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Minutes of 
August 27, 2002
 The board met by telephone call at 3:30 p.m.

Members present:  Mr. Gary White, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Mike Perry, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Ms. Sherri Noble, Mr. Bob Shell, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Ms. Virginia King, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. Menis Ketchum, Mr. Joseph Williams, Ms. Carol Hartley, Dr. Tom Scott

Members absent:  Dr. Steve Haid, Mr. Cory Dennison

Guests: Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Mike McGuffey, Dr. Ed Grose, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Jim Schneider

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White. Mr. White welcomed new Board Members, Robert Shell and Menis Ketchum.


I.    Capital Expenditure Request, FY 2004

Dr. Dan Angel and Dr. Ed Grose provided an overview of the capital request document, which was previously provided to Board Members.  Discussion ensued with regard to individual projects, and priority listings.  Dr. Tom Scott commented on the proposed renovation of the Morrow Library, and the significant space available in that facility.  Following discussion, Mr. Mike Perry moved to approve the capital expenditure request as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Motion carried.

II.    Preliminary review, Marshall University 2003-04 budget

Dr. Dan Angel commented on Marshall’s budget preparation.  Each state agency and institution has been directed to prepare a budget reflecting a 10% reduction, due to a projected downturn in revenue collections by the state.  Discussion ensued, with Board members expressing interest in their continued involvement in the budget process.
III.    Announcements/Other Business

Mr. White inquired about fall enrollment.  Dr. Denman and Mr. McGuffey reported that preliminary figures indicate a 6% increase in FTE students, an increase in non-resident enrollment, and improved retention.

Dr. Dan Angel discussed the upcoming Board/Policy Commission workshop, scheduled for September 12, 2002.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is September 18, in Huntington.

Capital campaign events are scheduled for the weekend of September 20.

Mr. Gary White commented that with the recent appointment of Board members Bob Shell and Menis Ketchum, the September Board agenda would include election of Board officers for 2002-03.  A nominating committee for Board officers had been previously appointed, consisting of Mr. David Todd (Chair), Dr. Steve Haid, Ms. Carol Hartley, and Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Mr. White asked Mr. Todd to convene the nominating committee and present nominations for Board officers at the September meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

                            Respectfully submitted,

Mr. Joseph Williams, Secretary

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