Adult Swim Lessons

The Marshall University Recreation Center offers two swim classes for adults; Adult Basic and Adult Stroke.

Spring 2019 Swim School Schedule (PDF)

Marshall Rec Swim School Program Guide (PDF)

Adult Basic

For ages 14 and over this class has no prerequisites. Participants will gain comfort in the water, learn basic aquatic safety skills and develop swimming strokes. Accomplishment of skills will take several sessions depending upon the participant’s comfort in the water. Participants will be divided into groups with others of similar abilities on the first day of class.

Upon successful completion of this class participants will:

  • Submerge mouth, nose and eyes
  • Hold breath and blow bubbles through mouth and nose
  • Perform 5-20 bobs
  • Explore underwater swimming
  • Change body position in water with assistance
  • Float on front and back with assistance
  • Open eyes underwater
  • Swim 5 yards underwater
  • Float on front and back independently
  • Roll from front to back independently
  • Perform streamlined glide on front and back using a proper kick
  • Perform streamlined glide rotating from front to back using a proper kick
  • Perform head and hand lead side kick with proper lateral breathing
  • Scull and flutter kick on back for 15 yards
  • Perform a single switch arm and leg movement for front and back crawl
  • Perform front crawl with proper lateral breathing 15 yards
  • Perform back crawl 15 yards
  • Learn methods of self-rescue and basic procedures to assist others in the water without putting oneself in danger.

Adult Stroke

Participants must be comfortable in chest-deep water and able to put their face in the water and float without assistance. They must be able to perform strokes that can be recognized as freestyle and backstroke for 15 yards. This class will improve participant’s proficiency in freestyle and backstroke. Additional strokes and skills will be developed according to each participant’s goals.

For more information about Adult Swim Lessons, please contact:

Eric Becker
Coordinator of Aquatics & Safety


Telephone: (304) 696-3653