Minutes of January 23, 2008

Members Present, in person:

A Michael Perry, Mike Farrell,  Sue Richardson, Brent Marsteller, General H.F. Mooney, Virginia King, John Hess, Letitia Chafin, Sherri Noble, Monica Brooks, Kristina Fueyo.

Members Present, by
Bob Shell, Verna Gibson
Members Absent:
Gary Adkins, Gary White, Mike Sellards.
Others Present:

Presidents Kopp and Cotroneo, Senior Vice Presidents, various staff members of the University and Community & Technical College.


I.        Call to Order

Chairman Pro Tem, A. Michael Perry, announced a quorum was present and called the meeting to order. Mr. Perry acted as chairman pursuant to Rule 5 of the BOG Rules of Order and commented that for this meeting, we would go back to the previous meeting orders.

II.      Minutes

Upon a motion by Brent Marsteller, seconded by Virginia King, the minutes of the October 16, 2007 were unanimously approved.

III.     Audit/Dennis Juran

Mr. Perry explained that Dennis Juran, Partner, Deloitte & Touche had a flight and the order of the agenda would be altered so that he could present the agenda item. Mr. Juran reported that the University received an unqualified opinion on the financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2007. The audited financial statements were presented earlier to the Finance Committee. Virginia King gave a brief summary of Mr. Juran’s report. Upon a motion by Mrs. King, and seconded by Mr. Marsteller, the Board unanimously received the audit report from Dennis Juran of Delloitte & Touche.

Upon a motion by Mr. Hess, seconded by Mr. Marsteller, the Board unanimously selected and approved the firm of Deloitte & Touche for a one year commitment to audit the FY 2007/08 financial statements.

IV.    Bridge Campaign Presentation

Dr. Ron Area, assisted by Rebecca Samples, gave a presentation regarding the new fundraising “Bridge Campaign” to the MUBOG. He stressed 100% participation and challenged the Board to participate in this very important endeavor. Mr. Perry echoed this and encouraged the Board Members to be involved.

V.      Community & Technical College Meeting

President Cotroneo gave a report on enrollment patterns of the CTC and discussed some issues from his first 4 months on the job. He discussed the need for separate policies for the Community College from the University going forward. The accreditation team will be in Huntington on March 10, 2008, and would like to have lunch or dinner with Board Members. He asked all to participate. And, lastly, he commended Jean Chappell for two Biotech Manufacturing Grants received.

John Hess presented an informational item regarding the separation from University dorm requirements for CTC students. After discussion with the Board, it was decided that further recommendations will be brought to a future meeting after going through the CTC Advisory Board and the MUBOG Executive Committee.

Mr. Farrell commented that he encouraged the policies that apply to the CTC be tailored to their mission. He cautioned the CTC to quantify the materials with facts and details at that time.

VI.    University Meeting

President Kopp gave a report and updated the Board on various university projects. Dr. Kopp noted that it had been 14 weeks since the last meeting of the Board and several events have happened. Below are the highlights:

  • Capstone bond closing occurred. Everything is now full steam ahead;
  • Housing is on schedule to open August 2008;
  • Recreation Center is on schedule to open February 2009;
  • Engineering/Laboratory Building scheduled to open August 2008;
  • Softball facility is on schedule, noting that the Clubhouse will be completed by summer 2008, but the press box will open by the beginning of this season;
  • Remodeling at Memorial Student Center in the Bowling Alley area;
  • Fountain face lift and repairs are progressing and are scheduled to be complete by March at the time the fountain is normally turned back on. Dr. Kopp thanked the MU Foundation for their participation in this important Campus Memorial;
  • Remodeling of the Registrar’s office will be complete later this spring;
  • Dr. Kopp briefly commented on the naming opportunities to be fully discussed during Executive Session;
  • ADA restroom facilities for wheelchairs were discussed noting the expense per restroom of $9,000. The plan is to have all restrooms ADA accessible within 5 years.
  • Foundation and Alumni Center – will begin construction March 2008;
  • Forensic Science Center proceeding;
  • International Programs, Clark Egnor, is participating in a visit to Europe with the WV Development Office;
  • Admissions increases;
  •  Open office times during semester break were successful and will continue in the future;
  • E-Course enrollments increasing;
  • High School Visits success and continuation;
  • Legislative work ongoing;
  • Dr. Kopp highlighted the newest 50 years ago today showcasing the digitized archives from WSAZ. Will be a good resource for the future. He publicly thanked all who were involved.
  • Today a press conference was held for “Bucks for Jobs” with the Governor and WVU.
  • Tomorrow, there will be a press conference announcing a major gift with BB&T;
  • Dr. Kopp discussed the positive results of SB 603 and his discussions with the Governor;
  • Commended Dr. Jan Fox for the $8.4 million FCC grant – this grant was very important to the School of Medicine and internet connectivity.

Dr. Kopp announced to the Board that Sarah Denman would be retiring at the end of this semester and asked her to say a few words. Sarah gave a heart wrenching speech and was commended with a standing ovation from the Board. Upon a motion by Mr. Perry, seconded by Mr. Marsteller and Ms. Noble, the Board unanimously requested that an appropriate resolution be done and asked Dave Wellman and others to put it together. Mr. Perry made a motion that an appropriate resolution for Mr. Ketchum be written. This was seconded by Mr. Marsteller and Mr. Farrell. The Board unanimously approved.

At this time, Mr. Perry called on Mrs. King to discuss the rest of the Finance Committee agenda items:

1.      Finance, Audit & Investment Committee

Mrs. King discussed the Lottery Bond Project Updates for Smith Hall. The following resolution was made:

Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve the transfer of the remaining balances from the Biotechnology Science Center/Development Center and Harris Hall to the Smith Hall Lottery Bond Project.

Upon a motion by General Mooney, seconded by Mrs. Gibson, the Board unanimously approved this agenda item.

Mrs. King discussed the facility/Land Use Master Plan Modifications report which was accepted with a motion by Mr. Marsteller, seconded by Mr. Farrell and unanimously approved by the Board. Further discussion regarding the Update including the following resolution was made:

Resolved, that the Board approve the Five-year update to Marshall University’s Ten-year Facility/Land Use Master Plan as required by Series 12 Capital Project Management.

Upon a motion by General Mooney, seconded by Mr. Marsteller, the Board unanimously approved this agenda item.

Mrs. King discussed the Forensic Science Annex Construction and Financing and the following resolution was read:

Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors authorizes the design and construction of an annex to the existing Forensic Science Center and the acquisition of financing necessary to fund such construction and approve the attached Inducement Resolution. (Attached to these minutes as Appendix A)

The item was motioned by General Mooney, seconded by Mr. Marsteller, and unanimously approved by the Board.

Mrs. King discussed the quarterly financial reports and investment updates approved by the Finance Committee during their meeting earlier today. Upon a motion by Mr. Marsteller, seconded by General Mooney, the Board received the report for the three months ending September 30, 2007 and September 30, 2006.

Mrs. King discussed the Investment Earnings Update for CommonFund. Upon a motion by Mr. Hess, seconded by General Mooney, the Board received the Investment Earnings Report for the period ending November 30, 2007.

2.       Academic Committee

Mrs. Gibson asked Dr. Monica Brooks to discuss the new majors to be offered in the College of Liberal Arts. Upon a motion by Dr. Brooks, seconded by Mrs. King, the following resolution was unanimously approved by the Board:

Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve the following new majors to be offered in the College of Liberal Arts: Japanese, French, German and Spanish.

Dr. Brooks and Dr. Fox also updated the Board regarding RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for Illegal Downloading of Music and an informational update on the campus impact of online course growth.

3.       Medical School Committee

Mr. Marsteller asked Dr. Jan Fox to briefly give some information regarding the FCC Internet 2 Grant received. Dr. Kopp gave a brief synopsis during his earlier report as well. The Board found this information very interesting and asked Dr. Fox to present this at a meeting in the near future to this Board and other Community Groups.

4.       Athletic Committee

Mr. Farrell reviewed and discussed a schedule change for the football game with WVU being requested by ESPN. The date will change from September 13, 2008 to September 27, 2008.

Mr. Farrell discussed and reviewed the athletic facility renovations to take place at the Shewey Building. He announced that the source of funding is “on hand” and will be taken from the facility fees. Upon a motion by Mr. Farrell, seconded by Mr. Marsteller, the Board unanimously approved these renovations and source of funds.

Mr. Farrell updated the Board regarding the facilities for baseball and softball. He reported a clean financial audit for Big Green Club was received, and discussed the academic performance by NCAA athletes noting that 7 teams earned better than a 3.0 and that 22 athletes carried a 4.0 last semester.

VI.     Executive Session

Mr. Farrell moved to enter into Executive Session. Mr. Marsteller seconded and the Board unanimously approved going into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters and awarding of naming opportunities.

VII.   Post Executive Session

After a time, the Board came out of Executive Session. Mr. Marsteller moved to enter back into regular session, seconded by Mrs. Chafin, and unanimously approved by the Board.

  • Mr. Farrell made a motion that the items discussed in Executive Session regarding naming opportunities, be approved and announced at a later date. Motion seconded by Mr. Hess and unanimously approved by the Board.
  • Mr. Farrell made a motion that the Provost Search be initiated and handled by John DiBiaggio and his firm, Executive Search. Seconded by Mr. Hess and unanimously approved by the Board.

VIII.  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Verna Gibson, Secretary


Board of Governors

Members of Marshall University's Board of Governors are citizens, appointed by the governor, who oversee the university's operations and establish its policies.

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