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Minutes of August 23, 2006

A meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors was held on August 23, 2006, at the Memorial Student Center.

Members Present:

All members were present except Gary White.

Others Present:

President Kopp, President Riley, their staff, representatives of Capstone Development, faculty and staff  members of the Community College, William Smith, visitors, and members of print and television media.

I.        Call to Order

Chairman Ketchum called the meeting to order.

II.       Swearing in of Newly Appointed Board Members

Judge Al Ferguson swore in Menis Ketchum and Bob Shell. He also performed a ceremonial swearing in of Sue Richardson who was officially sworn in at the June 28, 2006, meeting.

III.     Resolution Honoring William Smith

Sherri Noble read a resolution honoring William Smith’s service on the Board and presented him with a framed copy of the resolution. She moved the approval of the resolution, seconded by Mike Perry, which motion unanimously passed.

IV.     Minutes

General Mooney moved, seconded by Virginia King, that the minutes of June 28, 2006, and July 21, 2006, be approved. The motion passed.

V.      Executive Session

Jim Sottile moved, seconded by Mike Farrell, that the Board go into executive session pursuant to W.Va. Code, 6-9a-4 to discuss:

(a) Real estate purchases;
(b) Personnel matters;
(c) HEPC draw downs on real estate purchases;
(d) Community & Technical College real estate purchases and leases; and
(e) Advanced construction planning for the Wellness Center property.

The motion passed.

After a period of time the board came out of executive session.

VI.     Post Executive Session

Mike Farrell moved, seconded by Perry, King, Hess, and Marsteller, that the following resolutions be adopted:

Resolved, the Board previously approved the purchase of
Lots 19 & 20, Block 318, on Buffington Avenue from
Mouwafak & Hanan Ghannam. The Ghannam’s are
demanding a $5,000 increase in the purchase price on
both lots for a total of $120,000.00. Marshall University
is authorized to purchase these lots for $120,000.00.

Resolved, Marshall University purchase the lot on Maple
Avenue owned by the May’s for $45,000, and the lot on Hal
Greer Boulevard owned by L.A.P.D. Inc., for $130,000.00.

Resolved, the proposed leases by the Community College at
917 3rd Avenue for a Culinary School, and at the Huntington
Mall for CDL training are approved.

Resolved, a contract extension for Athletic Director Marcum
through June 30, 2009, is approved.

Resolved, the new weight and exercise training building
next to the Shewey Building be named the “Robert L.
“Bobby” Pruett Training Center” and the weight room
therein be named the “John Dunfee Weight Room”.

Resolved, Capstone Development Company is selected as
Marshall’s developer on the Wellness Center Project.

The motions unanimously passed except John Hess abstained from voting on the Culinary School lease at 917 3rd Avenue, Huntington, WV.

VII.    Community & Technical College Meeting

President Riley gave an informational report.

Menis E. Ketchum appointed Donna Donathan and
Marjorie Keatley to assist the Community College
committee with the Community College site

John Hess moved, seconded by Jim Sottile, that the
college’s revised mission statement be approved. After
discussion, John Hess withdrew his motion and Jim Sottile
withdrew his second of the motion.

VIII.  University Meeting

President Kopp gave an information report.

The planned tour of the basement of the Memorial Student Center was canceled.

Verna Gibson gave a presentation regarding the University’s new marketing plan.

1.       Finance, Audit & Investment Committee

Mike Perry moved, seconded by General Mooney, that the “Border State Scholarship Plan to expand non-resident enrollment” be adopted.

The motion passed.

2.       Academic, Medical & Athletic Committees

These committees gave informational reports.

IX.     Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,
Verna Gibson, Secretary


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