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Minutes of October 16, 2007

A meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors was held on October 16, 2007, at the Marshall Student Center.

Members present, in person:

Bob Shell, Menis E. Ketchum, A. Michael Perry, Verna Gibson, Gary Adkins, Mike Farrell, Sue Richardson, Brent Marsteller, General H.F. Mooney, Monica Brooks, Sherri Noble, Virginia King, John Hess, Letitia Chafin and Kristina Fueyo.

Members present, by telephone:
Members absent: Gary White
Others Present:

Presidents Kopp and Cotroneo, Senior Vice Presidents, various staff members, Campus Security Team and other visitors from the community and university.

I.        Call to Order

Chairman Pro Tem, Menis Ketchum, announced a quorum was present and called the meeting to order. Mr. Ketchum acted as chairman pursuant to Rule 5 of the BOG Rules of Order.

II.     Minutes

The minutes of the August 22, 2007 were unanimously approved.

III.    Executive Session

The Board by unanimous consent went into executive session to discuss:

a) Investment of public funds
b) A prospective real estate purchase
c) HEPC personnel recommendation
d) University security

After a time, the Board came out of Executive Session and Mr. Ketchum invited everyone to stay for lunch.

IV.     Post Executive Session

After lunch, the Board continued the meeting. There were two action items from Executive Session:

1) The Board authorized the Community College Committee to explore the proposal by Unlimited Future Inc. relating to the Bounty Kitchen property;

2) Adopt the HEPC recommendation for the Presidentís raise (3%). The Board also authorized a new committee to explore Presidential Compensation to consist of: Bob Shell and John Hess for future compensation packages.

These items were approved and adopted by Unanimous Consent.

The Board accepted the report from Common Fund, by unanimous consent.

V.      Committee of the Whole

The Board approved by Unanimous Consent GA14-Interim Document Retention Policy and HR14-Background Check Policy as presented by Michael McGuffey.

VI.    Community & Technical College Meeting

a) President Keith Cotroneo presented a report on his first 45 days as President, including handouts and graphs regarding his student population.

b) John Hess reported for the Community College Committee welcoming Keith as President. There was nothing to bring to the Board for approval, but reminded each member of dual responsibility.

IV.     University Meeting

1.       Finance, Audit & Investment Committee

Virginia King presented various informational items and resolutions to the Board:

  • Resolved, that the Board of Governors receive the Investment Earnings Report for the period ending August 31, 2007
  • Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve FY 2008 through FY 2013 Capital Project List
  • Resolved, that the Marshall University Board of Governors approve a transfer of the remaining balances from the Morrow Library and Harris Hall Lottery Bond projects to the Smith Hall Lottery Bond Project
  • Progress of the Forensic Science Center Ė Terry Fenger gave this update regarding funding and grants.
  • HEPC Request of appointment of representative to serve on the committee to evaluate RFPs submitted for the selection of fiscal auditors for the University/College System. Anita reported that Larry Barnhill would be the representative.
  • Financial Audit update was given. Dennis Juran will attend the December 5, 2007, meeting to present the final report to the Board.

The resolutions were adopted by unanimous consent.

2.       Academic Committee

Verna Gibson asked Sarah Denman to update the board on the following items:

  • Program Review
  • One Book Program/Habitat House Project
  • Academic Activities, i.e. Homecoming, Parentís Weekend, Yeager Symposium

3.       Medical School Committee

Jim Schneider reported for the Medical School Committee regarding the Medical School budget. He also discussed the positives and negatives of the budget that was submitted to the Finance and Medical School Committees during their combined meeting.

V.      Dr. Koppís Report

Dr. Kopp discussed the following:

  • 7 construction projects at MU currently
  • MU-WVU game and the positives to the community
  • HEPC and enrollment numbers clarification was given verbally to the Board
  • High School visits with recruitment
  • Marketing materials completed with outside firm
  • Science Technology Student, Megan Neal
  • Legislative Funds and the EPSCoR project grant that will be used for MIIR startup funds
  • Bucks for Brains based on the University of Kentucky program that Governor Manchin is pursuing

VI.       Athletic Committee

At this time, Mr. Ketchum went back to Mr. Farrell for his Committee report. Mr. Farrell discussed the following items:

  • APR projections that will be submitted soon
  • Basketball season ticket sales were ahead of last year.
  • Baseball field at YMCA Kennedy Center

VII.     Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Verna Gibson, Secretary 


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