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CIT 150 - Spreadsheet and Database Apps
Comprehensive coverage of spreadsheets and databases. Includes techniques to collect, manage, and analyze data; solve problems; and effectively communicate results for scientific research. Includes macro development and introduction to scripting.
CIT 260 - Instrumentation
The course introduces students to modern data gathering methods, laboratory instrumentation, and programming. Focuses range from transportation development, forensics, to environmental issues.
CIT 263 - Web Programming I
Students will learn techniques for creating advanced documents and programs for the Web using HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, and PHP scripting. Students will also learn how to install and maintain a Web server.
CIT 313 - Web Programming II
The second semester of two course sequence on Web programming. This course focuses on server-side programming and databases. Topics covered include PHP, mySQL, web services, and security.
CIT 333 - Software Engineering II
Second course in a two course sequence. Covers the system development life cycle: requirement analysis and specifications; design methods; system implementation and integration; testing; and reuse issues. Team project participation.
CIT 352 - Network Protocols and Admin
This course provides students with knowledge of network terminology, structures, topologies, protocols, and inter-faces involving Local Area and Wide Area networks.
CIT 365 - Database Management
To understand the logical and physical design of data stored and retrieved from a relational database. Exposure to distributed databases, database administration and structured query language will also be done.
CIT 414 - Android Development
Students will learn to develop Android applications using Java and the Android SDK. Course covers user interfaces, audio integration, SQLite databases, location services, sensors, and custom graphics.
CIT 416 - Advanced Web Programming
Includes topics in XHTML, JavaScript Data Object Model, dynamic application of CSS rules to page elements, browser's support for XML, object-oriented PHP programming, server side graphics generation, web services.
CIT 441 - Game Development II:3D
Covers state of the art techniques for computer game design and development with an emphasis on the 3D graphics and interaction through practical, example driven approaches of game development.
CIT 443 - Game Development III: AI
Advanced concepts of game development with a focus on artificial intelligence. AI techniques covered including A* path finding algorithm, rule-based reasoning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, genetic algorithm, knowledge representation.
CIT 446 - 3D Modeling and Animation
Covers 3D modeling to create environments and character animation. Explores 3D forms within sculpture, architecture, animation and games. Includes development of simplifications, abstractions and hyper-realities for gaming.
CIT 448 - Mobile Game Development
Students will work in teams to develop games for mobile devices. Emphasis on mobile development tools, techniques, cross platform development, and standard practices, using open-source software.
CIT 470 - Internship in CIT
Capstone course in CIT. A professionally supervised internship within the student's area of emphasis in the Computer and Information Technology major. Must be pre-approved before registering.
CIT 490 - Capstone Project in CIT
Capstone course in CIT. Students will plan, implement, and present a solution to a real-world problem within their emphasis demonstrating their technical and professional skills. Must be pre-approved before registering.

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