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2013 Dances With Robots: Swarm Robotics
Dr. James McLurkin

James McLurkin, Ph.D., is one of America's leading
robotics experts. An educator, researcher, and active member of
his community, he is internationally recognized for his
ground-breaking work in algorithms for multi-robot configuration
estimation and control. His current work focuses on defining
complexity metrics that quantify the relationships between
algorithm execution time, inter-robot communication bandwidth,
and robot speed. He has worked with prominent groups and
universities such as Walt Disney Imagineering, General Motors,
iRobot, MicroDisplay Corporation, and MIT. He has been featured
on the PBS series NOVA and was the recipient of the 2003
Lemelson-MIT prize. He has lectured extensively at the
Smithsonian Museum, Harvard University, Infosys, IBM, Honda,
and many other important companies and research centers.
McLurkin uses the behavior of swarms of insects to help create
programs that allow robots to act as a "swarm." For this research,
he was named by Time magazine as one of the top five leading
robotics engineers. McLurkin is an Assistant Professor at Rice
University in the Department of Computer Science. He holds a
S.B. in electrical engineering with a minor in mechanical
engineering from MIT, a M.S. in electrical engineering from the
University of California, Berkeley.

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