Marshall uses the state’s systems to process paychecks, vendor checks and cash receipts. And, although we use Banner within the university, behind the scenes our computer systems have to interface with the state’s systems, including their new system, wvOASIS. We must adjust how we use Banner and change some of our procedures so that transactions that go through the state system continue to do so smoothly.

We’ve set up this blog to keep Marshall employees updated on changes that will be happening in the coming months as wvOASIS continues to come online. This is a massive undertaking and we’re learning new things about it every day, so please stay tuned to learn more as we determine how the changes will affect us.



August 7, 2014 – Further Information on Hiring of GAs

We wanted to provide some clarification on the hiring of Graduate Assistants as we have had a number of questions.

  1. Graduate Assistants are Marshall positions and should be hired utilizing the new Personnel Action Form (
  2. Research GA’s GRxxxx may be funded by a grant or other resources, but all will still be a Marshall position and receive pay through the State.
  3. If a Graduate Assistant is hired to do research for a grant in addition to their GA position, that research position would be hired on a MURC PAR in accordance with the language in the grant.
  4. The GTxxxx positions have a title of Graduate Teaching Assistant, but may be assigned to three different roles (GTA, GTS, GTG), this change will be made in Banner based on the title selected on the PAF when it is processed in HR/Budget. Note that the default is GTS.

August 5, 2014 – Critical deadlines for GA, student, adjunct and temporary employees

Please be aware of these upcoming critical deadlines related to the hiring of Fall 2014 student, adjunct and temporary personnel:

  • All Graduate Assistants must sign a Graduate Assistant Contract and departments must complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF). Both documents need to be in the Graduate Office by Friday, August 8. This new process is required to put our GAs officially on the payroll and to comply with the Affordable Care Act.
  • All Personnel Action Request (PAR) forms and Personnel Action Forms (PAF) must be in the Human Resources Office by Tuesday, August 12.
  • All Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) must be in the Payroll Office by Friday, August 15.


 Other Recent Blog Posts

July 21, 2014 – Up and Running!

wvOASIS is up and running! We are still experiencing numerous challenges, particularly related to vendors and purchase orders; however, we are working diligently to get on track and are receiving lots of support from the wvOASIS Help Desk. Most importantly, the July 16th payroll posted to everyone’s accounts!

As we continue to adapt to wvOASIS and the Affordable Care Act, and work to improve processes and information, we will likely find it necessary to make revisions to information previously shared. Here are two we would like to note:

  • The addition of a new travel code – 7026F – Administrative Duty Travel (See for a list of all expense account codes, with definitions for select codes).
  • All Graduate Assistants starting for the fall semester will be paid as hourly employees, thus they must complete a time sheet via Web Time Entry with approval by their supervisor or designee in order to be paid. Information will be shared shortly by the Graduate College with additional details.

We have begun converting positions we typically refer to as “pooled positions” to a new method for numbering and, in some cases, pay methods. You may notice that some positions previously starting with numbers have already been converted. For example, Hourly Student Assistants was 16 and now is SH, and Work Study was 19 and now is SW). Some jobs that ended by August continued to use the existing position numbers.

Our number-one goal has been to make sure our employees are paid, so we have not yet had a chance to provide detailed information about the changes underway. Look for updates coming soon about the new methodology and note that we will be scheduling training sessions to assist departments with preparing PARs and EPAFS prior to the start of Fall semester. Don’t worry if you have already submitted PARs; we will take care of making any necessary changes.

June 25, 2014 – Quick read — a handful of slides about how the state’s changes will affect Marshall’s Banner Finance users

Read this quick primer on how the State of West Virginia’s changes to a new Enterprise Resource Planning system affect you — the Marshall Banner Finance Users.

June 11, 2014 – Change to Travel and Contract/Professional Accounts

As we continue to prepare for the transition to wvOASIS, we are reviewing our expense accounts to determine the changes needed for Fiscal Year 2015 so that we can map to the new State accounts.  Read complete post.

May 20, 2014 – Marshall adds FAQ to share information on payroll changes

State-mandated changes to the way all state employees are paid are beginning later this year. To help employees better understand how the changes will affect them, Marshall has created a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Read complete post.