Testimonials: Cyber Forensics & Security

Graduates of the Cyber Forensics and Security Program

“Marshall University’s Cyber Forensics & Security program is a best-in-class collegiate experience. Here at Marshall, you have top-tier professors, the ability to work hands on with professional-grade tools, and opportunities to compete on a national scale both individually and as a team through extracurricular activities offered through the program. There is not much more you could ask for. What is unique about this program is that you get to learn a wide variety of skills both in digital forensics and cyber security so that you are better prepared for a career in our ever-evolving industry.

As someone who came into the program with little knowledge of anything computer related, I can assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of here. Your courses will give you a solid foundation to build off so that you can excel. If you get involved with extracurriculars such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club and put in time studying and learning new skills after class ends, you will succeed. Your professors are always there to help you grow as well. What I loved about this program was how much of a family it felt like. It is very easy to see that your professors want you to learn and succeed.

If you’re looking for a high-quality education with faculty that cares about your success both in college and your career, I cannot recommend Marshall University’s Cyber Forensics & Security program enough.”

Peyton Stevens
Network Security Analyst
U.S. Department of Energy


Graduates of the DFIA Program

Note: The CFS Program was previously called DFIA until restructuring of the program occurred in 2019. Most content and classes were similar to those provided in the CFS program currently.


“I can confidently say that the Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program at Marshall offers the best collegiate experience any student could hope for. The program provides the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to secure a successful career in a rapidly growing field upon graduation. You begin by learning the fundamentals of technology and continually build on that knowledge to reach the complex level of understanding required to work in digital forensic or security-related professions. Students learn industry-standard best practices and procedures, evidence handling and processing, a wide gamut of hands-on technical skills, and so much more.

Don’t be intimidated by this degree program if you think you don’t know enough about technology. You’ll be taught everything you need to know each step of the way. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn, the exceptional DFIA professors will gladly go above and beyond to ensure your success. The benefits you’ll reap don’t end in the classroom either. The faculty frequently provides opportunities for clubs, activities, internships, and employment. I encourage you to utilize these opportunities and get involved in as many extra things as possible to further enrich your college experience. If you’re considering choosing or switching to a major in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance, take my word for it and do it. You’ll be glad you did.”
Kevin Dillon
Security Engineer


“Throughout my time spent in the Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program at Marshall University, I was fortunate enough to receive valuable hands-on experience. The instruction methodology really challenges students to think outside the box, much like they will be required in the real world. There is no single recipe for success, as each individual will learn differently, and ultimately end up working in a different environment. This is where the MU DFIA program excels! The broad range of subjects covered provides students with many career options right after graduation.

All of the professors are top-notch subject matter experts and an absolute honor to work with and learn from. One of the best things about the program is that mentoring doesn’t stop when they mail out the diploma. On many occasions, I have reached out to former professors for advice or guidance in my career and every time they are so enthusiastic and willing to help. The program has rapidly evolved and improved, which is necessary for such a fast-paced field of study, and I look for it to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I grew up in the rapidly-declining coal fields of southern West Virginia, and now I get to travel all over the planet and work with some of the most incredible cutting edge science and technology that exist. All thanks to the education I received at Marshall University.”

Bradley Roeher
Information Assurance Engineer
Contractor – NASA


“My time in the Digital Forensics program has taught me more than I ever expected. From my first year, I began learning and gaining skills, hands-on, from some of the best professors Marshall has to offer. I was so fortunate to find a major I enjoyed and was interested in learning more about. The Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program is privileged to have access to new and emerging software and technology where students can easily grasp concepts and skills for jobs after graduation.

This program has given me the opportunity to earn certifications in the classroom that are coveted in the professional world. I have had multiple opportunities to work with major digital forensics companies, government agencies, and more as internships or research projects, giving me real-world experience before graduation. The professors are involved outside of the classroom as well, helping with job searching, giving advice, and helping students take their next step in the real world. The MU DF/IA program has helped me develop my skills for future opportunities that no other can offer.”
Kelsey Billups
Digital Forensic Examiner
Tippecanoe County High Tech Crime Unit


“The training, certifications, and resources I gained from the professors, the conferences and the classroom ensured confidence in me as I go out into the field to work. I believe my classmates and I are miles ahead of other candidates in job searches because my professors set the gold standards for their students.”
Zachary Gill
Spring 2017 Graduate


Through Marshall Universities Digital Forensics program I not only earned the credentials necessary to compete in a growing job market but I was exposed to real-world experiences. We are given networking opportunities through the many conferences I was able to attend. These conferences allowed me to meet leaders in the industry and these leaders always applauded for my choice in Marshall’s nationally respected Digital Forensics program. We have a faculty that is constantly improving their knowledge in order to pass onto us students. Each professor will go out of their way to ensure you receive the help and guidance you need to excel in our great industry.
Myles Satterfield
Spring 2018 Graduate


“After completing the prerequisites, I finally began my core courses of the major, I was not disappointed…You will not only grow intellectually but personally as well….To anyone reading this, I highly recommend Marshall University’s Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program.”
Damone Chang
U.S. Army


“I have to say that all the hands-on approaches you have in a classroom setting are excellent. Speaking as a non-traditional student, I was challenged in a way that made me better at what I thought I couldn’t do.

Marshall Faculty in the College of Science will make sure that you learn the basics to get started in the real world. They use real-world examples in the classroom and give us assignments that make us look for the information we need to accomplish this task. We are not “spoon-fed” information in the classroom, because this is not how the real world works.”
Danelle D. Wandling
May 2015 Graduate


“The hands-on approach and practical examples presented by the faculty greatly enhanced my learning of digital forensic concepts and procedures utilized in this profession. Students enrolled in this program have access to the latest digital forensic software inside the classrooms.

Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized certification and gain experience as an intern with a prominent digital forensic software company, leaving me well prepared to enter the work field after graduation.

I highly encourage others with an interest in digital forensics to take full advantage of this program offered at Marshall University.”

Catherine Rupp
NTT Data as an Information Security Engineer


“Coming into Marshall as a Freshman in the Fall of 2008, I was full of nerves and curiosity. Not only was I starting college away from home, but I was starting in a program that was in its infancy. I knew I loved computers and technology and this would motivate me to do well. If I had another chance to pick any other school and program… I would politely decline. Marshall’s Digital Forensics / Information Assurance curriculum is premier in the nation. The courses rival many graduate-level programs anywhere you go. With this foundation along with the core classes offered through the IST department, I had the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the work environment. Not only are you gaining an education allowing you to understand and apply the principles of DF / IA and Technology, but you are also utilizing the same tools and software that experts in the field use every day.

The program is also offering major certifications in a certification driven field, which adds much appeal to employers. I gained all of these things in my time at Marshall. In my opinion, this is the best program Marshall has to offer. You are being taught by experts, authors, field leaders, etc. In the current job market when you pick your major you really pick how many options you have down the road. In the field of DF / IA you have endless options; law enforcement, analyst, pen tester, and so much more. When I graduated my resume didn’t just have a degree on it, there were valuable skills, tools, certifications, and classes I needed to make it in the real world. This all resulted in me getting a job in the government less than 6 months after I graduated. The program is staying relevant in a rapidly changing field… and that is indispensable for any student.”
Ryan Fyffe


“During my time as a student at Marshall University, I had the privilege of majoring in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance. The classes prepared me well for my current role in the information security field, but I would not be where I am today without the support of the faculty from the DFIA program. Outside of the classroom, they were always available for my questions, comments, and concerns, and opened doors to great internship and employment opportunities for me. The faculty from the DFIA program are not just educators, they are deeply involved in the industry and provide extreme value to any willing student. I am happy to be an alumnus of Marshall University but proud to be an alumnus of the DFIA program.

The DFIA Program trains its students to be the best at all they do, giving them a wide range of skills to pull from. The professors are great to work within the classrooms and out.

The training I received at Marshall University prepared me and left me ahead of the game day one of my first job.”
Christopher Vance
Senior Forensic Instructor
Magnet Forensics