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Minutes of 
March 5, 2002
10:00 a.m.
Memorial Student Center

Members present: Mr. Gary White, Dr. Stephen Haid, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Dan Moore, Dr. Thomas Scott, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Thomas Wilkerson, Ms. Sherri Noble, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Mr. Michael Perry, Mr. Joseph Williams

Members absent: Mr. Mike Farrell, Ms. Carol Hartley

Also attending: Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Herb Karlet, Dr. Ed Grose, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Charles McKown, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Sarah Denman, Dr. Carolyn Hunter, Mr. Dave Wellman, Mr. Jeff Porter, Dr. Keith Spears, Mr. Mike Meadows, Mr. Ed Tucker

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White. It was moved by Dr. Tom Scott, second by Ms. Virginia King, to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting, with the following amendment: item IV, concerning executive session, should reflect motion and second by members Williams and Farrell to enter into executive session.  Motion carried to approve minutes as amended.


  1. Presentation by Dr. Vicki Riley, Vice President and Provost, Marshall University Community and Technical College

  2. Dr. Riley distributed a comprehensive booklet on the Marshall University Community and Technical College.  Dr. Riley discussed the history of MUCTC; the mission, functions, and characteristics of a comprehensive CTC; the CTC college profile; Associate Degree and Certificate programs; community partnerships; support services; workforce development; and legislative mandates.

    Dr. Riley gave an overview of the CTC’s organizational chart; list of current programs; continuing education; budget, and accreditation.

  3. Planned Design of new Alumni Center

  4. Mr. Jeff Porter presented an overview on the history of the current Erickson Alumni Center, and also reported on the planning process under way for the proposed new facility.  Mr. Porter presented a visual overview of the design concept, and discussed the planned layout of the new alumni center.  Discussion ensued as to the facility’s structure, functionality, and how the structure would conform to the existing campus.  Project architect Ed Tucker provided additional information and responded to questions regarding the center.

    Following discussion, Mr. Mike Perry moved to approve the concept and design of the new alumni center as presented.  Second by Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Motion carried.

  5. Approve award of contract to build new Residence Hall/Dining Complex

  6. Dr. Ed Grose provided an overview of the planning process to date for the new student residence/dining facility on the Marshall campus.  This project was approved previously by the West Virginia Higher Education Interim Governing Board.  Construction funds are available from a June 19, 2001 bond sale.

    It is recommended that the construction contract be awarded to Neighborgall Construction Company of Huntington, in the amount of $27,480,000.

    Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved to approve the contract as recommended.  Second by Ms. Virginia King.  Motion carried.

  7. Foundation Operating Agreement

  8. Mr. Layton Cottrill provided information on the operating agreement between the university and the MU Foundation.

    Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved to authorize Dr. Angel to proceed with this agreement on behalf of the university.  Second by Mr. Mike Perry.  Motion carried.

  9. Possible Executive Session, WV Code 6-9A-4

  10. Dr. Tom Scott moved that the board enter into executive session to consider personnel and legal matters.  Mr. Mike Perry second.  Motion carried.

    Mr. Wilkinson moved, seconded by Mr. Moore that the board rise from executive session.  Motion passed. 

    Mr. Perry moved, seconded by Mr. Wilkinson that changes to the president's contract be ratified and final approval be granted.  Motion passed. 

    Mr. Perry moved, seconded by Mr. Williams that the president be authorized to negotiate and execute an agreement undertaking the Edwards Cancer Center project.  Motion passed.

  11. Program Review

  12. Dr. Sarah Denman discussed the governing board’s role in examining program reviews conducted by the university.  Mr. David Todd discussed the review process; the board’s Academic Affairs Committee is to make a recommendation to the full board at the May board meeting.
  13. Tuition and Fee Comparison

  14. Mr. Herb Karlet discussed Marshall’s tuition and fee levels, as compared to Marshall’s ten peer institutions; as compared to Mid-American Conference institutions, and relating to other higher education institutions in West Virginia.  Following the passage of a state budget for FY 2002-03, the governing board will consider and approve tuition and fee levels at Marshall for the 2002-03 academic year.
  15. Metro Tuition and Fee Area

  16. Mr. Herb Karlet provided background on the Metro Tuition and Fee levels, including a map of the counties in Ohio and Kentucky designated as Metro areas for tuition and fee purposes.
  17. Proposed allocation of Peer Equity and Sustained Quality funds

  18. Mr. Herb Karlet provided background and analysis of the Higher Education Policy Commission’s budget request for FY 2002-03, as well as the proposed allocation by the HEPC.  Mr. Karlet also discussed the statewide 3% budget reduction.  Additional information will be provided upon passage of a state budget for FY 2002-03.
  19. HEPC Proposed Tuition and Fee Policy

  20. Mr. Herb Karlet discussed the Policy Commission’s proposed tuition and fee policy to become effective July 1, 2003.  This policy would be based upon instructional cost per student, and would be phased in over a six year period.

    Mr. Karlet outlined Marshall’s earlier response to this proposal; the anticipated effect the proposal would have on Marshall’s tuition and fees; and provided an overview of Marshall’s current tuition and fee levels.

  21. Appointments to Autism Training Center Advisory Board
    Mr. David Todd moved to approve the four nominees to the ATC Advisory Board, as presented in the board agenda.  Mr. Tom Wilkerson second.  Motion carried.

  23. President’s Report

  24. Dr. Dan Angel provided an update on Marshall’s Campaign for National Prominence.  Dr. Angel commented on the latest HEPC meeting, and the ongoing discussions concerning the Policy Commission’s proposal to reallocate capital debt payments.  Dr. Angel provided information on “Marshall University Day” at the State Capitol, and commented on several higher education bills currently under consideration by the legislature.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


       Mr. Gary White, Chair

       Mr. Joseph Williams, Secretary



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