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Board of Governors

Minutes of January 25, 2006

Members Participating:

Letitia Chafin, John Hess, Virginia King, General Harley Mooney, Gary White, Sherri Noble, James Sottile and Chad Caldwell and Menis Ketchum (in person)

Gary Adkins, Robert Shell and Verna Gibson (by telephone)

Members Absent:

Mike Farrell, Brent Marsteller, A. Michael Perry, and William A. Smith


Others Present:

President Kopp, President Riley, Michael Dunn, David Reed, members of the Classified Staff Council, University and Community College Staff, members of the news media and visitors


I.       Call to Order

Chairman Ketchum called the meeting to order.

II.      Approval of Minutes

Chairman Ketchum announced that all minutes from 7/1/05 to date are on the agenda for approval because some of the previous minutes were not posted on the University web site which has created confusion. James Sottile moved, seconded by Virginia King, the approval of the minutes of 7/25/05, 9/7/05, 9/14/05, 9/28/05, 11/9/05 and 12/12/05. The motion unanimously passed.

III.     Announcements

Chairman Ketchum reported that pursuant to the previous delegation by the Board to the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee approved and caused to be executed Marshall’s Investment Contract with the Marshall Foundation.

Thereupon, James Sottile moved, seconded by General Mooney,

Resolved, the Board of Governors previously delegated
the approval and execution of an investment contract
with the Marshall Foundation to its Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee has approved and caused to be
executed, the investment contract. The Board of Governors
approves and ratifies the actions of the Executive Committee
with regard to the approval and execution of the investment
contract with the Marshall Foundation.

The motion carried unanimously.

IV.     Presentations

Michael Dunn gave an oral and video presentation on behalf of Marshall’s Classified Staff.

David Reed gave an informational talk concerning the new NCAA program regarding Academic Performance Requirements (APR’s).

Presidents Riley and Kopp gave informational reports concerning the Community College and the University. President Kopp also reported on progress being made in the development of the University’s strategic plan.

Gary White moved, seconded by Sherri Noble, that the strategic plan and the implementation of its future phases be unanimously endorsed by the Board of Governors. The motion was unanimously passed.

Michael McGuffey reported on the progress being made in completing the tasks required by Senate Bill 603.

Dr. Leonard Deutsch gave a presentation on the North Central/Higher Learning Commission self study report. Dr. Deutsch reviewed the current draft version of the report which was  provided to the Board in their agenda documents.

V.      Community College

Tish Chafin moved, seconded by Gary White, that the following resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, the Board of Governors authorizes Marshall
Community and Technical College to hire up to 6 non-
classified institutional-critical positions over the next
year, with the provision that the Community College will
report to the Board quarterly on the number of these
positions that have been filled.

The motion passed, with Sherri Noble and Chad Caldwell dissenting.

Resolved, the Board approves renewal of the lease and
service agreement for the Inland Waterways Academy
located at the Tri-State Fire Academy.

The motion unanimously passed.

VI.     University Committees

A)      Finance, Audit and Investment Committees

Virginia King moved, seconded by John Hess, that the following Resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
adopt Policy No. 34, Purchasing.

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
receives the Financial/Budget Report for the
quarter ending September 30, 2005.

Resolved, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, is selected as Auditor
for the fiscal years 2006-2007.

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
adopt Policy No. 35, Naming Policy for Units and Facilities.

The motion unanimously passed.

B)      Academic Committee

Verna Gibson moved, seconded by Virginia King, that the following resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
approve the offering of the degree Program, the Doctor
of Management Practice in Nurse Anesthesia (DMPNA).

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
adopt Policy No. 36, Rulemaking by the Board.

The motion unanimously passed.

C)       Medical School Committee

Dean McKown updated the Board on the Clinical Education and Outreach Center, the Self-Insurance Program, and the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2007 budget recommendation.

D)     Athletic Committee

Chad Caldwell moved, seconded by Gary White, that the following Resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
receives the independent accountants’ report regarding
the Athletic Department’s statement of Revenues and
Expenses for the year ended June 30, 2005.

The motion unanimously passed.

Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors
requests the Department of Athletics to review seating
plans for Joan C. Edwards Stadium and make a
recommendation to the Board that will maximize revenue.

The motion passed. General Mooney’s negative vote is noted.

VII.    Executive Session

Jim Sottile moved, second by Verna Gibson, that the Board go into executive session pursuant to W.Va. Code 6-9A-4. The motion passed.

At the conclusion of the Executive Session, the Board resumed its meeting in open session.

VIII.  Post Executive Session Resolutions

Jim Sottile moved, seconded by Virginia King, that the following Resolutions be adopted:

(a) The 6 additional potential honorary degree recipients presented by President Kopp are approved and he shall pick the May, 2007 commencement speaker and degree Honorees from the two persons previously approved by the Board and the 6 potential Honorees approved today.

(b) Resolved, the Marshall University Board of Governors approves the purchase of 1714 Buffington Avenue and 1830 7th Avenue, Huntington, WV.

(c) Resolved, in the September 7, 2005 meeting, the Board  of Governors approved a “Request for Proposals” to developers and contractors to design, finance and construct a student Health & Wellness Center and other projects. It
was later determined that this RFP would violate the W.Va. Design and Build Act. In order to comply with law, this resolution is revoked and it is further:

Resolved, that the Board of Governors authorizes the President to release a “Request for Expression of Interest and Qualifications” to architectural firms for the design of a Health and Wellness Center, attached to a wellness residence hall, and a wellness center parking garage.

Each of these structural components must be designed
so that they can be built individually or together as
part of an entire complex. This project may be located on
or near the present parking lot on Fifth Avenue across
from the Walter Rollins Field. This Request will solicit
interest and qualifications from architectural firms in
preparing “Bridging Documents”, and working with the
Board of Governors to integrate these projects into a
coordinated plan. The architectural firm selected will be
paid by Marshall. Marshall is authorized to begin spending
its $4,000,000.00 designated in Marshall’s “Excess Lottery
Bond Proceeds to construct and design a student Health &
Wellness Center” to pay for any costs associated with this project.

(d) Resolved, the President and/or MURC is authorized to execute the proposed contract with Warner Brothers for the filming of the movie, “We Are Marshall.”

(e) Resolved, past presidents of Marshall have received a stipend for two cars as part of their employment package. The current President is authorized to receive a $750.00 per month stipend for a second car as part of his employment package effective January 1, 2006.

The motion passed unanimously.

IX.     Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned and the Board was served lunch. During the lunch, the Board was given a presentation by Dow concerning its South Charleston campus and, thereafter, the Board of Governors was taken on a tour of the Dow campus.

Verna Gibson, Secretary

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