Welcome to the special education program at Marshall University. We are glad you are interested in in our program and hope the information on this webpage is useful.

Children with exceptional learning needs deserve the best teachers and it is our goal to start our undergraduates on that path. At the graduate level, we strive to help teachers become leaders in their profession and change-agents who can advocate for their students.



Students at the undergraduate level can add the mental impairment endorsement to the content specialization. Faculty are working to change this to a multicategorical endorsement in the near future. Information about course requirements and rotations can be found on the undergraduate page.

Graduate students can complete a master’s degree in special education with an area of emphasis in a variety of areas. Program areas include multicategorical, autism, preschool special needs, visual impairments, and deaf and hard of hearing.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Admissions to the gifted certification program are now suspended until further notice. Current students will receive information about how we plan to help you finish the program.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at 304-696-2340 (Huntington Campus) or at 304-746-2034 (South Charleston Campus).