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November 8, 2001
Memorial Student Center
Huntington, WV

Members Present: Mr. Gary White, Mr. Joseph Williams, Dr. Steve Haid, Ms. Carol Hartley, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Dan Moore, Mr. Michael Perry, Dr. Tom Scott, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Ms. Sherri Noble, Mr. Cory Dennison

Members Absent: Mr. Mike Farrell

Guests: Dr. Dan Angel, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Herb Karlet, Mr. Mike McGuffey, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Jim Schneider, Dr. Charles McKown, Dr. Ed Grose, Dr. Keith Spears, Dr. Michael Mullen

The committees on Finance and Academic Affairs met at 9:30 a.m.  Lunch at 12:00 noon.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White.  It was moved by Carol Hartley, seconded by Tom Wilkerson, to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting.  Motion carried.

I. President’s Report

Dr. Dan Angel made a power point presentation on a proposal being considered by the Higher Education Policy Commission that would re-allocate capital debt service payments made by higher education institutions in West Virginia.

Dr. Angel discussed the history of capital construction in WV higher education, including the various bond issues during the past thirty years.  Dr. Angel recounted the governance changes in higher education since 1969, and the decisions made relating to payment for capital construction projects.

Dr. Angel distributed an “Alternative Comparison, Capital Allocations Debt Service,” which lists the annual payments made by each higher education institution, as well as debt service payments as calculated under the re-allocation under consideration.

Dr. Angel recounted the provisions of Senate Bill 653 as related to peer equity, and the status of Marshall University as being significantly underfunded as compared to peer institutions.  Any change in debt service payments would greatly hinder the state’s efforts to address peer equity, and would run counter to the legislative mandates contained in SB 653.

II. Dialogue with Chancellor J. Michael Mullen

Dr. Mullen discussed key higher education issues of the past two years, and the subsequent passage of Senate Bill’s 653 and 703.  Dr. Mullen outlined higher education governance changes, and the role of the Policy Commission.  SB 653 created individual institutional governing boards, with the emphasis on localized decision making.

Dr. Mullen discussed the procedure by which institutional governing boards will interact with the Policy Commission with regard to approval of governing board policies.

The Chancellor outlined differing approaches regarding higher education capital construction, and discussed methods utilized in systems in surrounding states.  Dr. Mullen indicated that it would be his desire to phase in any debt reallocation over a period of years.

The Chancellor also discussed the following issues:

  • future higher education bond issues;
  • capital project priorities;
  • deferred maintenance, and the need to properly maintain existing structures before embarking on new construction;
  • future tuition and fee policy will be significant issue for Policy Commission and institution governing boards;
  • performance measures, benchmarks, and report cards will be of increasing significance with regard to interaction with the legislature;
  • budgeting concerns for the coming fiscal years, including increased costs for PEIA and BRIM.

III. Finance Committee Report

Finance Chair Mike Perry reported on the Committee’s morning meeting.

a) Audited Financial Report, FY 2000-01 

Ms. Loretta Ayers of the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche attended and gave an overview of the financial and board audits for FY 2000-01.  The financial report was received by the full board, with any further discussion and/or action deferred to subsequent board meeting.

b) Sale of University Property.

On behalf of the Committee, Mr. Perry moved that the board approve the sale of 61.9 acres of property, as outlined in the agenda item.  Seconded by Tom Wilkerson.  Motion approved.

c) Property Purchase.

Mr. Perry discussed the proposed purchases of properties contiguous to the Marshall campus.  Mr. Perry moved that the board approve this purchase, as outlined in the agenda item.  Seconded by Dr. Scott.  Motion carried.

d) Approve Design, Student Housing Project.

Dr. Ed Grose presented a schematic drawing outlining the proposed design of the housing project.  Mr. John Harris of Bastien and Harris Architectural Firm appeared before the board to answer questions and discuss the design plans.  This project is to be completed and ready for occupancy by Fall 2003; will provide approximately five hundred beds.

Board members discussed the location, design and cost to students regarding this project.

Mr. Mike Perry moved that the Board approve the design plans as presented.  Mr. Perry requested that the university provide him with design drawings from different vantage points.  Motion seconded by Mr. Dan Moore.  Motion approved.

e) Property Condemnation.  (Information item)

Dr. Ed Grose updated the Board on the proceedings to condemn four parcels of property owned by the Crutchen family.

Report was received.

f) Property Sale (Information item)

Dr. Grose gave an update on the status of 1.72 acres of property on Route 60, as outlined in the agenda item.  Report was received.

g) Parking garage/Design and Contract

Dr. Ed Grose presented the proposed design and contract for a 1013 space parking garage to be built on Third Avenue.  Dr. Grose outlined the funding mechanism for this project, with funds to be provided from Health and Human Services, in addition to a bond issue.

Following discussion, Mr. Perry moved to approve the agenda item.  Seconded by Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Ms. Virginia King recused herself from voting.  Motion approved.

IV. Academic Affairs Committee Report

Academic Affairs Committee Chair David Todd reported on the committee’s morning meeting.

a.) Name Change, Degree Program (Information item) 

Appropriate constituent groups have approved changing the name of Marshall’s “Basic Humanities Program” to “Humanities Degree Program.”

Report received.

b.) Guidelines for Submission of Program Review Reports.

Mr. David Todd presented an overview of this agenda item; state code and HEPC Policy Series 10 provide for state level review of academic programs on an annual basis.

Mr Todd outlined the program review schedule and review procedures.

Following discussion, Mr. Todd moved that the board approve the guidelines as contained in the agenda.  Seconded by Dr. Scott.  Motion carried.

c.) Tuition Waivers

Mr. Todd and Dr. Sarah Denman presented documents outlining inventories of undergraduate, graduate, and professional fee waivers at Marshall.

Following discussion, Mr. Todd moved approval of the fee waivers as noted in the documents.  Seconded by Dr. Scott.  Motion carried.

V. Creation of Non-Classified Positions

Dr. Ed Grose and Mr. Layton Cottrill presented this agenda item; Marshall would create seven non-classified, institution-critical position titled “Skilled Craft Specialist.”  This action would give the university needed flexibility in completing specific projects which cannot be accomplished utilizing the present work force.  These appointments would be temporary in nature.

Following discussion, Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved approval of this agenda item.  Seconded by Mike Perry.  Motion carried.

VI. Additional Board Action/Comments

Mr. Gary White commented on a recent correspondence from Bruce Walker, HEPC legal counsel, concerning a lawsuit filed by WV Attorney General Darrell McGraw.  This lawsuit would change the way higher education institution and other state agencies retain legal counsel, and would make Marshall and other institutions dependent solely on the Attorney General’s office for legal representation.

Following discussion, Mr. David Todd moved that the Board authorize Mr. Layton Cottrill to monitor this situation and to provide appropriate representation on behalf of the Board.  Seconded by Ms. Virginia King.  Motion carried.

VII. Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Mr. Gary White, Chair
Mr. Joseph Williams, Secretary


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