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Minutes of July 21, 2006

An emergency meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors was held on July 21, 2006, at the John Spotts Room.

Present, in person:

Menis Ketchum, Chairman, Bob Shell, Sue Richardson, Sherri Noble, Jim Sottile

Present, by telephone: John Hess, Mike Perry, Verna Gibson, Tish Chafin, Brent Marsteller, Chad Caldwell, Virginia King
Others Present:

President Kopp, university staff, and visitors

I.        Call to Order

Chairman Ketchum called the meeting to order.

II.       Committee of the Whole

It was announced that after the meeting on June 28, 2006, wherein the board voted to condemn the property of F.O.G. Inc., on Maple Avenue and the property of Mouwafak & Hanan Ghannam on Buffington Avenue that the owners reduced their offer to sell the six Maple Avenue lots to $360,000.00 and the two Buffington Avenue lots to $120,000.00. There is the need for quick action in order to eliminate the expense of an eminent domain suit.

Jim Sottile moved, seconded by Mike Perry, the following:

Resolved, Marshall University purchase the six lots of F.O.G. Inc., on Maple Avenue for $360,000.00 and the two lots of the Ghannams on Buffington Avenue for up to $120,000.00 and pay a real estate commission of $17,200.00. If the owners do not agree to these prices the President shall continue with eminent domain proceedings.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Verna Gibson, Secretary


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