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Minutes of January 24, 2007

A meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors was held on January 24, 2007, at the South Charleston campus.

Members Present, in person:

Menis E. Ketchum, A. Michael Perry, Letitia Chafin, Sue Richardson, John Hess, General H. F. Mooney, Brent Marsteller, James Sottile, Robert Shell, Sherri Noble, Virginia King, and Mike Farrell

Members Present,
by telephone:

Gary Adkins, Verna Gibson

Members Absent: Chad Caldwell, Gary White
Others Present: Chancellor Noland, President Kopp, Interim Community College President Robert Hayes, members of their staff, and visitors

I.        Call to Order

Chairman Ketchum announced a quorum was present and called the meeting to order.

II.      Minutes

The minutes of the December 19, 2006 meeting were approved as presented.

III.     Chancellorís Presentation

Chancellor Brian Noland made a presentation about raising academic standards and legislative funding in West Virginia.

IV.    Community & Technical College Meeting

Interim President Hayes presented a report on the progress being made in accreditation, building site selection, and the general condition of the college.

John Hess discussed a community college mission statement proposed by President Hayes. It was decided that the Board consider this mission statement after it is presented to the Faculty Senate. Mr. Hess also reported on the progress of the Community College presidential search.

V.      University Meeting

President Kopp gave a report on the displaced students from the Emmons Apartment fire, the Wellness Center Project, and other matters relating to the University. Dr. Kopp also discussed the LOCEA resolution endorsing the MIIR and the John Marshall Emerging Leaders Institute in coordination with General Fogelsong and the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation.

1.       Finance Committee

Chairman Perry presented the following resolutions to the Board. They were discussed and adopted by unanimous consensus.

Resolved, Marshall University spend from the Wellness
Center Lottery Bond money the sum of up to $250,000.00 to
demolish the 20th Street Baptist Church building.

Resolved, Marshall University accept the bid to finish
surveying the University Heights property and consolidate
this survey with the previous partial surveys of University
Heights into one master plat for $5,163.00.

Resolved, the transfer of $1.1 million from the Visual Arts Center project to the Smith Hall repairs project is approved.

Resolved, the Executive Committee is authorized to make all agreements needed with HEPC and others regarding any possible bond refinancing.

After these resolutions were adopted, Chairman Perry reported on the FY 2005-2006 financial statement and an internal audit update.

2.       Academic Committee

Dr. Sottile and Provost Denman gave reports on the upcoming academic program review and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academy.

3.       Medical School Committee

No report.

4.       Athletic Committee

Chairman Farrell discussed and requested the Board receive the NCAA annual review of the FY 2006 revenue and expenses of the Athletic Department. The report was received by consensus.

VI.     Committee of the Whole

President Kopp requested the Board approve the following persons as members of the Autism Training Center Advisory Board:

Tracy Hunt, Dr. Mark E. Davis, Hillary Stafford, Blair Sprouse,
Kelly Harlow and Deena Young.

The request and appointments were approved by unanimous consensus.

VII.   Executive Session

Jim Sottile moved, seconded by Bob Shell, that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss possible real estate purchases and leases, honorary degrees, and a building naming opportunity. The motion passed.

After a time the Board came out of Executive Session.

Following Executive Session, the Board resumed full and open session.

VIII.  Post Executive Session Motions

Mike Farrell moved, seconded by Letitia Chafin and Jim Sottile, that the following resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, Marshall University execute lease with move to appropriate location. NTELOS will pay the cost of removing its existing antenna from the 20th Street Baptist Church and relocate it to the stadium. The removal and construction cost will be credited to their rental fee for up to five years.

Resolved, President Kopp be authorized to proceed with the honorary degrees that will be presented at the May Commencement. The Honorary Degree recipients will be notified and a separate release done before Commencement.

Resolved, President Kopp be authorized to proceed with the naming of the Clinical building, as discussed in Executive Session.

Resolved, the Board approves the negotiations of Bob Shell to purchase 1930 Seventh Avenue for $110,000.00.

Resolved, the Board approves the purchase of 2202 Third Avenue for $300,000.00.

The resolutions unanimously passed.

IX.     Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Verna Gibson, Secretary


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