Degree Requirements


The General Education requirements will consist of 42 Semester Hours (includes applicable AAS General Education hours). Courses must be distributed among all the following categories:

Communications 6 Semester Hours
Natural Sciences 3 Semester Hours
Mathematics 3 Semester Hours
Computer/information Technology 3 Semester Hours
Social Science/Humanities/Fine Arts 6 Semester Hours
Additional approved credit hours from any of the above General Education categories 21 Semester Hours

To see a list of qualifying courses for general education, check our Gen Ed Requirements Document.


  1. Areas of Emphasis are institutionally sanctioned program areas agreed upon by the Office of Outreach and Continuing Studies and the applicable academic college(s)/department(s) and approved by the chief academic officer of the University or his/her designee.
  2. The transcript of the BAS degree will include the following phrase, “with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Area of Emphasis in …”
  3. The student will receive the Bachelor of Applied Science Emphasis designation when the student has completed the minimum of 24 semester hours of graded coursework, with a minimum grade of “C” in each course, in any institutionally sanctioned AOE.
  4. The Director of the Regents Bachelor of Arts Program will be responsible for certifying completion of the appropriate coursework and recommending the BAS AOE designation for the student.
  5. The BAS courses required for the AOE are fixed and can only be modified under recommendation of the department offering those courses.
  6. The BAS AOE is not designed as an online degree program and the student generally will not be able to complete the AOE without taking courses on the Marshall Campus.


  • There is no fee required for application to the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Program other than the standard admissions application and transfer evaluation fees when applying for admission to the University.
  • Registration and service fees for enrollment in courses are assessed according to the established University fee schedule.


  • Students must complete a residency requirement of 24 semester hours at Marshall University.
  • Residency shall be defined as being registered for officially approved coursework, which will satisfy graduation requirements. Residency may not be established through any credit received by a credit-by-exam program or standardized testing program.


  • In transferring credits from other regionally accredited institutions of higher learning to the BAS degree program, all passing grades are accepted.
  • Policies of the Higher Education Policy Commission regarding transfer of credits between institutions apply to students in the BAS degree program.
  • CLEP, DSST, and results of similar tests are acceptable for credit.
  • Correspondence course credit from a regionally accredited institution is accepted.
  • Transfer credits are assessed for purposes of meeting requirements in upper- and lower-division instruction at the time of entrance to the BAS degree program.
  • The requirement credits in the General Education categories may be met by standardized test credit (CLEP/DSST).
  • Credits for the degree, including the requirement of 39 semester hours of upper division credit, may by fulfilled by traditional college courses, on-line courses, credit for correspondence courses from regionally accredited institutions, credit-by-examination, and credits earned as an approved transient student at other institutions.
  • College Equivalent credits for standard awards and portfolio credit may not be used to satisfy the requirements in the BAS Program.


  • Registration into courses is subject to availability of class space and/or enrollment limitations on the same basis as any other student.
  • Course prerequisites are dealt with in the usual manner.
  • Grading standards for BAS degree program students are the same as for other students.


  • The University will keep a complete permanent academic record marked to indicate that the student is enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program.
  • The Office of Outreach and Continuing Studies will keep a complete academic record for each student enrolled in the BAS degree program.
  • Transfer credits will be noted in the normal manner.


  • There is no prescribed timetable for completion of the requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program.
  • The Bachelor of Applied Science diploma is awarded by the University at regular commencement exercises.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.


Marshall University procedures and policies prevail for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program with regards to:

  • Calendar
  • Eligibility for financial aid
  • Athletic participation
  • Student elective offices
  • Institutional procedures, graduations requirements, etc.