What is BAP?


What can Beta Alpha Psi do for you?

Beta Alpha Psi provides students with leadership, professional development, and networking opportunities unlike most student organizations.

Beta Alpha Psi gives members the opportunity to meet business professionals from many different fields on a first name basis. These one-on-one opportunities are invaluable to students entering the workforce. Only meeting professionals during job interviews will not suffice in today’s competitive job market. Beta Alpha Psi provides members with a relaxed atmosphere to meet professionals before the formal interviewing process.

Beta Alpha Psi members not only meet the professionals before the formal interviewing process, but they also learn important interviewing skills and proper interviewing etiquette through mock interviews and presentations. Due to this training, active members of Beta Alpha Psi are better prepared for job interviews.

During the interviewing process, job recruiters recognize the importance of a well-rounded individual. They not only want an individual with a good academic record, but they want someone with demonstrated leadership ability and community involvement. Beta Alpha Psi provides every member with these opportunities.

With Beta Alpha Psi’s distinguished reputation, business professionals recognize the quality of its members. For this reason, many of our members receive internships and learn of job opportunities through our weekly speakers. Many of our members and alumni are currently working in industry or for local, regional, or national firms.

Value of Beta Alpha Psi

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Community & University Service
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Social Activities
  • Free Resume Posting
  • Research Opportunities
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Regional & National Conferences