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Minutes of September 7, 2005

Members Participating:

Chairman Ketchum, Verna Gibson, Bob Shell, Virginia King (telephonically), Brent Marsteller (telephonically), General Mooney (telephonically), Sherri Noble (telephonically), Jim Sottile (telephonically), John Hess (telephonically), Gary Adkins (telephonically), Seth Murphy (telephonically)

Members Absent:

Tish Chafin, Mike Perry, Bill Smith, Gary White, Michael J. Farrell


Dr. Stephen Kopp, Sarah Denman, Layton Cottrill, Herb Karlet, Michael McGuffey


I.        Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ketchum after determining a quorum was present.

II.       Meeting

The Board then considered the special meeting agenda which was previously published pursuant to West Virginia law.

Robert Shell moved, seconded by Verna Gibson, that the new athletic weight room building, also known as the “Indoor Athletic Training Facility” be named in honor of former football Coach Robert Pruett.  The motion unanimously passed

Robert Shell moved, seconded by Verna Gibson, that the Request for Proposal seeking a proposal from developers and contractors to finance and construct a Student Health and Wellness Center, a Visual Arts and Design Center, a 600 bed Residence Hall, a baseball and softball stadium, with no financial obligation to Marshall, be approved and that the location of this project be allowed to deviate from Marshall’s land use plan.  The motion unanimously passed.

The Chair reminded the Board of the date and location of the next regular Board Meeting.  Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Verna Gibson, Secretary

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