Change to Travel and Contract/Professional Accounts


As we continue to prepare for the transition to wvOASIS, we are reviewing our expense accounts to determine the changes needed for Fiscal Year 2015 so that we can map to the new State accounts. Some of the changes will require deactivation while others will require creation of new accounts. We are still working on this, but did want to provide an update on two areas that we expect to have the broadest impact – Travel and Contract/Professional.

We will publish a complete list of accounts along with definitions once our review is complete. Purchasing and Finance will be assisting with changes needed for Purchase Orders on accounts that will be deactivated.

These accounts will be deactivated:
* 70261 In-State Travel
* 70262 Out of State Travel
* 70264 Student Travel
* 70265 International Travel
* 70266 Consultant Travel

These accounts will continue or be added (new):
* 70263 Off Campus Instructional Travel
* 70267 Scouting Travel
* 70268 Team Travel
* 70269 Recruitment Travel
* 7026C Training and Development Travel (new)
* 7026D Research Travel (new)
* 7026E Candidate Travel (new)

This account will be deactivated:
* 70250 Contractual & Professional

These accounts will continue or be added (new):
* 70251 Consultants & Consulting Fees
* 70252 Security Services
* 70253 Professional Services (new)
* 70256 Background Check
* 70257 Contractual Services (new)
* 70258 Contracts-Research,Educational,Med (new)
* 7025A Personnel Contracts with MURC (new)

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