress, Arabis serotina ... 1 

CLIFFORD STARLIPER. Improved bacteriological medium for primary culture and growth of Flavobacterium psychrophilum ... 1

Ecology/Environmental Science

NICOLE GARRISON, ZAC LOUGHMAN, and STUART WELSH.  Distribution and conservation standing of West Virginia's Atlantic Slope crayfish fauna ... 2

STEPHANIE ZORIO and MARK FLOOD.  Determining the role of pH on benzo[a]pyrene uptake during early embryonic survival and development of Rana pipiens ... 2

ROB SAFREED and ROGER SEEBER.  Amplified fragment length polymorphism differentiation of Lycopersicon esculentum varieties ... 3

EMMY JOHNSON and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  A study on the origin, population size, and natural history of the Eastern Six-lined Racerunner, Aspidoscelis s. sexlineata, in West Virginia ... 3

AMY HAMILTON and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Status of Blanchard's Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans blanchardi, relative to environmental conditions in Southern Ohio and Western West Virginia ... 3

AMY Schneider and Thomas K. Pauley.  A continued study of the use of man-made ponds for amphibian breeding in fragmented forested areas ... 4

THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Life history of the Cheat Mountain Salamander, Plethodon nettingi ... 4

James S. Rentch AND James T. Anderson.  Vegetation along hydrologic, edaphic, and geochemical gradients in Abe Run wetland, Canaan Valley, West Virginia ... 5

AARON R. YEAGER, DAN A. CINCOTTA, DAVID W. THORNE, STUART A. WELSH.  Rebounding Fish Community of the Upper Gauley River System in West Virginia ... 5

STUART A. WELSH, and ROBERT M. WOOD.  The diamond darter (Crystallaria cincotta), a new species (Teleostei: Percidae) from the Elk River of the Ohio River drainage, West Virginia ... 6

DAN A. CINCOTTA, STUART A. WELSH, DAVID W. THORNE, and AARON  R.YEAGER.  The status and distribution of Notropis ariommus and Notropis telescopus in West Virginia ... 6

ZAC LOUGHMAN and STUART WELSH.  Distribution and conservation of West Virginia Imperiled crayfish species ... 6

BRUCE EDINGER,  GREGORY J. POND, MARGARET E. PASSMORE, and  JEDEDIAH ROBSON.  Preliminary analysis of leaf decomposition and benthic invertebrate colonization in summer-deployed leaf packs of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica), American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) and sugar maple (Acer saccharum) ... 7


C. Shane Poletti and Martina E. Bachlechner.  Determining the onset of amorphization of crystalline silicon due to hypervelocity impact ... 1

Mathematics/Computer Science/Engineering



EMILY CALANDRELLI, MEHRAN MOHEBBI, KYLE PHILLIPS, JOHN M. KUHLMAN, and DONALD D. GRAY.  Investigation of circular hydraulic jump behavior in microgravity ... 8

WAYNE  DANIEL.  Teaching math and statistics concepts using a generic mathematical package ... 9

DEEPAK MEHRA, DONALD D. GRAY, and JOHN M. KUHLMAN.  Computational fluid dynamics study of liquid jet impingement with heat transfer and varying gravity ... 9

Social Sciences/Science Education

JENNIFER NEWLAND.  Education and research opportunities on Canaan Valley Institute's campus ... 10

ALAN D. SMITH.  Implementation of a national identification card and its associated political ramifications ... 10

MAHMOOD HOSSAIN, ERICA HARVEY, and ANDREAS BAUR.  A data mining approach for predicting student performance in CHEM 1106 based on mastery of CHEM 1105 learning outcomes ... 11

Earth Sciences

E. RAY GARTON and DAVE PHILLIPS.  The first fossil record of Dunkleosteus (Placodermi) an extinct armored fish from the Foreknobs Formation (Devonian) of West Virginia ... 11

EGEMEN OGRETIM, DONALD D. GRAY, and GRANT S. BROMHAL.  Effects of Water Table Tilt on the Near-Surface Signature of CO2 from a Geologic Sequestration Site ... 1

Poster Session


BARBARA SHOCK and DONNA FORD-WERNTZ.  Analysis of the distribution of the vascular plants of West Virginia ... 12

TRAVIS FISHER and LISA CASTLE.  Do Tree of Heaven plants retain their leaves longer than trees of neighboring species do? ... 12

FAITH HARPER, J. MCDOUGAL, and LISA CASTLE.  High school friendly genetic techniques to study the invasive Tree of Heaven ... 13       

FREDERICK GARLAND and ROGER SEEBER.  Analysis of hyperforin and hypericin and plant regeneration of St. John’s Wort ... 13

STEPHANIE ZORIO, JOHN PIERSON and DONALD TRISEL.  Mycorrhizae and/or Rhizobium?  A comparison of the effects on photosynthesis and growth of Glycine max ... 13

Ashleigh Landis, Emily Dimitroff, CHRISTOPHER SEDLACEK and DONALD TRISEL.  The effects of foliar nutrient spray on photosynthesis and overall growth in crop plants ... 114

RODNEY DEVER and DONNA FORD-WERNTZ.   The Nodding Onion: one species or three? ... 14 

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, ADAM W. ROLLINS and CARLOS ROJAS. Dictyostelid cellular slime molds from northern Thailand ... 14

JOHN C. LANDOLT, STEVEN L. STEPHENSON, and ADAM W. ROLLINS.  Dictyostelid cellular slime molds of Arkansas ... 15

ADAM HAMRICK and JESS CUNNICK.  Defining the role of the actin filament-associated protein AFAP-110 in glioblastoma invasiveness ... 15

JENNIFER L. ZIMMERMAN  and STUART WELSH.  PIT tag retention in small American eels, Anguilla rostrata ... 16

Ecology/Environmental Science

MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM and ANDREW THOMAS. Understanding the impacts of Ailanthus in Appalachian forest ... 16

ERIC H. DIEFENBACHER and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  Iris Pattern Identification (IPID): A technique for identifying amphibians and reptiles during field studies ... 17

ERIC H. DIEFENBACHER and THOMAS K. PAULEY.  An update on the status and life history of the Eastern Wormsnake (Carphophis a. amoenus) in West Virginia ... 17

Biochemistry/Health Sciences

DAVID WRAY, BONNIE POLLOCK, MARK FLOOD, and JEAN CHAPPELL, BOWIE KAHLE, GARY WRIGHT, TODD GREEN, PAULETTE WEHNER, MARK STUDNEY, and ELIZABETH MURRAY.  Determining the effect of gene mutations on plasma homocysteine levels ... 17

ZACH BREWER and SARAH DODSON.  Examination of in vitro homocysteine exposure to stromal cells ... 18

DOBIN CHOI.  Signal transduction pathway involved in the regulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ... 18

ALBERT PILKINGTON IV and TONY E. MORRIS.  Lung and bronchus cancer mortality and incident rates of West Virginia compared to the United States and similar population sized states ... 19

CHRISTINA KNOPP and MARK A. AFFELTRANGER.  Running speed decreases after immunization in the rat:  The role of antibodies ... 19


SARAH RUTHERFORD and DAVID O’DELL.  Extraction and separation of metolachlor and dimethanamide from soil using high performance liquid chromatography ... 19

Jeremy J. HAy and Darcey G. Wayment.  Development of a microfluidic device for the analysis of perchlorates ... 20

MAtthew Tallman and Darcey Wayment.  Development of a microfluidic device for the analysis of nitrates and nitrites ... 20

JACOB R. LILLY and KEVIN L. EVANS.  Synthesis of alkenyl iodides and alkyl diiodides via a surface mediated reactions using PI3/SiO2 ... 20

JASON D. POLING and KEVIN L. EVANS.  Synthesis of alkyl dibromides via a surface-mediated reaction using silica gel and phosphorus tribromide ... 21

Mathematics/Computer Science/Engineering

WILLIAM KLINGELSMITH, WEIDONG LIAO, and ZHIJUN WANG.  Using feature point extraction and Hopfield networks for the detection and correction of document skew ... 21

RAY NAEGLE and XIAOJUN QI.  Geometric and removal attack resistant watermarking in the wavelet domain ... 21

Social Sciences/Science Education

MINJEE KWON and TONY E. MORRIS.  Correlation between gender and results in marathon, half marathon, 10 Km and 5 Km races ... 22

ADAM COSNER.  Effects of caffeine, electrolytes and water ingestion on the performance of individuals completing a 30 minute cycling test ... 22

CHARLSIE ALLEN and TONY E. MORRIS.  Correlation between age and time of runners in a marathon to the places the runners finished ... 22

ELIZABETH REIDY, KATHLEEN THOMPSON, and JOHN H. HULL.  Flower Power: Students' perceptions of characteristics of flowers ... 23

MARK A. AFFELTRANGER, TYLER KOWCHECK, and BRENDAN A. CYPHER.  Behavior changes three weeks, but not two days, after ovalbumin-immunization in the rat ... 23

ANGELA MCKEEN. Seeing Science Everywhere: Using the arts to teach science in high poverty areas of Appalachia ... 23

SARAH DODSON, MARK FLOOD, JAMES WEEKLEY, STEVEN ROOF, NANCY MCCLURE, LESLIE LOVETT, ROSEMARIE ROMESBURG, and MICHAEL WAIDE.  Where is the crime in using a multidisciplinary approach to a forensic science problem? ... 24

Earth Sciences

Thomas D. Buscher and Darcey G. Wayment.  Examining the Buckhannon River Watershed – Analysis of calcium, iron and aluminum ... 24

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