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CS Course Substitutions

Starting in Fall 2020, some courses that were offered in both CIT/IST and CS will be shared. Students should take the equivalent CS course going forward. A substitution will be made on your plan of study.

Old CIT/IST Course Equivalent CS Course
IST 264: Technology Foundations CS 105: Exploring the World With Computing (CT)
CIT 163: Programming in C++ CS 110: Computer Science 1
CIT 266: Intermediate C++ (required for Game Development AOE, optional for Computer App Development AOE)
CIT 236: Data Structures CS 120: Computer Science 2
CIT 238: Algorithms CS 210: Data Structures and Algorithms

IST Course Substitutions

Starting in Spring 2017, many courses that were previously designated with “IST” have been replaced by similar courses with new course identifiers. The courses relevant to Computer & Information Technology students that have been affected by the change are listed below.

Old IST Course New Course
IST 130: Analytical Methods Stats NRRM 200: Analytical Methods Stats
IST 163: Programming Practicum CIT 163: Introduction to Programming: C++
IST 236: Data Structures CIT 236: Data Structures
IST 238: Algorithms CIT 238: Algorithms
IST 260: Instrumentation CIT 260: Instrumentation
IST 263: Web Programming CIT 263: Web Programming I
IST 303: C# Programming CIT 265: C# Net Programming
IST 332: Software Engineering I CIT 332: Software Engineering I
IST 333: Software Engineering II CIT 333: Software Engineering II
IST 360: Game Development I: 2D CIT 340 Game Development I: 2D
IST 362: Network Protocols CIT 352: Network Protocols & Administration
IST 365: Database Management CIT 365: Database Management
IST 430: Electronic Commerce CIT 410: Electronic Commerce
IST 436: Advanced Web Development CIT 416: Advanced Web Development
IST 438: Computer Graphics for Gaming CIT 440: Computer Graphics for Gaming
IST 439: Game Development II: 3D CIT 441: Game Development II: 3D
IST 460: Game Development III: AI CIT 443: Game Development III: AI
IST 466: Database Programming CIT 466: Database Programming
IST 491: Capstone II CIT 490: Capstone

New CIT Courses

New courses have been established to support the areas of emphasis within Computer & Information Technology. The following courses will be offered starting in Spring 2017. Please note that courses, including these new courses, are not necessarily offered every semester.

New course for all areas of emphasis

  • CIT 313: Web Programming II

New courses for Game Development area of emphasis

  • CIT 266: Intermediate C++
  • CIT 446: 3D Modeling & Animation
  • CIT 447: Modeling and Simulation Development
  • CIT 448: Mobile Game Development

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