SecureWV 13

304 Geeks conducts an annual Infosec conference called SecureWV to fulfill the primary objectives of awareness and education.  This conference is one of the larger regional conferences, that attracts nationally known Infosec leaders to teach and speak about advanced Information security topics. The 304 Geeks publish a monthly newsletter that highlights local Infosec news and current trends in Infosec. With PND Research and Charleston LUG, 304 Geeks contributes to continuing education classes on a wide variety of IT and InfoSec topics.

AIDE Conference
The Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence (AIDE) is a regional not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the legal, technical, public sector and business professionals for whom digital evidence is part and parcel of their work. The AIDE conference exists to help network administrators, digital forensics practitioners, law enforcement, and legal professionals survive – and even thrive – in the ever-changing landscape where technology and the law meet.

Conference Images