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Mission of the College

The College of Arts and Media is dedicated to the discovery, application, transmission, and advancement of knowledge in arts and in media. Through its rich and varied public programs, our college informs and enhances the lives of students and the wider community.

Our students receive professional, discipline-based training within the context of broad learning. They become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and collaborators. They are prepared for productive lives as global citizens and 21st century leaders through their professions and in their communities.

The specific goals of the College of Arts and Media are:

  1. To educate and train those seeking professions in arts and in media;
  2. To support the university’s general academic curricula by offering courses which stimulate an understanding of and response to the verbal, aural, and visual nature of our programs;
  3. To offer diverse opportunities through exhibitions, informational media, performances, presentations, and service for the enrichment of the campus and other publics; and
  4. To provide leadership in and advocacy for arts and media.

Contact Us

Marshall University
College of Arts & Media
Smith Hall 158
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755

phone: 304-696-6433

fax: 304-696-6426

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