Members:Joe Hall
Advisor:Dr. Paulus Wahjudi
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The MarcOS project is a redesign of Marshall University’s current Operating Systems course. In courses like Operating Systems, content must be balanced between quality, quantity and student workload. In other universities, Professors refuse to sacrifice quality or quantity, and force students to work upwards of 4 hours outside of the class for every hour in class. While this may work at Harvard or Stanford, this doesn’t work for Marshall. In MarcOS, students will be learning more topics than previously in Marshall’s Operating Systems course, but will maintain about the same workload. To do this, the course assignments will become modular, so students can complete them in any order, allowing students who get behind on one assignment to continue working with the rest of the course on the current assignment and finishing the previous assignment outside of class. In addition, the modules for each assignment will be partially constructed for students, reducing the manual input from students while leaving the challenging portions for them to fill in.