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Board of Governors

Minutes of July 16, 2003
Members Participating: Mr. Gary Adkins, Mr. Michael Farrell, Dr. Stephen Haid, Ms. Carol Hartley, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Brent Marsteller, Mr. Michael Perry, Mr. Robert Shell, Mr. Gary White, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Sherri Noble, Dr. James Sottile
Members Absent:

Mr. Michael Safcsak

Staff: Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Dave Wellman, Mr. David Steele, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Dave Wellman, Mr. David Steele, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Ed Grose, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Cal Kent, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Bob Plymale, Dr. Richard BegleyDr. Ed Grose, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Cal Kent, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Bob Plymale, Dr. Richard Begley


Guests: Mr. Charles Craig, Mr. Phil Soule


The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Gary White.

Mr. White expressed his desire to amend the Board agenda as follows: agenda item #4 (Report of Nominating Committee/Election of Board Officers) would be moved to #12 in the order of business; and agenda item 9 (b) (Policy Concerning Part-time Classified Position) would be removed from the agenda, for consideration at a later date.

Mr. Wilkerson moved to amend the agenda as noted above; second by Ms. Virginia King. Motion carried.

I.       Oath of Office

Judge Dan O’Hanlon administered the oath of office to newly appointed Board members, Mr. Gary Adkins, Mr. Michael Farrell, Mr. Brent Marsteller, and to Ms. Sherri Noble (Classified Staff representative) and Dr. James Sottile (Faculty Representative).

II.      Approval of Minutes

Mr. Joseph Williams moved to approve the minutes of the previous Board Meeting. Seconded by Mr. Ketchum. Motion carried.

III.     Announcements

A list of upcoming events was distributed, along with updated Board of Governors list.

IV.    President’s Report

Dr. Dan Angel provided an update on Marshall’s leadership in on-line course utilization; informed Board that Marshall has instituted a “President’s Letter” to all MU students achieving 4.0 grade point average; provided update on fundraising for new Alumni Center; reported on the ongoing Governor’s Honors Academy at Marshall. Dr. Angel discussed Marshall’s grant request to the state Economic Development Grant Committee; Dr. Denman distributed the University’s new admission packet; Board members received a copy of the Summer 2003 edition of the West Virginia Executive magazine. Dr. Angel indicated that briefing sessions for new Board members will be scheduled in the future.

Dr. Vicki Riley discussed the MU Community and Technical College; the status of accreditation; provided update on the Advantage Valley CTC; discussed current vacancies in the MUCTC Advisory Board.

Dr. Angel discussed IDEA (Institute for Development of Entrepreneurial Advances), and introduced Dr. Cal Kent to provide overview and respond to questions. Dr. Kent discussed the origins of IDEA, its goals, structure, and progress to date. Discussion ensued. Following discussion, Dr. Haid suggested formation of a Board committee to work with IDEA. This was taken under consideration pending new committee assignments.


V.      Master Plan Status Report

Dr. Ed Grose presented this information item.

Mr. Charles Craig (Dober, Lindsky, Craig & Associates) and Mr. Phil Soule (URS Consultants) presented a power point presentation outlining MU’s campus structure, facility utilization, and maintenance costs.

Following discussion, Mr. Shell suggested the advisability of a master plan projected 25-30 years in the future.

VI. Rahall Transportation Institute Overview

RTI Director Robert Plymale and Assistant Director Richard Begley gave a PowerPoint presentation on RTI outlining ongoing projects and initiatives undertaken by the Institute.

VII. Consent Item

a)       Policy Concerning Adjunct Faculty et. al.

Dr. Sarah Denman presented this agenda item.

Following discussion, the Board directed MU officials to amend this policy to address adjunct faculty at the MU School of Medicine and the MUCTC, as well as the main campus. The amended policy is to be considered at the September board meeting.

VIII. Consent Items

a)       Lease approval-Refinance of Shewey Building

Mr. Herb Karlet and Mr. David Steele presented on this agenda item.

Mr. Ketchum raised a question as to the legality of the lease-purchase agreement as contained in the agenda. It was pointed out that Marshall owns the Shewey Building, therefore it would be impossible to lease or purchase this building from the MU Foundation.

After discussion, Mr. Ketchum moved, seconded by Mr. Williams, that the refinancing of the Shewey Building be approved and that the proper documents be prepared and executed setting out the terms of the refinancing agreement between Marshall University and The Marshall University Foundation, which grants the Foundation a lien on the Shewey Building for the monies owed to the MU Foundation under the refinancing agreement.

IX.    Possible Executive Session, WV Code 6-9A-4

Re: Presidential Evaluation Process

Mr. Perry moved that the Board enter into Executive Session. Seconded by Ms. King. Motion carried.

Following Executive Session, the Board reconvened in open session.

X.      Report of Nominating Committee/Election of Board Officers

Mr. Tom Wilkerson presented on behalf of the Nominating Committee. The Committee presented the following nominations for Board officers for 2003-04:

Chair Mr. A. Michael Perry
Vice Chair Mr. Menis Ketchum
Secretary Mr. Joseph Williams

With no further nomination forthcoming, Mr. Shell moved that the Board accept the nominations for Board Officers as presented by the Nominating Committee. Second by Mr. Marsteller. Motion carried. “Revised 8/18/03”

XI.    Further Business

Mr. Perry reported on behalf of the Committee appointed to strengthen the relationships between Marshall and the MU Foundation.

Mr. White reported on behalf of the Presidential Evaluation Committee. It is expected that Mr. David Todd will remain on the Evaluation Committee as a public member.

XII.   Adjournment

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Williams, Secretary

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