Energy Savings Update (February 2, 2016)

Several recent operational changes have been made on the Huntington campus with the goal of utility cost savings and more efficient space utilization. These changes were recommended by Marshall20/20 workgroups.

Unused Buildings

When not in use on the weekends, buildings on the Huntington campus are being powered down to 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit (80-85 degrees during the summer months). Water and other utilities are not being turned off and buildings with specialized needs, including laboratories, will not be powered down. To protect water pipes, etc., buildings will be returned to their normal, full-operating temperatures when the outside temperature reaches 15 degrees or below.

Memorial Student Center

Due to low facility utilization, the Memorial Student Center is now closed on Sundays. Annual events, including Greek functions, Mother’s Day Brunch, Soul Food Feast, Yeager Finalist Weekend, etc., will continue to be held in MSC on Sundays at no additional cost to sponsors. All other, non-annual events and meetings on Sundays are being scheduled for Smith Hall only.

Exceptions may be granted with approval from the Senior Vice President for Operations.

Saturday Facility Requests

Saturday events and meetings will be scheduled in either MSC or Smith Hall only. Facilities in other buildings will be booked only with prior approval from the Senior Vice President for Operations.

Space reservations are managed by the Facilities Scheduling Office on their website.

If you have questions about any of these operational changes, please contact Brandi Jacobs-Jones at or 304-696-3328.