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Board of Governors

Minutes of January 21, 2004

Members Participating: Mr. Mike Perry, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Mr. Gary Adkins, Mr. Michael Farrell, Ms. Carol Hartley, Mrs. Virginia King, Mr. Robert Shell (telephonically), Mr. Gary White, Mr. Thomas Wilkerson, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Sherri Noble, Dr. James Sottile, Mr. Michael Safcsak
Members Absent: Dr. Stephen Haid, Mr. Brent Marsteller
Staff: Dr. Dan Angel, Dr. Vicki Riley, Dr. Cal Kent, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Sarah Denman, Ms. Charlotte Weber, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Charles McKown, Mr. Lance West, Mr. Michael McGuffey


I. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael Perry.

II.      Approval of Minutes

Mr. White moved to approve the minutes of the November 12, 2003, Board Meeting.  Seconded by Ms. King.  Motion carried.

Mr. Wilkerson moved to approve the minutes of the January 7, 2004, Board Meeting.  Seconded by Mrs. King.  Motion carried.

III.     Announcements and Information Items

A list of upcoming events was distributed.

IV.    President’s Report

Dr. Angel presented an update on Marshall enrollment; gave an overview on the Governor’s proposed budget for the coming fiscal year; discussed the proposed higher education bond issue; discussed the Economic Development Grant Committee funds awarded to Marshall for the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Center; discussed provisions of two higher education bills proposed by Governor Wise: Tuition and Fee Simplification and Higher Education Flexibility.

V.      Report of Committee Chairs

1)     Finance Committee

a)     Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Center. Dr. Grose discussed the status of this project.

        Ms. King moved to approve the recommended action as presented in the agenda item.
        Second by Mr.White. Motion carried.

b)     Statement No. 39 (GASB)

       “Determining Whether Certain Organizations are Component Units”
        This was presented as an information item.

c)     Recommendation for Higher Education regarding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002,
        prepared by NACUBO. Ms. King moved to approve the recommended action as contained
        in the agenda; seconded by Mr. White. Motion carried.

d)     Approval of Policy on Intellectual Property
        Mr. Farrell moved to amend this policy by adding “consent” language; seconded
        by Mr. White. Motion carried. Ms. King moved to approve the Policy on Intellectual Property
        as amended; seconded by Mr. White. Motion carried.

2) Academic Committee

Mr. Farrell reported on two items: The tuition and fee waiver policy, and the emergency rule on adjunct faculty; both of these items will be addressed at a later board meeting.

3) Community & Technical College Committee

a)       Approve Marshall Community & Technical College contractual agreement and indirect cost model.

Mr. White moved to approve this item as listed in the agenda. Seconded by Mr. Wilkerson. Motion carried.

Mr. White discussed the following information items:

  • program review for MUCTC;
  • MUCTC performance with regard to the institutional compact;

4)      Medical School Committee

Mr. Shell reported on behalf of the Committee. Dr. McKown presented an update on School of Medicine accreditation. Mr. Schneider presented a budget update.

5)      Athletic Committee

No committee report presented.

VI.     Community and Technical College Report

Mr. White reported on behalf of the CTC Committee, and called upon Dr. Vicki Riley, Provost MUCTC.  Dr. Riley gave a powerpoint presentation on MUCTC, including:  historical perspective of MUCTC; mission and  goals; service area; enrollment; student profile; Advantage Valley CTC; workforce development; challenges and opportunities.

VII.   Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary

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