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Board of Governors

Minutes of March 26, 2003

Members Participating:

Mr. Gary White, Ms. Carol Hartley, Dr. Stephen Haid,  Mr. Menis Ketchum, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Michael Perry, Dr. Tom Scott, Mr. Robert Shell, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Sherri Noble, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Mr. Cory Dennison


Members Absent:



Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Jim Schneider, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Mr. Dave Wellman, Ms. Linda Holup, Mr. Ed Tucker, Mr. Bob Marcum, Mr. David Steele, Dr.Vicki Riley, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Mike McGuffey, Dr. Keith Spears, Mr. Lance West

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White.


I.        Approval of Minutes

Mr. David Todd moved to approve the minutes of the January 22, 2003 Board meeting. Seconded by Ms. Virginia King. Motion carried.

II.      Announcements

A calendar of upcoming events was distributed to Board members.

III.    President’s Report

Dr. Dan Angel provided an update on MU’s new dormitory/dining facility; provided a briefing on Marshall’s federal initiatives; and provided an enrollment update.
Dr. Vicki Riley discussed the upcoming accreditation visit for MUCTC.

IV. Action Items

a)       Addition to Forensic Science Center
b)       Approve Holderby Hall Renovation Project – Phase I
c)       Mid-Ohio Valley Local Economic Dev. Assistance Award
d)       Policy on Governance of MU CTC
e)       Policy on the Development and Renewal of Contractual Agreements—
          MU CTC and MU
f)        Student Tuition and Fee Approval

Dr. Ed Grose provided an overview on the proposed Forensic Science addition. Mr. Jim Schneider provided background and history of MU’s Forensic program. Architect Ed Tucker described the scope of the project, and how the design of the addition would be incorporated into the existing structure. Ms. Linda Holup of Forensic Science provided additional information.
Mr. Menis Ketchum moved that the Board approve action items (a), (b), and (c) as contained in the agenda. Seconded by Mr. Mike Perry. Motion carried.
Following discussion, Mr. Ketchum moved that the Board approve Action Items (d) and (e) as contained in the agenda. Seconded by Ms. King. Motion carried.
By unanimous consent, it was determined to delay action on item (f) (tuition and fees) until after the budget presentation.

V. Information Items

c)       Budget update

Mr. Herb Karlet provided an overview of the FY 2003-04 Marshall University budget, based upon legislative appropriations for ’03-’04. Mr. Karlet compared budget figures with the current fiscal year; detailed projected cost increases; and discussed proposed revenue enhancements.
Mr. Ketchum commented on the 2003 legislative session, and commended Dr. Angel for his efforts on behalf of Marshall and higher education.
Discussion ensued with regard to the Board’s fiduciary responsibility; state appropriations constitute only a portion of the university’s overall budget and the Board discussed the need to review the entire institutional budget.
Mr. White commented on declining revenues in WV and a majority of other states, indicating that it would be prudent to anticipate budget reductions in future years.
Board members expressed concern about maintaining the affordability of higher education, in order to increase access for WV residents.
Mr. White expressed his desire to expand the Board’s committee structure, to provide additional oversight and guidance. The current committee structure (Academic Affairs, Finance) would be supplemented by committees on Athletics, School of Medicine, and MU Community & Technical College.
Mr. Ketchum moved that the Board adopt an expanded committee structure, adding committees on Athletics, School of Medicine, and MUCTC. Seconded by Dr. Scott. Motion carried.
Ms. Cora Massey is to communicate with each Board member, asking each member’s preference with regard to committee assignment. Committee assignments will then be considered by the Executive Committee.
Mr. White led discussion on the Board’s role with regard to financial oversight and institutional governance. Following discussion, Mr. White directed Mr. Layton Cottrill to prepare a resolution for Board consideration, outlining the Board’s position and future direction concerning institutional finance.


VI.    Tuition and Fee Approval

Dr. Angel and Mr. Karlet provided an overview of this agenda item.
Discussion ensued regarding the university’s proposal on student activity fee levels. Following discussion, Mr. Ketchum moved that the Board approve 2003-2004 tuition and fee levels as presented in the agenda, with the exception of student activity fees, which are to remain unchanged from current levels; student activity fees will undergo further review at the May Board meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Shell. Motion carried, with four dissenting votes.

VII.   Other Business

Mr. White provided an update on the Presidential Evaluation process. The evaluation committee has been appointed, and further information will be provided at future Board meetings.
Ms. Carol Hartley reported on behalf of the Board committee on the MU Foundation. This committee met with Foundation representatives on March 21.
Following discussion, it was determined that the next Board Meeting will remain as previously scheduled, as follows:

May 14, 2003
9:00 a.m. Committee Meetings
Memorial Student Center
Huntington, WV

VIII.  Possible Executive Session, WV Code § 6-9A-4

Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved that the Board enter into Executive Session. Seconded by Ms. Hartley. Motion carried.
The Board resumed open session.
Mr. Wilkerson moved that the Board approve four individuals to receive honorary degrees at the 2003 Commencement, as presented by Academic Affairs. Seconded by Mr. Perry. Motion carried.

IX.     Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary


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