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Minutes of June 30, 2008

A meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors was held on June 30, 2008, at RCBI in Huntington, West Virginia.

Members Present, in person:

A. Michael Perry, Michael J. Farrell, Kristina Fueyo, Virginia King, John Hess, Sherri Noble, Mike Sellards, Gary White

Members present, by phone: Gary Adkins, Latitia Chafin, Verna Gibson, Sue Richardson
Members absent: Monica Brooks, Brent Marsteller, General Hal Mooney, Robert L. Shell, Jr.
Others Present:

President Kopp, Senior Vice Presidents, various staff members of the University and Community & Technical College.

I.       Call to Order

Chairman Pro Tem, A. Michael Perry, announced a quorum was present and called the meeting to order. Mr. Perry acted as chairman pursuant to Rule 5 of the BOG Rules of Order and commented that for this meeting, we would go back to the previous meeting orders.

II.      Report of the Nominating Committee

Upon a motion by Mr. Perry, seconded by Mr. Adkins, the board approved the nomination of Robert L. Shell, Jr. as Chair, Verna Gibson as Vice Chair, and Virginia King as Secretary.

III.     MCTC President’s Report, Keith Cotroneo, Ed.D.

Dr. Cotroneo was not at the meeting today because his daughter graduated from high school this weekend and he was out of town.

IV.    Community & Technical College, John Hess, Chair

John Hess reported on July 1st, in accordance with HB3215, the CTC is separate from the University. The Governor will appoint their board very soon. No budget was presented for consideration; hence, there is no budget to approve. He asked for the University’s help and understanding during this difficult transition and change. Mr. Hess reported that the one agenda item brought before the CTC Committee was regarding the MCTC Lease with Touma Real Estate Holdings. A motion by Gary White, seconded by Virginia King, and Mr. Hess abstaining due to a conflict of interest, a motion was made in favor of the following resolution:

Resolved, that the Board of Governors approves the lease between Touma Real Estate Holdings, LLC and MCTC for the additional 2,100 square feet space located at 917 Third Avenue, Huntington, WV.

A question was posed by the Board to Mr. Karlet asking him to affirm to the Board the advisability and necessity for the additional building space. Mr. Karlet responded in the affirmative and the resolution was approved by unanimous vote.

Mr. Hess discussed the service agreement with the University noting that after the meetings that have occurred between both parties, the current agreement will be frozen through the next calendar year and problems worked out within the next six months. Jan Fox will at a later date present the IT Infrastructure and its impact on de-linking MCTC.

Also, Mr. Hess thanked Sue Richardson, who attended by phone due to illness, for all her hard work on behalf of the CTC. Upon a motion by Verna Gibson, seconded by John Hess, a resolution will be done to be read at a future board meeting recognizing Sue for her contributions during her years of service to the Board. Mrs. Richardson thanked the board for the experience, honor and privilege to serve in this capacity. She noted that it had been a rocky ride with three presidents of the CTC in three years, and all the changes that will continue for both institutions and boards.

V. Marshall University President’s Report, Stephen J. Kopp, Ph.D.

Dr. Kopp presented via PowerPoint and handouts, an update of the new strategic plan that is also on the University’s website.

  • Beginning with a construction update, he discussed the Living Learning Residence Halls, noting they were slightly ahead of schedule and the RA’s would be moving in the first of August (2008). He also informed the Board that if they are interested in having a tour, to notify him;

  • The goal for the opening of the Student Recreation Center is the first week of February 2009;

  • Engineering Laboratory Building should be completed by the third week of August 2008;

  • Alumni/Foundation Center is now beginning construction;

  •  Forensic Science Annex construction has begun;

  • Building Renovations are being done throughout the University

Dr. Kopp discussed Recruitment/Admissions and Enrollment providing updates for fall full time freshmen enrollment, transfer enrollment, overall enrollment and non-resident enrollment noting all are expected to increase.

Continuing with his report, he gave the board a personnel update:

Dr. Shari Clarke as the new VP for Multicultural Affairs; joined MU on June 1st;
Dr. David Pittenger as the new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; joining MU July 1st;
Dr. Betsy Dulin as the new Dean of the College of Information Technology and Engineering.

He also noted that the Provost Search Committee had narrowed the field to two finalists, who will be on campus July 1st and 2nd for interviews.

Dr. Kopp discussed the MUBOG Strategic Vision/Signature Initiatives briefly and asked board members to go to the website and click on all the links for a full report.

Dr. Kopp discussed and presented a series of graphs, which provided historical budgetary perspectives and trends. The presentation included charts depicting consolidated net income, annual base appropriations and E&G fee generation by the University.

He then discussed the Tuition Waivers and their value by academic year equals $11 million. An administrative team is working with a Faculty Senate Committee to study this issue and develop recommendations for the future. A full analysis is being completed and a full report will be brought back to the Board. He also discussed the multi-year trends in Promise Scholarship recipients attending Marshall and the importance of increasing our yield.

Dr. Kopp showed a graph of Historical Perspectives regarding retention for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

In summary since FY 2005:

  • Tuition and fee revenue has increased $1.3 million;

  • Freshmen Enrollment has been increasing; over the last two years;

  • E-Course Enrollment has increased 60%;

  • Overall Enrollment is now increasing;

  • Admissions/Recruitment Reorganization is completed;

  • Non-resident Undergraduate Enrollment increased 410 students;

  • Average net tuition/fee revenue per student increased $400, due largely to growth in non-resident student population;

  • Consolidated net income & net asset balances trends are positive;

  • Border State Scholarship has been implemented;

  • Integrated/Comprehensive Marketing Plan has been developed and implemented;

  • MUF Endowment has increased $6 million;

  • Annual giving has increased to $3.3 million;

  • $90M in new construction has been completed;

  • $100M in new construction has been started;

  • Physical Plant has major improvements;

  • MU Economic Impact Study has been completed;

  • State base funding appropriated for MU has increased by $11 million;

  • The Common Book Program has been launched and the book chosen for this year is “Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. He noted that Tim O’Brien will be here on campus on August 24th for the Freshman Academic Convocation to start the new academic year;

  • Student Success Plan/Core Foundation Study is underway;

  • NSSE Participation has been launched;

  • Summer Programs/Camps (particularly sports camps) have increased dramatically;

  • Longitudinal Assessment development and validation underway;

  • Centers/Institutes of Excellence development are underway;

  • S.T.E.M. Academy development is underway;

  • Institutional Accountability – VSA Portal;

  • Economic Development has made significant progress with the licensing of 5 new IP Ventures, the WV Research Trust Fund (MIIR), Internet 2 Cyber- Infrastructure, and Forensic Science Annex – Incubator;

  • Overall, External Grant/Contract Funding has increased through the efforts of faculty and MURC

    Dr. Kopp then presented Kristina Fueyo her picture from the BOG Wall and her nameplate as this would be her last meeting as a member of the BOG.

    Mr. Perry thanked President Kopp for a very informative presentation and thanked Kristina Fueyo for her contribution to the BOG. Kristina said a few words and briefly gave her goals and plans for the future.

VI. Report of Committee Chairs

The Finance, Audit & Investment Committee was reported on by Virginia King. The following items were received or approved by the Board:

  • March 31, 2008 Financial/Budget Report

    Resolved, that the Board of Governors receives the Financial/Budget Report for the quarter and nine months ending March 31, 2008.

    Upon a motion by Virginia King, seconded by Michael Farrell, the report was received.

  • Investment Earnings Update, noting that earnings were slightly ahead of the state investment pool.

    Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors receives the Investment Earnings Report for the quarter and nine months ending March 31, 2008.

    Upon a motion by Gary White, seconded by Mike Sellards, the report was received.

  • Proposed, Marshall University Special Fees and Change approval for FY 2008-09. It was noted that the Graduation Fee is a one-time fee to the student and the Health Technology Fee had been in place and this resolution was a correction to the fees.

    Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve the proposed Marshall University Special Fees and Changes, for FY 2008-09.
    Upon a motion by Virginia King, seconded by Mike Sellards, the Board approved the proposed Special Fees and Changes.

  • The MCTC Contract was discussed by John Hess earlier, but was also under this committee meeting;

  • Appalachian Scholarships

    Resolved that the Marshall University Board of Governors approves the expansion of the Border State Scholarship Program to the 13 states identified by the Federal Government as part of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The 13 states are: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Georgia.

    Upon a motion by Gary White, seconded by Virginia King, the board approved this expansion to the program.

  • Forensic Bond Closing Update was given by Jim Schneider.

  • Marshall University Research Endowment Plan.

    Resolved that the Board of Governors approves the draft research endowment plan required by SB287 for submission to HEPC in order to release matching WV Research Trust Fund monies and authorizes the Board Executive Committee and the President to amend the plan to conform to the final legislative rules promulgated by LOCEA.

    Upon a motion by Gary White, seconded by Virginia King, the Board of Governors gave the authority to the Executive Committee and President to amend the plan to conform to the final legislative rules.

Academic Committee, Verna Gibson, Chair

Verna asked Frances Hensley to give the report of the Academic Committee. The following resolutions were made:

  • New Major of Hospitality Management in the College of Education and Human Services

    Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve offering this new major in fall 2008.

    Upon a motion by Gary White, seconded by Tish Chafin, approved as presented.

  • New Major of Environmental Chemistry in the College of Science
    Resolved that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve offering this new major in Fall 2008.

    After confirmation that this additional funding was not a prerequisite to offering this new major, upon a motion by Gary White, seconded by Virginia King, approved as presented.

  • New Major of International Business in the Lewis College of Business
    Resolved that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve offering this new major in Fall 2008.

    Upon a motion by Verna Gibson, seconded by Kristina Fueyo, approved as presented

  • Degree Name Change from M.S. in Physical Science to M.S. in Physical and Applied Sciences.

    Resolved, that the University Board of Governors as an information item only, approve the degree name change effective fall 2008. This was approved by the Graduate Council on April 25, 2008; President Kopp on May 28, 2008 and will be reported to the HEPC for Degree Inventory updates.
    Upon a motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Virginia King, approved as presented.

Medical School Committee, Brent Marsteller, Chair

In the absence of Mr. Marsteller, Dr. McKown gave a brief update on BRIM and asked Mr. James Schneider to give an oral summary, which he did. No action was required.

Athletic Committee, Michael J. Farrell, Chair

Mr. Farrell discussed the GPA of the athletes currently, noting that 46% of Marshall’s student athletes earned a GPA of 3.0 or better and 23% earned a GPA of 3.5 or above.

He also discussed the Shewey Building renovations and encouraged everyone to buy tickets and support MU sports.

VII.   Executive Session

Michael Farrell moved that the Board of Governors enter into an executive session pursuant to Chapter 6 Article 9A Section 4(b)(6) and (10) of the West Virginia code to discuss personnel matters and potential real estate purchases.

After a brief period of time, the Board reconvened in open session in accordance with the open meeting policy, and approved the following resolutions:

After Executive Session the Board authorized the President to proceed in conducting due diligence for the potential and transfer of real estate and acquisition of certain parcels of property.

  • Upon a motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Gary White:

    Resolved that the Marshall University Board of Governors authorizes the president to take the appropriate action to purchase the property and structure at 522 22nd Street, Huntington, WV (formerly known as the Dewco Building) from the Marshall University Foundation, Inc. for the purchase price of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

  • Upon a motion by John Hess, seconded by Gary White:

    Resolved that the Marshall University Board of Governors approves a 3% salary increase for President Cotroneo effective July 1, 2008, plus the addition of a housing allowance of $800.00 per month.

  • Upon a motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Gary White, in accordance with State law and the By-Laws of the Advisory Board of the Autism Training Center of West Virginia, the board approved the membership of Kimberly Ramsey of Charleston, West Virginia to the Autism Training Center’s Advisory Board.

VIII. Adjournment

Before adjournment, there was an inquiry about the HEPC Meeting and training that is scheduled on August 22, 2008 at Stonewall. The Board discussed having a Board Meeting and an extended training following the HEPC training. The Board was encouraged to attend the HEPC training if their schedules allowed and to let Cora know their availability about a meeting/training following that meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Verna Gibson, Secretary



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