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Board of Governors

Minutes of March 10, 2004

Members Participating:

Mr. Mike Perry, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Mr. Mike Farrell, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Gary Adkins, Mr. Gary White, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Dr. James Sottile, Ms. Sherri Noble, Ms. Carol Hartley, Mr. Brent Marsteller, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Mr. Michael Safcsak, Mr. Robert Shell, Jr. (telephonically), Mr. Joseph Williams (afternoon)

Members Absent:

Dr. Stephen Haid


Dr. Dan Angel, Dr. Howard Aulick, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Sarah Denman, Dr. Ed Grose, Mr. David Ice, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Larry Stickler, Dean Van Horn, Mr. Lance West


Parthenon reporter – Abigail; Herald Dispatch reporter, Rebecca Cantley-Falk


I.       The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael Perry. 

II.      Approval of Minutes

Mr. Wilkerson moved to approve the minutes of the January 21, 2004, Board Meeting.  Seconded by Mr. White.  Motion carried.

III.     Announcements and Information Items

A list of upcoming events was distributed.

Lance West discussed Alumni Weekend and distributed a map with enrollment information and alumni in the U.S. and WV.

IV.     President’s Report

President Angel discussed changes in the Marshall appropriations from FY 2000-FY2004 and the outlook for future revenue/expenses in West Virginia.  He distributed a news article from The State Journal as information.

V.       Provost’s Report

Vicki Riley discussed funding for CTCs and what has been done at MUCTC with that funding.  Also she discussed activities in the MUCTC expanding national exposure with the machinist’s technology program.  She also announced that the position for Workforce Development Director was filled by Sharon Wagoner.

VI.     Moment of Silence

A moment of silence was observed in memory of Hal Shaver and John Singley, the two outstanding faculty members that passed away last week.

VII.    Report by Howard Aulick, Research

Dr. Howard Aulick presented an overview of Marshall’s research activity emphasizing its growth, growing pains, and goals.  The growth was described as a four-fold increase in total annual revenue from grants and contracts from 1989 ($4 million) to 2004 (anticipated to exceed $40 million).  He pointed out that over 450 faculty, staff and students are currently supported by research funding.  The growing pains were considered (1) increasing demands for research administration – MURC has about half the staff recommended, (2) accelerating compliance requirements – especially in human research, (3) increasing non-federal match obligations of EPSCoR grants, and (4) increasing maintenance costs of a growing cadre of sophisticated research equipment.  Dr. Aulick said the treatment must be increased research and associated commercialization revenues in order to invest in the greater supportive administrative and technical infrastructure.

VIII.   Resolution for Dr. Ed Grose

Mr. Perry read a resolution honoring Dr. Ed Grose for his contributions to                                 the University.  With one additional item added regarding Fairfield Stadium, upon a motion by Brent Marsteller, seconded by Gary White, the resolution was unanimously approved.

At this time, Mr. Perry noted that the Honorary Degrees would be                                             discussed during Executive Session.

IX.     Report of Committee Chairs

1)             Finance Committee

a)    Purchase of property from the MU Foundation, located at 2010 Seventh Avenue, Huntington, WV for $15,110 – upon motion by Virginia King, seconded by Gary White, motion carried;

b) Purchase of property located at 1934 Sixth Avenue, Huntington, WV for $19,500 – upon motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mr. Wilkerson, motion carried;

c) Purchase of property located at 1923 Maple Avenue, Huntington for $20,000 – upon motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mike Farrell, motion carried;

d) Long term lease-purchase owned by Twelve-O-Six (Art & Joan Weisberg) located at 210 20th Street Rear, Huntington, WV for $9,565 monthly for 8 years, with the option to purchase at end of term – upon motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mr. Ketchum; this item was amended by the suggestion of Menis Ketchum and Bob Shell of obtaining an appraisal for the property and reconsidered by the board.  Upon a motion by Tom Wilkerson and seconded by Mike Farrell, motion carried.

e) Approval of a Policy on Intellectual Property – discussed and upon motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mr. Ketchum, motion carried.

f) Refunding of the Series 1996 Bonds – with change of wording and subject to Ad Hoc Subcommittee of chair/finance chair and Carol Hartley approval in the next 30 days, upon a motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mike Farrell, motion carried.

2)             Academic Committee

a) Request to add curriculum and instruction as a major to the Doctorate in Education Degree – upon motion by Mr. Farrell, seconded by Mr. Ketchum, motion carried.

b) Approval of policy on the Awarding of Tuition and Fee Waivers – upon motion by Mr. Farrell, seconded by Mr. Ketchum, motion carried.

c) Amendment to Policy 16, Rule on Adjunct Faculty – upon a motion by Mr. Farrell, seconded by Mr. Wilkerson, motion carried.

At this time, the Board recessed and traveled to the Harless Dining Hall for lunch and dedication of the facility.  The meeting reconvened at 1:45 p.m.

3)              Community & Technical College Committee

a) Approve Marshall Community and Technical College Mission, Vision, and Goals as required by North Central Association – upon motion by Gary White, seconded by Tom Wilkerson, motion carried.

4)      Medical School Committee

Clinical Education & Outreach Center Construction Project – upon motion by Brent Marsteller, seconded by Tom Wilkerson, motion carried.

Discussion regarding BRIM and Mike Perry asked that Mike Farrell and Menis Ketchum be involved in further discussions.

5)       Athletic Committee

Discussion regarding an athletic deficit for this year and projected for next year ensued. Athletics fully utilized its reserves as of June 2004. The board instructed the Athletic department to bring a proposal to address the FY 05 deficit. Conference USA is doing a facilities evaluation and the Board has requested that the Athletic Committee bring a report on needed future facilities.

X.    Other

Mr. Perry asked that discussion begin about the long range planning that President and BOG have mutually agreed to do together.

XI.   Executive Session

Upon a motion by Tom Wilkerson, seconded by Gary Adkins, the Board went into Executive Session and excused all non-members from the meeting.

Gary White endorsed the list of candidates recommended for Honorary Degrees, seconded by Brent Marsteller. Motion carried.

XII.  Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary

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