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Minutes of 
July 19, 2001
12:00 noon 
Memorial Student Center

Members present: Mr. Gary White, Mr. Joseph Williams, Dr. Stephen Haid, Ms. Virginia King, Mr. Dan Moore, Mr. Michael Perry, Dr. Tom Scott, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Mr. David Todd (telephonically),
Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Ms. Tanya Bobo, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, 
Mr. Cory Dennison

Members absent: Mr. Michael Farrell, Ms. Carol Hartley

Also attending: Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Herb Karlet, Dr. Sarah Denman, 
Dr. Vicki Riley, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Keith Spears, 
Dr. Carolyn Hunter


The meeting was called to order by Dr. Dan Angel.

I. Oath of Office

Judge Robert C. Chambers administered the oath of office to the assembled board members.  Each member had previously received a written form, to be completed and placed on file with The Secretary of State.

II. Election of Board Officers, FY 2001-02

A nominating committee was appointed previously for the purpose of accepting nominations for board officers for the coming year.  On behalf of the committee, Mr. Dan Moore presented the following nominations:

  Mr. Gary White – Chair
  Mr. Michael Farrell – Vice Chair
  Mr. Joseph Williams – Secretary

With no further nominations, Dr. Sam Sentelle moved to close nominations and accept by acclamation.  Motion seconded by Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Motion passed unanimously.

The above officer terms are effective immediately, and extend until June 30, 2002.

III. President’s Report

Chairman Gary White called upon Dr. Dan Angel for his report.

Dr. Angel reported on the recently approved budget for higher education and for Marshall University.  The Higher Education Policy Commission allocated a total of $9.2 million of “peer equity” and “sustained quality” dollars, as required by Senate Bill 653.  These allocations were based upon a formula whereby each WV institution was compared to ten specific national peer institutions; in relation to its peer institutions, it was determined that Marshall is funded at approximately 66% of its peers.  Accordingly, Marshall received a 4.01% increase in general fund revenues.  Each West Virginia institution was funded according to this peer equity formula.

Mr. Gary White inquired as to the status of the legislative audit being conducted on the Marshall Bookstore; Mr. Herb Karlet reported on the audit findings and Marshall’s continuing response in that regard.

IV. Overview – Sr. Vice President for Operations

Dr. Ed Grose provided board members with a comprehensive overview of the Operations Division at Marshall, including:

  • An organizational chart of the division;
  • A statement of revenue and expenses for the campus renewal and physical plant funds for FY 2000-01;
  • A summary of capital projects at Marshall;
  • An overview of the planned student housing complex and dining facility;
  • A copy of Marshall’s long term campus master plan; and
  • A proposal for the sale of surplus university property, as well as an update on property acquisition for the new student housing project.

With regard to the sale of surplus university property, discussion ensued as to the most efficient method of determining market value of such properties.  The university has traditionally obtained two independent appraisals for land parcels, and will not sell property for less than the average of the two appraisals.  Following discussion, Mr. Mike Perry moved, to refer this matter to the board’s Executive Committee; this committee will review procedures regarding the sale of university property, and will report findings to the full board.  The Executive Committee may include additional board members for the purpose of this review.  Motion seconded by Mr. Dan Moore.  Motion carried unanimously.

With regard to the new student housing project, the Higher Education Policy Commission has authorized Marshall to initiate condemnation proceedings for four parcels of land within the construction site of this project.  Mr. Mike Perry moved, that Chairman Gary White be authorized to execute any necessary documents with regard to condemnation proceedings.  Second by Mr. Tom Wilkerson.  Motion carried.

Mr. Mike Perry and Dr. Tom Scott commented on deferred maintenance of campus facilities, and the need to invest appropriate resources in ongoing maintenance.

Dr. Steve Haid inquired about the availability of sufficient classroom space with anticipated enrollment increases; Dr. Sarah Denman responded that the university has sufficient space to accommodate growth in Community and Technical College and graduate enrollment; growth in “traditional” student enrollment may impact class size over the short term.

V. Salary Guidelines, Y 2001-02

Mr. Herb Karlet discussed salary guidelines for faculty, classified staff, and non-classified staff for the coming year.  Any salary adjustments are to be effective October 1, 2001.  Mr. Karlet referred to a July 6, 2001, memorandum from Chancellor Mullen, outlining salary guidelines previously approved by the Policy Commission.  Faculty and non-classified staff are to be compensated based upon salary goals established in the campus compact; for classified staff, the university will implement a multi-year salary plan, which will progress toward implementation of the new classified salary schedule.

Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved, to approve the salary plan at Marshall as presented by Mr. Karlet (attachment enclosed.)  Second by Mr. Dan Moore.  Motion carried.

VI. Future meeting dates

State code requires our governing board to meet at least six times per fiscal year.  Following discussion, it was determined that the board would meet as follows:

September 8, 2001
2:00 p.m.
Memorial Student Center


November 8, 2001
12:00 noon
MU Graduate College
South Charleston

VII. Other Business

Mr. Gary White referenced a correspondence of June 28, 2001, prepared by Mr. Layton Cottrill, in which Mr. Cottrill presented a draft of “Organizational Structure and Operational Guidelines” for the Marshall Governing Board.  Following discussion, Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved that the board adopt these guidelines, with the stipulation that the board may subsequently modify its structure and guidelines during future meetings.  Motion seconded by Ms. Virginia King.  Motion carried.

The following announcements were made concerning upcoming events:

  • The Nick J. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall will be dedicated on July 23, 2001;
  • The Higher Education Policy Commission is holding joint Policy Commission/Governing Board orientation session on August 2&3 in Charleston;
  • The unveiling of the new MU logo will take place August 8 on the Marshall campus.

Members were informed of a new website for the Board of Governors, located on Marshall’s home page (  This website will be utilized to display membership information, announcement, meeting dates, and other pertinent board information.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

      Gary White, Chairman

   Joseph Williams, Secretary



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