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Welcome from the Director


Thank you for your interest in the Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Science (CEGAS) at Marshall University. The center was established in 1993 to stimulate scientific activity and encourage cooperation among the business community, state and federal government and Universities. The Center’s focus is on research, service, education and training related to innovative technologies, geophysical, environmental and other vital fields, that will support regional planning and spur economic development.

Due to the increasing attention given to sustainable development and environmental quality management and there has been a demand for education, training and guidance for the community and industry to address these issues. The professional staff of CEGAS has been providing these valuable services, in conjunction with the faculty and staff from the College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) and other entities within Marshall University.

We are committed to working closely with stakeholders to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of West Virginia and the region. If you have a question and would like to discuss any aspect of CEGAS’s activities, or an idea you would like to pursue, please contact us.


Tony Szwilski, Ph.D., P.E., Eur. Ing.