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Minutes of January 22, 2003

Members Participating: Mr. Gary White, Ms. Carol Hartley, Dr. Stephen Haid, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Michael Perry, Dr. Tom Scott, Mr. Robert Shell, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Sherri Noble, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Mr. Cory Dennison
Members Absent: None
Guests: Dr. Dan Angel, Ms. Charlotte Weber, Mr. Lance West, Dr. Ed Grose, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Mr. Herb Karlet, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Jim Schneider, Mr. Mike McGuffey, Ms. Su Tams

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White.


I.       Approval of Minutes

Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved to approve the minutes of the Board Meetings of November 13, 2002, and December 12, 2002. Second by Ms. Virginia King. Motion carried.

II.     Announcements

Documents were distributed to Board Members, including: legislative lists; MU President’s Council List; and calendar of upcoming events.

III.    President’s Report

Dr. Dan Angel briefed the Board on the progress of the Capital Campaign. Dr. Angel also discussed pending federal initiatives. Ms. Charlotte Weber discussed federal budget timelines, and specific federal initiatives requested by Marshall.

Dr. Angel provided an update on Marshall’s Biotechnology Science Center, and the status of funding from the state Economic Development Grant Committee.

Dr. Angel also discussed key issues relating to the 2003 legislative session.

IV.    Action Items

Approval of various policies transferred to the Institutional Board of Governors.
Mr. Layton Cottrill provided an overview on these policies. Following discussion, Mr. Menis Ketchum moved that the Board approve the policies as listed in the agenda. Second by Mr. Mike Perry. Motion carried.

V.      Information Items

a)       MU 2003 Facilities/Land Use Master Plan.

Dr. Ed Grose provided a briefing/overview of this agenda item.

b)       FY 2004 Capital Project Priorities

Dr. Grose discussed capital projects recommended by HEPC for future bond funding.

c)       Biotechnology/Science Center update

Dr. Grose presented a status report on this project; Mr. Perry stressed the importance of maintaining a timely schedule for completion of this project. Mr. Perry suggested the university consider expanding the membership of the Master Plan Committee to include broader community representation.

d)       Report of the Budget Reduction Task Force

Mr. Layton Cottrill and Mr. Herb Karlet discussed the report of this task force,
such report having been previously forwarded to Board Members. Mr. Karlet provided budget summaries for FY 2003-04, detailing proposed budget reductions, estimated cost increases, and planned revenue enhancements.



e)       Overview, MU Alumni Association

Mr. Lance West and Alumni President Jeff Porter provided an overview of the Alumni Association, utilizing a power point presentation to highlight the various facets of the Association. Board members received copies of the latest MU Alumni Directory, which is also available on compact disk.

VI.      Possible Executive Session under authority WV Code § 6-9A-4

Mr. David Todd moved that the Board enter into Executive Session; second by Mr. Tom Wilkerson. Motion carried.

Mr. Todd moved, Mr. Perry second, to arise from Executive Session. Motion carried.

Mr. White discussed the evaluation procedure for President Angel; Mr. White appointed the following individuals to serve on a Presidential Evaluation Committee:

MUBOG Executive Committee
(Mr. White ex-officio)
Dr. Marshall Onofrio
Mr. Cory Dennison
Ms. Sherri Noble
Mr. David Todd (Chair)
Community Members:        Mr. Jay White
                                         Judge Robert Chambers

VII.   Other Business

Dr. Vicki Riley discussed the MU CTC budget; Mr. White inquired as to the status of independent accreditation for the CTC. Dr. Riley responded that an accreditation visit is scheduled at Marshall for April 28-30. This matter will be discussed at the next BOG meeting.

Mr. Jim Schneider discussed the budget situation of the MU School of Medicine.

Mr. White appointed Dr. Steve Haid to serve on a liaison committee to the HEPC, concerning legislative affairs.

Mr. White appointed the following individuals to serve as a BOG subcommittee on Legislative Affairs:

MUBOG Executive Committee
Dr. Steve Haid
Mr. Menis Ketchum
Mr. Bob Shell
Dr. Tom Scott

Following discussion, Mr. Perry moved to authorize the Legislative Affairs subcommittee to make necessary decisions on behalf of the full Board with regard to legislative matters. Second by Dr. Scott. Motion carried.

Mr. White and Mr. Perry reported on a recent meeting with the leadership of the MU Foundation. To facilitate interaction between the Foundation and the Board of Governors, a committee will be formed with representatives from the Foundation and the Governing Board. Mr. White appointed the following Board members to this Committee:

Ms. Carol Hartley
Mr. Tom Wilkerson

Mr. David Todd moved that the Board approve a resolution honoring Brigadier General (retired) Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager, on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Second by Mr. Perry. Motion carried unanimously.

The next Board of Governors meeting is scheduled to be held in March. Discussion ensued as to the most appropriate and convenient meeting date. It was determined that the next Board Meeting will be as follows:

March 26, 2003
10:00 a..m.
MU Graduate College
South Charleston

VIII.  Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary


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