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  • CIT 163 - Intro to Programming: C++
    Concepts of software development and maintenance using C++, including syntax of the language, loops, functions, pointers, decision structures, and file processing. Proper program design using object-oriented programming techniques are emphasized.
  • CIT 236 - Data Structures
    Covers fundamental topics of information technology including the concepts of object-orientation, linear data structures, data representation, data manipulation algorithms and their applications, and project participations.
  • CIT 238 - Algorithms
    Covers algorithm-design methods, algorithm performance analysis, and optimization techniques. Covers algorithm applications used in solving frequently occurring problems, such as pattern matching, data compression, searching, and sorting.
  • CIT 260 - Instrumentation
    The course introduces students to modern data gathering methods, laboratory instrumentation, and programming. Focuses range from transportation development, forensics, to environmental issues.
  • CIT 263 - Web Programming I
    Students will learn techniques for creating advanced documents and programs for the Web using HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, and PHP scripting. Students will also learn how to install and maintain a Web server.
  • CIT 265 - C# NET Programming
    Covers the essentials for developing robust and secure applications using C#, Windows forms, and the .NET framework. Also covers ADO.NET, writing secure .NET applications and web services.
  • CIT 266 - Applied C++ Programming
    Designed to teach students intermediate C++ programming through an applied approach with examples and applications. The course extends topics covered in prerequisite courses. Prior programming knowledge in any language required.
  • CIT 280 - SpTp: Coding for Digital Hum
  • CIT 313 - Web Programming II
    The second semester of two course sequence on Web programming. This course focuses on server-side programming and databases. Topics covered include PHP, mySQL, web services, and security.
  • CIT 332 - Software Engineering I
    Introduction to the industrial process of software systems development. The course covers project management and planning risk management issues; software quality and configuration issues; and processes, methods, and development tools.
  • CIT 333 - Software Engineering II
    Second course in a two course sequence. Covers the system development life cycle: requirement analysis and specifications; design methods; system implementation and integration; testing; and reuse issues. Team project participation.
  • CIT 340 - Game Development I:2D
    Covers computer software industry, history and the role of a creative game development team. Students will participate in the game development process, including art, animation, programming, music, sound and writing.
  • CIT 352 - Network Protocols and Admin
    This course provides students with knowledge of network terminology, structures, topologies, protocols, and inter-faces involving Local Area and Wide Area networks.
  • CIT 365 - Database Management
    To understand the logical and physical design of data stored and retrieved from a relational database. Exposure to distributed databases, database administration and structured query language will also be done.
  • CIT 410 - Electronic Commerce
    This course examines electronic commerce. Group decision making and collaborative applications through the Internet. Develop applications that retrieve and store information in distributed databases.
  • CIT 413 - iOS Development
    Students will learn to develop iOS applications using HTML5/PhoneGap, Objective-C, and Swift, using Apple and third-party SDKs. Also covers basic concepts for designing intuitive and usable user-interfaces.
  • CIT 414 - Android Development
    Students will learn to develop Android applications using Java and the Android SDK. Course covers user interfaces, audio integration, SQLite databases, location services, sensors, and custom graphics.
  • CIT 416 - Advanced Web Programming
    Includes topics in XHTML, JavaScript Data Object Model, dynamic application of CSS rules to page elements, browser's support for XML, object-oriented PHP programming, server side graphics generation, web services.
  • CIT 440 - Computer Graphics for Gaming
    Fundamental concepts dealing with the display of graphic information on semi-interactive storage tube displays. The course includes techniques for hidden line display, hidden line removal, and two- and three-dimensional transformation.
  • CIT 441 - Game Development II:3D
    Covers state of the art techniques for computer game design and development with an emphasis on the 3D graphics and interaction through practical, example driven approaches of game development.
  • CIT 443 - Game Development III: AI
    Advanced concepts of game development with a focus on artificial intelligence. AI techniques covered including A* path finding algorithm, rule-based reasoning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, genetic algorithm, knowledge representation.
  • CIT 446 - 3D Modeling and Animation
    Covers 3D modeling to create environments and character animation. Explores 3D forms within sculpture, architecture, animation and games. Includes development of simplifications, abstractions and hyper-realities for gaming.
  • CIT 447 - Modeling/Simuation Dev
    Course applies fundamentals of game development to educational games or simulations within a virtual world. Explores virtual worlds, basic scripting/modeling techniques and role-playing simulations to teach any concept.
  • CIT 448 - Mobile Game Development
    Students will work in teams to develop games for mobile devices. Emphasis on mobile development tools, techniques, cross platform development, and standard practices, using open-source software.
  • CIT 466 - Database Programming
    This course teaches students database programming available to relational database systems. Students will work with fourth generation languages to analyze, design and develop, and execute programs in a database environment.
  • CIT 470 - Internship in CIT
    Capstone course in CIT. A professionally supervised internship within the student's area of emphasis in the Computer and Information Technology major. Must be pre-approved before registering.
  • CIT 490 - Capstone Project in CIT
    Capstone course in CIT. Students will plan, implement, and present a solution to a real-world problem within their emphasis demonstrating their technical and professional skills. Must be pre-approved before registering.

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