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Overview & Introduction

The Center for Continuing Education at Marshall University (MU) provides life-long learning opportunities for the campus and surrounding communities through the offering of diversified short-term noncredit activities or camps for adults and youth. It also extends to faculty and others with expertise the opportunity to share their talents and abilities with the community and to reap financial rewards for sharing their expertise with our students.


Potential instructors must complete and submit a CCE Course Proposal Form and a copy of their current resume to the Center for Continuing Education for each new course they wish to instruct. The instructor will be notified of approval and next steps by the CCE in approximately 10 business days.


Degree or Experience Rate of Pay
AA/AS or 0-5 years $15/instructional hours
BA/BS or 6-12 years $20/instructional hours
MA/MS or 13-19 years $25/instructional hours
Terminal or 20+ years $30/instructional hours



Pay Procedures

The specific forms that must be completed are dependent on whether the instructor is currently or has been an employee of Marshall University. The CCE staff will guide each instructor through the process necessary for payment to be processed.

Unless otherwise determined, all payment for instruction will occur after the conclusion of the course in a lump sum equal to the rate of pay multiplied by the number of instructional hours for the course.

All forms necessary for payment will be processed by the CCE. Prompt completion and return of these forms ensures timely payment upon the conclusion of the course.


Enrollment Limits

Paid enrollment is the determining factor whether an activity is held or cancelled. Enrollment fees must cover all costs. Minimum enrollment will be established by the CCE and communicated to the instructor. Enrollment minimums must be reached by one week prior to the start of the course. Maximum enrollment depends on the activity, instructor, and available equipment and space. Maximum enrollment limits should be submitted on the CCE Course Proposal Form.


Textbooks, Supplies, and Equipment

All materials and textbooks, unless otherwise specified, will be provided to the students and calculated into the pricing of the course. Textbooks, supplies and equipment must be submitted on the CCE Course Proposal Form.



The instructor and the Center for Continuing Education will work together to coordinate promotion for the requested course. CCE will be responsible for on-campus emails and press releases to newspapers and radio, marketing materials through University Communications, and promotion through the CCE Facebook page. Flyers or other advertisements may be provided to the instructor by CCE for them to help promote their course. Instructors are encouraged to promote their classes to ensure enrollment minimums are related.


Participant Registration

The Center for Continuing Education will be responsible for pre-registering participants and collecting course fees through the designated website. All participants must register and pay all fees before being allowed to attend a course. No one should be allowed to attend free of charge. Walk-in registration is NOT permitted.


Age Requirements

CCE courses are designed to serve learners from youth through adults. The instructor will determine the appropriate age range for their class. Some classes may require parents to attend if the student is considered a minor. Parents of minor students will be asked to complete a permission form at the start of the course.


Attendance Roster

CCE will provide an attendance roster at the beginning of the course. Accurate attendance must be taken at each class meeting in order to determine completion for certificate.


Evaluation of Instruction

A course evaluation form will be provided in the Instructor Closing Packet. Near the conclusion of the CCE course, each participant should complete a CCE Participant Evaluation Form. Instructions on how to administer the evaluation process will be provided in the Instructor’s Packet. The evaluations should be returned to the CCE office within five business days of the conclusion of the course. A copy of the results will be sent to the instructor after tabulation is complete upon request.



Certificates of Completion will be provided in the Instructor’s Closing Packet and they should be distributed at the last activity meeting. The Instructor will need to sign each Certificate and distribute to those who complete the course only.


Concluding an Activity

At the conclusion of the CCE Activity, the instructor will submit the attendance roster,  completed course evaluations, and any remaining supplies to the CCE. These items can be dropped off at the CCE office in Jenkins Hall, or placed in campus mail.


Copyright Policy

It is the Instructor’s responsibility to comply with the U.S. copyright law and any other laws or regulations, both state and federal, which protect intellectual property in any manner. Violation of these laws or guidelines may expose the Instructor and/or the University to liability for copyright infringement. Note: The copyright notice; e.g. © is no longer required for copyrighted material. Additional information on copyright policy may be found at the following websites:

Dr. Beth Wolfe
Director of Continuing Education