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Minutes of 
September 8, 2001
2:00 p.m.
Memorial Student Center

Members present: Mr. Gary White, Mr. Mike Farrell, Dr. Tom Scott, Ms. Virginia King, Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Ms. Tanya Bobo, Mr. Tom Wilkerson, Mr. Dan Moore, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Mike Perry, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Dr. Stephen Haid

Telephonically: Mr. Joseph Williams

Members absent: Ms. Carol Hartley, Mr. Cory Dennison

Also attending: Dr. Dan Angel, Mr. Michael McGuffey, Dr. Sarah Denman, Mr. Layton Cottrill, Mr. Herb Karlet, Dr. Vicki Riley, Dr. Ed. Grose, Dr. Keith Spears,  Mr. Dave Wellman

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gary White.


I. Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Mr. Dan Moore, seconded by Mr. Tom Wilkerson, to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting.  Motion carried.

II. Presidentís Report

Dr. Dan Angel discussed the Higher Education Policy Commissionís budget request for FY 2002-03.

Board members discussed the amounts requested for five separate funds, as mandated by Senate Bill 653: a) peer equity; b) independently accredited community and technical colleges; c) research challenge fund; d) incentives for contribution to state priorities; and e) sustained quality fund.

Mr. Mike Perry and Dr. Steve Haid discussed the governing boardís role in the state legislation process, and commented on the need for board involvement in this area.

Mr. Tom Wilkerson requested that Marshall prepare a list of key issues concerning the upcoming legislative session, and provide this list to board members prior to the session.

Dr. Sarah Denman provided an overview of the statewide higher education strategic plan.  Following discussion, Mr. Mike Farrell and Mr. Gary White requested that board members review this plan and forward comments, suggestions and revisions to Dr. Denman.

Dr. Ed Grose discussed Marshallís Capital Projects Summary; Dr. Grose provided a progress report on current projects, and projected completion dates, as well as timelines for future projects.

III. Autism Training Center Advisory Board

Board approval was requested for the following nominees to the ATC Advisory Board:

  • Christina Lee Fair (Parent category)
  • Cynthia Anderson (Professional category)
  • Christy Bishop (Parent category)

Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved, seconded by Ms. Virginia King, to approve the nominees as presented.  Motion carried.

IV. Delivery of M.S. Environmental Science; M.S. Safety Ė to Shawnee State University

Dr. Sarah Denman provided background on this agenda item; at its August 2001 meeting, the Higher Education Policy Commission approved the offering of these two graduate programs, contingent upon approval by Marshallís governing board.

Mr. David Todd moved, seconded by Mr. Dan Moore, to approve the delivery of these degree programs as presented.  Motion carried.

V. Purchase of Property

Dr. Ed Grose discussed the universityís proposal to purchase three properties adjacent to campus; these parcels would be utilized for expanded parking, and would be purchased at appraisal price.  The locations are as follows:

  • 1696 Sixth Avenue, Huntington
  • 527 Elm Street, Huntington
  • 523-525 Elm Street, Huntington

The combined appraisal price is $456,000.  

Mr. David Todd moved, seconded by Mr. Tom Wilkerson, to approve the purchases as listed.  Motion carried.

VI. Policy Commissionís Proposal ďRule on Rules, Guidelines, and Other Policy Statements

Dr. Dan Angel discussed the Policy Commissionís proposed rules, which were forwarded previously to governing board members for review.  Discussion ensued; Dr. Steve Haid discussed previous higher education governance structures in West Virginia; the passage of Senate Bill 653 resulted in the de-centralization of institutional control, allocating greater governance authority to individual institutions and their respective governing boards.  Concern was expressed that any proposed rules must not effectively move institutional control back to the central authority.

Mr. Mike Farrell inquired as to the position of other institutions on the proposed rules; Mr. Layton Cottrill replied that to our knowledge, only two institutions had formally expressed concerns relative to the proposed rules.

Dr. Steve Haid recommended that the board consider requesting an extension of the time period designated for institutional governing boards to review and comment on proposed Policy Commission rules; Dr. Haid suggested that a ninety day review period would be appropriate.

Following discussion, Mr. David Todd moved, seconded by Mr. Mike Perry, that the board correspond with the Policy Commission and request that the review and comment period for proposed rules be extended to a ninety (90) day period.  This correspondence is to also address a provision in Item 3.8, Section 3 of Series 4, concerning institutional governing boardsí authority to adopt rules, guidelines, and policies without requiring subsequent approval by the higher education central office.  This correspondence is to be sent by Chairman Gary White on behalf of the board, and directed to HEPC Chair John Hoblitzell, with copies provided to the chairs of the governing boards of all other public higher education institutions in West Virginia.  Motion carried.

VII. Overview, Senior Vice President Academic Affairs

Due to time constraints, it was determined that this agenda item is to be postponed to a future board meeting.

VIII. Possible Executive Session, Authority WV Code 6-9A-1

Dr. Marshall Onofrio moved, seconded by Mr. David Todd, that the board go into executive session pursuant to the above code, to discuss personnel matters.  Motion carried.

At the conclusion of executive session, the board reconvened in open session and the following action was taken:

  • Mr. Tom Wilkerson moved that the Marshall University athletics facility building be named in honor of Fred and Christine Shewey of Kermit, WV.  Seconded by Dr. Tom Scott.  Motion carried.
  • Ms. Virginia King moved that President Dan Angelís employment contract be extended through September 30, 2006, with a four percent (4%) increase in compensation.  Seconded by Mr. Mike Perry.  Motion carried.

IX. Other Business

Mr. Gary White discussed the formation of three board committees, as outlined in the boardís policy guidelines.  This will consist of Finance, Academic Affairs, and Executive Committees.  Mr. White distributed proposed committee assignments (enclosed) and opened this matter to board discussion.

Following discussion, Mr. Mike Perry moved that the committee assignments be approved as listed, with the board reserving the right to alter committee assignments in the future.  Motion seconded by Dr. Steve Haid.  Motion carried.  By acclamation, the board named Mr. Mike Perry as temporary chair of the Finance Committee, and Mr. David Todd as temporary chair of Academic Affairs Committee.

Mr. Mike Farrell discussed issues relating to the Marshall University School of Medicine and the potential need to form a Health Sciences Committee at a future date.

Mr. Farrell requested that board members begin receiving issues of the MU student newspaper, the Parthenon.

Mr. Farrell and Mr. White discussed the need for an additional board meeting in October, for the purpose of continuing presentations on key university components.  October 6th was selected as a tentative date for a supplemental board meeting.

X. Adjournment

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

       Mr. Gary White, Chair

       Mr. Joseph Williams, Secretary



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