Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates in education who wish to teach special education should add the mental impairment endorsement to their elementary or secondary major. There is no stand-alone special education major.


All students, regardless of certification level, must take the following courses:

CISP 320 – Special Education: Survey of Exceptional Children I (One-15 hour field experience) (Soph. standing)

CISP 420 – Special Education: Survey of Exceptional Children II (One-15 hour field experience) (PR: CISP 320)



CISP 433 – Special Education: Introduction to Mental Retardation (PR: CISP 420) (30 hour field experience)

CISP 435 – General Special Education Programming (PR: CISP 420) (includes a 25 hour field experience)

CISP 439 – Assessment in Special Education (PR: CISP 420)

CISP 453 – Special Education: Curriculum and Methods (PR: CISP 433)


Important Scheduling Information:

CISP 320 and CISP 420 are offered during fall and spring semesters.

CISP 433 and 435 are offered during spring semesters only.

CISP 453 and 439 are offered during fall semesters only.