Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers opportunities for careers in areas such as environmental health, resource management, and basic and applied ecological research. Eighteen hours of electives must be selected from the following courses:

BSC 302: General Bacteriology
BSC 401: Ichthyology
BSC 406: Herpetology
BSC 408: Ornithology
BSC 409: Mammalogy
BSC 410: Remote Sensing/GIS Appl.
BSC 411: Dgtl Image Proc/GIS Model
BSC 413: Principles of Organic Evolution
BSC 415: Plant Morphology
BSC 416: Plant Taxonomy
BSC 420: Plant Physiology
BSC 421: Phycology
BSC 422: Animal Physiology
BSC 424: Animal Parasitology
BSC 430: Plant Ecology
BSC 431: Limnology
BSC 445: Microbial Ecology
BSC 446: Microbial Ecology Lab
BSC 460: Conservation of Forests, Soil, & Wildlife

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Checklist