JUDGE: QSS Online Judging System

Members: Gabriel Hoverman, Mark Adkins, Paul Fox

Advisor: Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

JUDGE is a web based application designed and developed to assist The Marshall University School of Medicine in hosting and judging their annual Quality and Safety Summit. The Quality & Safety Summit is an annual event where registered presenters from any medical field display the results of their research into better ways to incorporate quality and safety in the form of a poster. Currently, judges score the posters using a paper rubric which is both time-consuming and makes the data not readily available as they must calculate the scores themselves. This project was successfully developed using Angular and PHP in the Codeigniter Framework. PHP was used for the backend due to its reliability in database transactions, and Angular was used for the frontend due to its dynamic approach to HTML pages replacing their paper system with an online judging form and complete management system of the entire summit. Scoring and reporting is automatic, and the rubric has been completely recreated online. The project is successfully deployed on the client’s server.