We are accepting applications to the Professional Pilot B.S. program.

Here is an outline of the admission process.

Let’s start your career as a professional pilot.


Apply for admission to Marshall University.

Apply to Marshall

Clicking above will take you to the university’s admissions disclosures and then to the application form. Once you enter all the information, our staff will review your application and mail a letter to your home.

If you are not a Marshall University student, please use the link below to apply to the Bill Noe Flight School.

Apply to the Bill Noe Flight School


Once you have received admission to Marshall University, a member of our team will contact you about the next step in the application process.

Specifically, you will need to:

1. Complete a medical exam given by an FAA-approved physician.

a. If you wear glasses or contacts, please be sure you have your prescription checked before you make your appointment with the FAA physician.

b. If you are currently taking prescribed medications, check with your personal physician to ensure the prescriptions are current.

c. Make an appointment with an FAA-approved physician.

d. During your appointment, the FAA physician will do a complete medical examination and issue a medical certificate. The FAA requires that commercial pilots hold a Class 1 medical certificate. Therefore, we will require the Class 1 certificate as a condition for admission.

2. Provide us with documentation of your U.S. citizenship. You can use a notarized copy of your birth certificate or a current U.S. passport. U.S. citizens born outside the U.S. should contact Bill Noe Flight School personnel regarding alternate documentation required by the FAA.

  • If you do not have a U.S. passport, we highly recommend you begin the application process after you are admitted to the Bill Noe Flight School. The U.S. passport is a preferred document for security clearance. More importantly, as a student and as a commercial pilot, you may have the opportunity to participate in international flights where a passport is essential.

One of our team members will help with the process of submitting your medical exam results.

3. Send all your materials to us:

Apply to the Flight School

Step 3

Admission to the Bill Noe Flight School

We will admit qualified applicants on a rolling basis, contingent on program capacity. Therefore, we recommend that you begin the application process as soon as possible

We will send an e-mail to your Marshall University account regarding your acceptance to the Bill Noe flight school. That notification will also introduce you to your student advisor and staff members at the Bill Noe Flight School. All of us are here to help you through the steps from accepting the offer to the start of flight training Given the demand for entry into the program, we ask that you accept our offer within seven days.

Once the program reaches maximum capacity, additional applicants who meet admission requirements will be added to the alternate list. If additional seats in the program become available for the fall term, students on the alternate list will be offered a seat in the order that applications were received by the program.

Information, Tuition, and Fees

You can find additional information about the program on the Marshall University website.

Contact us

For additional information, please contact:
Bill Noe Flight School
Marshall University
E-mail: bnfs@marshall.edu
Phone: 304-746-1963
Office: 600 Eagle Mountain Road, Charleston, WV