2019-20 Academic Maps

The information found on this page is intended for students who entered Marshall University during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Academic Maps provide students with a guide to help them select courses that meet their degree requirements. Each of our Academic Maps includes a Curriculum Plan, a Four Year Plan, and information about graduation requirements, involvement opportunities, associated careers and other relevant information.

  • A Curriculum Plan is in a list format. It lists your program requirements in categories that are applicable to the program. First, there is a guide for selecting courses that will meet our general education core curriculum. Information about the Core 1 and Core 2 requirements are available at www.marshall.edu/gened. Some plans list major requirements and requirements for an area of emphasis. Other plans list college requirements, major requirements, or other categories based on the specific needs of the program.
  • A Four Year Plan provides a semester-by-semester guide for completion of the program requirements. This illustrates one path toward completion of the requirements. Your path may vary slightly. Due to course availability and your availability to take classes, you may not always take the courses in the exact order illustrated in the four year plan. It is always important to plan to take courses in the appropriate sequence (refer back to the curriculum plan).

Note: Academic Maps are available to be used as guides in planning your coursework toward a degree. Due to the complexities of degree programs, it is unfortunate be inevitable that an error may occur in the creation of the document. The official source of degree requirements at Marshall University is DegreeWorks available in your myMU portal. Always consult regularly with your advisor.

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