Information Assurance Certificate Program

Evidence of information assurance coursework is required for many governments and private industry positions. This certificate will meet the government requirements for certification and continuing education for several information security certifications including Security+, CEH, and CISSP.

Admission Requirements

Students may pursue the certificate while enrolled in Marshall University OR as a certificate-only student. Students already enrolled in the undergraduate degree program should submit to Admissions a Secondary Program Request form.

Applicants interested in the certificate-only program should apply for admission to Marshall University as a Certificate/ Professional Development student and select on the application form the Undergraduate Certificate in Information Assurance.


  • IST 264 Technology Foundations – 3 Credit Hours
  • DFIA 454 Network Defense – 4 Credit Hours
  • DFIA 357 Network Penetration and Attack – 4 Credit Hours
  • DFIA 461 Cyber Warfare – 3 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours: 14

All courses are required for the certificate. Students must maintain a grade of C or better for each of the required courses to complete the certificate.