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Minutes of 
January 23, 2002
Marshall University Graduate College
South Charleston, WV


Members Present: Mr. Gary White, Mr. Mike Farrell, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Dan Moore, Mr. Michael Perry, Dr. Tom Scott, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Ms. Sherri Noble, Mr. Cory Dennison

Members Absent: Ms. Carol Hartley, Mr. David Todd, Dr. Steve Haid

The committees on Finance and Academic Affairs met at 10:00 a.m.  Lunch at 12:00 noon.


 The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White.  It was moved by Mr. Williams, seconded by Dr. Onofrio, to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting.  Motion carried.

 Chair Gary White asked permission to alter the agenda.

 Announcements were made during this time.

I.    Dr. Jim Sottile, Faculty Senate President

Dr. Sottile asked Dr. Donathan to give a brief overview of Faculty Senate structure and discussed the upcoming Town Hall Meeting at the end of April.  She highlighted accomplishments of faculty and performance in reference to National Prominence.  

II. Student’s SPORT (Students Project Organization for Recreational Transition) Committee

The students gave a presentation regarding the Student Recreation Center.  Discussion was made on what next steps may be, and how the center could become a reality.

III. Finance Committee

Finance Chair Mike Perry reported on the Committee’s morning meeting.

a) Motion by Mr. Perry, seconded by Mr. Williams, the board approved the audit reports as presented to the committee.  Motion carried.

b) Third Party Waiver Policy  - motion by Mr. Perry, seconded by Mr. Wilkerson, the board approved the Third Party Waiver Policy as presented.

c) Naming of Building Policy - Mr. Perry moved that the naming of building policy be amended that in the case of a major gift the board can make exceptions.  Seconded by Mr. Wilkerson.  Motion carried.

IV. Academic Affairs Committee Report

Vice Chairman Mike Farrell reported on the committee’s morning meeting since David Todd was in transit from Washington.

  • WV Digital Library – excellent program and job by Barbara Winters
  • MU Graduate Outreach Initiatives 
  • WV Higher Education Report Card 2001 template is now available Chairman White reiterated importance of Report Card.
  • Resolution delegating powers from the Board of Governors to the president was considered.  Resolution was read; it was noted that this could be changed at any time.  Layton Cottrill provided an overview of this resolution.  Upon a motion by Williams, seconded by Perry, motion adopted.

V. President’s Report

Dr. Angel talked about an article regarding the MU Science and Technology Grant for $3 million.  He noted that it was a major community, economic development project and also that it was joint with WVU.

Dr. Angel discussed revisions to SB653.  He discussed the research dollars available being 60% historical and 40% competitive and how it would be distributed in the future.

Dr. Angel congratulated the students on an extremely well done presentation.

Dr. Angel commended Charlotte Weber for her work in Washington, DC, and the Federal money of $10.6 million regarding the Science Technical Center and that $35 million was federal earmarked.  MU was among the top three institutions in federal earmarked dollars.  

Dr. Angel discussed the EPSCoR project.  He noted that monies were being added  to the program.

VI. Executive Session

Mr. Gary White moved that the board go into Executive Session.

Williams moved, Farrell seconded to rise from executive session.  No action was taken during Executive Session.

VII. Presidential Contract

Tom Wilkerson moved to approved contract subject to clarification changes.  Then it will be submitted for approval to Executive Committee.  Seconded by Perry, motion carried.

VIII. Honorary degrees
Scott moved, Dennison seconded, motion carried to approve honorary degree candidates as presented by Dr. Sarah Denman.

IX. Other Business

The board asked Dr. Angel to give a presentation regarding the recent NCAA decision.  Dr. Angel provided overview on NCAA sanctions and NCAA report.

X.    Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Mr. Gary White, Chair

Mr. Joseph Williams, Secretary



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