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Minutes of March 28, 2007

Members Present, in person:

Menis E. Ketchum, Mike Farrell, Virginia King, Jim Sottile, General Mooney, John Hess, Sue Richardson, Mike Perry, and Sherri Noble

Members Present,
by telephone:
Chad Caldwell, Brent Marsteller, Tish Chafin, Bob Shell and Verna Gibson
Members Absent: Gary White and Gary Adkins
Others Present:

President Hayes, staff of Marshall University and Marshall Community and Technical College


I.       Call to Order

Chairman Ketchum announced a quorum was present and called the meeting to order.

II.      Community & Technical College

The revised Mission Statement of the Marshall Community and Technical College was adopted by unanimous consensus.

III.     Executive Session

The Board discussed and unanimously consented and approved the Board going into Executive Session to discuss real estate purchases, real estate leases and advanced construction planning under WV Code 6-9A-4(b)(2)(f). After a period of time the Board came out of Executive Session by unanimous consensus.

IV.      Post Executive Session Actions

The following resolutions were adopted by unanimous consensus of the Board:

1) The real estate transfer agreement, with the Marshall University Foundation, a copy of which is attached, was unanimously approved;

2) The Chairmanís actions to condemn the Monkey Bar (2202 Third Avenue) are ratified and he is authorized to proceed with the eminent domain proceeding to obtain and clear the title to this property.

3) The purchase of the Inferno property (2222 3rd Avenue) containing approximately 1.65 acres for $1,245,000 is unanimously approved.

4) The purchase of the CSX spur track property (.8 acres) behind the Inferno for $7.50 a square foot is unanimously approved.

5) The purchase of the vacant lot owned by Faith Methodist Church at 2028-2030 Fifth Avenue for $120,000.00 is unanimously approved.

6) The purchase of the 2 parcels containing Ron Chapmanís Used Car lots at the northeast and southeast corners of Fifth Avenue and 20th Street for a total of $700,000, ($680,000 for property and 20,000 for car lot) has been unanimously approved.

7) The lease for the Engineering School labs at 812-816 Seventh Avenue is delegated to the Executive Committee for approval and execution, if the Executive Committee decides to approve the lease.

V.      Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Verna Gibson, Secretary


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